Lavshuca: New vs Old

I had not been visiting Lavshuca website for almost a year.. my last update on their new collection was 2012 Summer. When I was posting swatches for the Melting Moist Rouge earlier, I visited Lavshuca site and was awed to see a totally brand new look of Lavshuca!
Here's a screen cap of their revamped website, along with all their new & old products altogether.

Below shows their previous website design and their products in its old packaging.
I am pretty sad to see that they did not keep to the old lipstick packaging but remake them to look more young and chic which reminds me of many other brands that have similar packaging (eg, canmake, rimmel etc..). Perhaps Kanebo changed Lavshuca's image so it can target to the younger generation who prefers it to look cute and colourful. I agree that the previous Lavshuca logo and the product aesthetics kinda look like it's targeted to the slightly grown-up group (I thought it was their idea to do that anyways..). But personally I love the old packaging more cos it appeals to me as enchanting, mystical, magical and... bewitching? lolx~ I understand that every brand have to re-brands itself after a few years but I never thought Lavshuca will change its look entirely like this... =\

Anyhoo since it had already changed, I can't complain anymore but to explore further of what's new in this new Lavshuca website.

What's new in Lavshuca
When I see their new lipstick "Candy Bonbon Lip" packaging I go... "Sigh...", but I'll still buy them if their new lipsticks formula is as good as the old ones.

Left column: 3 different collections under the Candy Bonbon Lip - Color, Shiny & Clear.
Right column: Previously known as the Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge (in old packaging) has now repackaged to look like this. (I still like the old design... T△T")

To go with their new look, they even got a young model name HIROKO FUDEOKA to endorse their makeup which I remembered they didn't do it the last time. 
Here shows the newest Autumn Makeup look - French Lolita using the 4 items shown below.

Love the red eyeliner~

 Another Autumn makeup look - Stylish Beauty.

This Melty Heart Eyes palette is one of their newest product.

Left column: Melty Heart Eyes palette has total of 6 shades available. Every palette has a eyeliner pan.
Right column: Shiny Trip Eyes available in 5 shades.

Next up is Melty Trick Cheeks. A new cheek blush in new packaging. What's special is that it's an ombre blush!

Left column: It comes in 5 shades in total. If I get to see Lavshuca again, I probably be getting this! The gradient look so beautiful~
Right column: Happy Playing Cheek available in 8 shades.

So what do you think about the new Lavshuca look? ^_^


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

This post is for sharing purpose only. All photos (non-watermarked) are screencap from Lavshuca. I am not affiliated to Lavshuca or Kanebo.


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