Launch: Za Cosmetics x Forever 21

Za Cosmetics held an exclusive launch event in conjunction with Forever 21. 
Za launched a new range of quad palettes 'Impact-Full Eyes' and 'Perfect Action' macaras while Forever 21 showcases their latest "Back to School 2013: Undeclared!" collection.

Za Impact-Full Eyes

These 4-color palettes of beautiful colors and silky texture let you create big, well-defined, expressive eyes!
Real Color Pigment enables true, vibrant colors and sparkle to last without looking dull. Highlighting Pearl and Shading Pearl add natural contour to your eyelids and create bigger, wider eyes. 

Gradation Type
Combine the colors for gorgeously smooth color gradations.

Groovy Type
Just use a single color or mix-and-match any colors you like for an endless variety of expressions.

The former palettes are designed in the letter 'Za'. These new palettes have now evolved into a different design with 3 new changes.
Firstly, powder have been improved hence providing true colors.
Second, it is more long lasting. It will last without fading or becoming dull.
Lastly, the texture is silky and has a beautiful finish.

8 shades chosen base on the current trend in Asian countries and the tastes of Asian women.
Here shows all the 8 shades from the Impact-Full Eyes series: (from top left - top right, bottom left - bottom right)
- BR751 My best jacket
- BR261 Leather bag
- PK271 Pink Camisole
- VI381 Amethyst Ring
- PK211 Favourite Dress
- VI721 Chiffon Scarf
- BL731 Cotton Candy
- GD241 Shell Necklace
▲▼Taken without flash. Click the pics to enlarge.

Taken with flash.

Gradation: (from left) BR261 Leather bag, PK271 Pink Camisole, VI381 Amethyst Ring, BR751 My best jacket.
Gradation type eyeshadows are shimmery has a silky texture and smooth finishing.
Taken without flash. Click pictures to enlarge.

With flash

BR261 Leather bag

PK271 Pink Camisole
VI381 Amethyst Ring

BR751 My best jacket

Groovy: (from left) PK211 Favourite Dress, VI721 Chiffon Scarf, BL731 Cotton Candy, GD241 Shell Necklace.
Groovy type eyeshadows are silky, pearly & glittery. They have larger and more glitters in the round pan for highlight.
Click pictures to enlarge.

PK211 Favourite Dress

VI721 Chiffon Scarf

BL731 Cotton Candy  

GD241 Shell Necklace

How to use?
3 different techniques on how to use the Gradation eyeshadow palette

3 different techniques on how to use the Groovy eyeshadow palette

Za Perfect Action Mascara
Alongside with the 8 new eyeshadow palettes, Za also launched 2 new mascaras.
They are: (from top - bottom)
- Za Pefect Action Mascara Smudgeproof
- Za Pefect Action Mascara Waterproof

Both of the Perfect Action Mascaras are exactly the same except for the waterproof and smudgeproof formula.
Mascara formulation contains two types of fibres - long and short that gives you beautiful lengthening effect along the curve of your lashes.

Both too have the same kind of brush.
Flat top (Volume Effect) enables plenty of liquid to coat yoru lashes giving volume. It is also wider for a snug fit against the width of your eye so you don't have to worry about uneven finishing.
Tapered side (Separation Effect) has a comb on the sides of the brush so it helps to seperate lashes giving that wonderful wide-eyed look.

How to apply?
1. Use the flat top of the brush to fit against lashes and comb upwards in zig zag motions for voluminous effect.
2. Use tapered side of the brush to comb through lashes for separation effect.

Forever 21 Back to School 2013 Collection
Back to School 2013 Collection - UNDECLARED! exhibits the current looks picked from the latest trends on the streets. With popular themes such as 'Model Off Duty' trending the latest mono-chromatic look, 'Tainted Love' introducing floral dresses and elements mixing it with a dash of attitude stated by the faux leather vest of jacket, 'Grunge Chic' for the 80's-inspired mixing the denim chambray tops with the olive-coloured top, 'Night Traveller' for the adventuresome that prefers to mix their look with tribal 'Aztec' prints and many more.

Matching up apparels from Forever 21 for the 'Back to School 2013' style. Models are also using Za's Impact-Full Eyes makeup to complete the look.

Other outfits & accessories that we can pick from Forever 21 to fit the theme.

More visuals from Forever 21.

The mono chrome look

Grunge look. Absolutely loving that spikes ear hook!

Forever 21's UNDECLARED Video
Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah~ (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 hahhaax~

Complimentary from Za & Forever 21 
When Za announced there're new mascaras included in this launch, I was looking forward to try them. I had tried their Killer Volume mascara and really really love it. (Read my review) I hope these 2 new babies will be good too!

- Forever 21 voucher
- Forever 21 light mirror
- Za Impact-Full Eyes Gradation in BR261 Leather bag - Za Impact-Full Eyes Groovy in PK211 Favourite Dress 
- Mascara eyelash comb applicator helper
- Za Pefect Action Mascara Smudgeproof - Za Pefect Action Mascara Waterproof
Look at how cute the Za magazines are! They name it Za-Gazine! ^_^

Can't resist from showing it here~

And the F21 light mirror is cute too! I had one last time but I find that many LED lights used up the batteries real fast! This only have 2 LEDs so hopefully it can last longer. ^,^

Za Impact-Full Eyes Gradation SGD$18.90
Za Impact-Full Eyes Groovy SGD$18.90
Za Pefect Action Mascara Smudgeproof SGD$19.50
Za Pefect Action Mascara Waterproof SGD$19.50

Where to buy?
Available exclusively at Watsons from 22 Aug 2013: Za Impact-Full Eyes
Available exclusively at Watsons from 19 Sep 2013: Za Pefect Action Mascaras

Forever 21 stores:
Orchard Xchange: #B1-01 to 31 Contact: 6887 3603
313@somerset: #01/M-10/#03/04-16 Contact: 66834 4423
Vivo city: #01-73 Contact: 6887 3603


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