KOJI Dolly Wink Eyelash Case

Today I saw this Eyelash Case from KOJI Dolly Wink (event) sitting among my unopened makeup stash and finally decided to open it and take a look inside. This post is not really a review, more like just revealing how the case look like since there's nothing much to review.. hahax..

The packaging and design is really cute, totally resembles the kawaii style that Tsubasa Masuwaka portrays. (Duh, it's produced by her.. lolx~)

I didn't know that this case is selling at only 400yen (~SGD$7) in Japan... I thought it would be more expensive. Japanese sure knows how to package their stuffs! And that's why I always love buying their products.. From the illustration at the back, it shows 2 compartments, one for placing your full length falsies and small one for shorter length or bottom falsies.

The case is pretty long actually. It feels like I'm holding a cute pencil box.

Last time I had cases for my used falsies but eventually I still ended up sticking them back onto its holder which originally comes with the lashes I bought. Because that way, I can maintain the bands' natural "U" shape and not having them rolling around within a box and get tangled to each other.
I wouldn't say that this eyelash case is not useful even though I prefer to not use it. It would come in handy when the lash bands aren't sticky anymore so I just place it in this case and it can also store my lash glue too.
When I see the curvy separator in the middle, I was thinking if I can get my lash bands to stick against the wall of this separator... lolx~ Gota try it to know if it works! ^,~

Where to buy?
Dolly Wink cosmetics are exclusively available at selected Watsons (Singapore) outlet, under Shibuya Gals makeup corner.

Shibuya Gals available at the following Watsons Stores:
- Bukit Panjang PLaza
- Compass Point
- Jurong Point
- Junction 8
- Bugis Junction
- Parkway Parade
- Vivocity
- Toa Payoh Hub
- Ngee Ann City

Shibuya Gals SG FB
Tsubasa Masuwaka
Dolly Wink Japan

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Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in cyan are sponsored by KOJI Honpo Dolly Wink & Watsons Singapore Shibuya Gals SG to me for trial. I am not affiliated to the companies. All photos are taken by me unless stated.


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