TheFaceShop T.O.P Girl Grand Finals 2013

On 14 June, I attended TheFaceShop T.O.P Girl Grand Finals @ Zouk with +everbluec chantana!~ ^_^ Thanks to TheFaceShop Singapore for the invitation~

 At Zouk.

Here's the Top 10 Finalist. Excited for all the girls!~ Ready to watch how they perform their best on stage. ^_~

And here they are~

Dressed in their very best! They all have beautiful flawless skin... and legs~ hahaax..  ^,^"

Dugudugudugudugu~ (drum roll) Time for Q&A! The most exciting part of the program!

So who got the T.O.P Girl title this year? 
None other than Sheena Phua! Congratulations to her~ ^^
I find that her features closely resembles that of a Korean girl. So sweet~ The way she dress herself looks like a princess, all ready to receive the crown.

And here's a close-up picture of Sheena which I took during her Q&A session.

Meeting Kim Hyun Joong in Seoul, how awesome~ ^^

Thanks for reading! ^_^


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Event invitation by THEFACESHOP (Singapore). Photos (watermarked) taken by me. I am not affiliated to the company.


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