Launch: Dr.G Total Active Skin Care Line (by SaSa)

Gowoonsesang launched a new series of anti-aging skin care line - Dr.G TOTAL ACTIVE.
Dr.G Total Active Line consists of the following products: (from left to right)
- Total Active Energy Toner (130ml)
- Total Active Dual BB Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ (50ml)
- Total Active Capsule Essence (35ml)
- Total Active Multi Cream (50ml)

These new products had just arrived not long ago at SaSa Singapore.

About Total Active Line
Dr.G TOTAL ACTIVE Line activates your skin in five steps to restore the vitality and natural beauty!
As your skin ages, your skin feels rough and more signs of aging such as dull skin complexion, dryness, enlarged pores and loss of elasticity starts to appear. You will need a total skin care regimen that can take care of these signs of aging and prevent damages to your skin caused by harmful environmental factors.

5-Active Complex
Dr.G TOTAL ACTIVE Line contains "5-Active Complex" consists of only patented substances. It works actively and effectively on the skin and makes your skin healthy and revitalized as it provides five kinds of skin improvements - smoothing, purifying, brightening, moisturizing and lifting.
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Skin Texture benefits: Keratin turnover, skin surface enhanced and smoother skin texture
Key Ingredients:
- Argatensyl (Patented ingredient)
- Aquaxyl
- Zoesteramarina
- Madecassoside

Detox benefits: Skin purification and soothing for detoxidation, prevent the loss of moisture and skin aging control.
Key Ingredients:
- Oriental Beauty Fruits Newplex (Patented ingredient)
- Fermented Vitamin Tree
- Fermented Herbal Complex

Brightening benefits: Skin texture, color and complexion enhanced, transparent brighter skin.
Key Ingredients:
- Kombuchka (Patented ingredient)
- Silver Vine
- Chromocate
- Niacinamide Arbutin

Moisturizing benefits: Pore tightening, holds the moisture in skin and long lasting effects.
- Camellia Flower Extract (Patented ingredient)
- Arctic Water
- Hyalulosmooth

Elasticity benefits: Hydrating and nourishing materials even out the skin, tightening and wrinkle care.
Key Ingredients:
- Phycojuvenin (Patented ingredient)
- Inca-omega Oil
- Extramel C
- Adenosine

Launch Event
SaSa launches Dr.G Total Active line at SaSa Jurong Point outlet.

A large board found inside SaSa advertising for the new Total Active line.

Dr.G Total Active display stand.

Founder of Gowoonsesang, M.D. PhD
Here's a photo of me and Dr. Gunyoung, Ahn, the founder of Gowoonsesang who specially flew in to Singapore to give a presentation on the Total Active Line.
He told us about how he entered medical school because of a facial burnt from his childhood. From then, he learnt about skin restoration and treated his scar along with the skin of many patients. He opened first Gowoonsesang Dermatology Clinic in 1998 and gained a reputation in skin restoration. In 2003, he developed Gowoonsesang Cosmetics and this year (2013) it celebrates its 10th Anniversay.

About Dr. G
Dr.G is developed by Dr. Gun-young, Ahn, the founder of Gowoonsesang, World's 2nd largest medical skin care group.
Dr.G is No. 1 cosmeceutical brand in Korea which is established by 8 medical doctors (MD/Ph.D.), 33 dermatologists, 80 nurses and 100 medical estheticians with abundant clinical experiences of treating over 400,000 patients since 1998.
Dr.G has five skincare lines for different age groups - the Trouble Care Line for acne skin and the Luxury EGF Line which makes Dr.G a reputable top brand in Korea.

Gowoonsesang is the pioneer to introduce the concept of beauty into dermatology clinical field. Gowoonsesang in Korea is available at Drug Stores, Duty Free and Clinics.

At the Dr.G Total Active presentation, a skin care + bb cream demonstration was conducted. The products were applied only on the right half of the model's face so we can see the difference from the other half.

And here's the result of it. Left pic taken without flash, right with flash. Spot the big difference? ^_^

Here's another video of Korea Star Beauty Show introducing Dr.G's Total Active Dual BB Cream. Look how the model's face glow so brightly just with the BB Cream. Wow! (click picture to view video)

The bloggers at the event. ^_^ Jermaine, Jacelyn, +everbluec chantana  and me~

Dr.G Total Active
Many thanks to Dr.G & SaSa for the set of products.

Dr.G Total Active Energy Toner
Provides vitality and moisture to the skin. This active toner contains moisturizing substances such as Aqua Seal and Ice Berg, and it provides elasticity and moisture to the skin as it contains abundant moisture and removes dead skin cells.

Packaging & Ingredients
Lucky thing to have English wordings printed on all of their packaging. The expiry date are stamped on all the boxes as well. (click to enlarge pics)

There is a slip included inside every Total Active Line product box.

The energy toner is in a glass bottle.

The glass bottle is rather heavy.

The transparent toner is very watery.

How to use?
After cleansing in the mornings and evenings, apply an appropriate amount to the entire face as the first step of skincare and gently pat until fully absorbed.

Dr.G Total Active Capsule Essence
Provides purifying energy to the skin. This highly concentrated essence contains pearl-tone vitamin capsules, Inca Omega Oil and Kombuchka substance that make rough and dull skin looks clear and moist.

Packaging & Ingredients
 (click to enlarge pics)

As the name implies, it has capsules inside this essence.

The essence is in a pump type glass bottle.

I'm not sure if the essence got disintegrated while I pump the essence out or I didn't pump out any capsules at all. lolx~

The essence feels pretty slimy but it gets absorbed pretty fast. The after-touch is very smooth!

How to use?
After applying toner, apply an appropriate amount to the face, spread evenly and gently pat until fully absorbed.

Dr.G Total Active Capsule Essence
Provides vitality energy to the skin. This Multi Cream contains Niacinamide, Phycojuvenine and Adenosine that make the skin firm and clear. It improves skin elasticity, complexion and texture.

Packaging & Ingredients
 (click to enlarge pics)

The cream is packaged in a glass jar.

Spatula comes together with it.

All the skin care products are packaged in rather heavy & thick glass bottles and jar.

After applying the essence on my hand, the cream seems to not stay on the surface of my skin surface anymore as the cream slides off easily when I swatched it.

After the last step of skincare, my hand feels so so so so smooth! Just refer back to the first swatch photo where my skin texture is dry and has many fine lines and now it's all gone. The cream doesn't feel greasy.

How to use?
After using essence, apply an appropriate amount to the face, spread evenly and gently pat until fully absorbed.

Dr.G Total Active Capsule Essence
Provides multi-care function of essence and sun BB. This multi-care BB Cream is a mixture of essence with sun BB cream. The moist essence forms a water-retaining protective film over the skin and sun BB which contains Crystal Powder makes the skin clear and transparent.

Packaging & Ingredients
 (click to enlarge pics)

What an awesome looking content inside the bottle! This Dual BB Cream is the only bottle that does not come in glass form, instead it is fully plastic and it's pump type bottle.

This is so light compare to the other products of the same line.

When I pumped the BB out, I can clearly see the white and beige are separated. After blending it together, it become a lighter shade of beige.
Even though it is not my shade or anywhere near my skin tone, it however does not make my skin look grey, dull or weird. It really brightens my very dull skin especially when there's a strong light flashing on it, it immediately reflects! I am so intrigued to use it right away! ^_^
(Left column: Non-flash. Right coloumn: Flash)

How to use?
As the last step of skincare, apply an appropriate amount to the face, and evenly spread it so that the two bases mix well.

Dr Ahn's additional tips:
Dr.G Total Active Line is safe to use on acne skin too.
Dr.G Total Active Multi Cream can be applied generously on to skin at night to use as a sleeping mask.

Dr.G Total Active Energy Toner (130ml) SGD$45
Dr.G Total Active Dual BB Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ (50ml) SGD$69
Dr.G Total Active Capsule Essence (35ml) SGD$69
Dr.G  Total Active Multi Cream (50ml) SGD$55

Where to buy?
Exclusively available at all SaSa SG stores
For overseas buyers outside Singapore, please visit



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