Singapore Acti-Tape Workshop on 23 Jul 3013

Have you heard of Acti-Tape from family, friends or from one of the 女人我最大 (Queen) episodes lately? Want to learn more about Acti-Tape and how to use them? ^_^

Well, here's a piece of good news for all: Acti-Tape is having a workshop this coming 23rd July! Register quickly as the seats are HOT HOT HOT~ 
I'd been to one of the workshop (& it's full house! woots~), I must say it's really interesting and I'd learnt the technique of how to apply the Acti-Tape on myself & on others too! (Does that make me sensei already? Lolx~)
Do stay tune for my review on Acti-Tape too. (^,~)

Acti-Tape Workshop in Singapore
If you are an active amateur player of sports or are interested in learning more about this latest drug-free remedy for pain management, this is a workshop you should not miss. Come and learn the fun and effect of using Acti-Tape do-it-yourself methods to help get rid of those pains and aches in your knee, thigh, wrist or arm.

Join in Acti-Tape workshop (worth $50) complimentary of Nutriworks. Seats are limited. 
Register with your name, mobile phone number and email address and send to or call 6736 3818 to reserve your seat NOW. 
If the number of attendees exceeds available seats, allocation will be by lucky draw. You will be notified by email or phone call for payment and attendance confirmation by 16th July, 2013

Date: Thursday, 23rd July 2013
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30pm
Venue: The Giving Place, NVPC (National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre)
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #04-88 The Central, S059817
(above Clarke Quay MRT station)
Language: English
Registration Fee: $5 (fully redeemable for products)

Oh, do prepare extra cash when you go for the workshop as you will not want to miss getting more Acti-Tapes at a promotion price! ^_^

About Acti-Tape
The Most Advanced Elastic Therapeutic Tape
Acti-Tape has its origins in therapeutic tapes for rehabilitation of injuries, providing support to joints and muscles, and enhancing sports performance without affecting range of motion.  The concept was initially developed in Japan in the late 1970’s. Nowadays aside from application in rehabilitation, newer methodologies have been developed that address benefits associated with preventive health maintenance, reducing edema and pain relief.

About Nutriworks
Nutriworks was officially launched in March 2000 in Hong Kong. Over the years, we have become one of the market leaders in Asia in the creation of natural, safe and effective supplements and external use health products. In nutritional supplements, we are committed to providing our customers with "Nutrition that Works". All our products are continually lab tested to ensure safety, quality and potency of Nutriworks' all range of products.

Nutriworks is also the manufacturer of the very popular Patch-It , Flexi-Patch & Palm-Patch range of products. These are based on our Mandarin wood vinegar technology that is unique to us. The patch market has grown substantially in the last few years and Nutriworks is at the forefront of this technology providing a product that has been clinically tested.

The Acti-Tape range of elastic therapeutic tapes is gaining worldwide popularity as an excellent tool for pain management, not just for those with an active lifestyle, but for anyone who needs some extra support and relief from discomfort without the use of any medications.

Nutriworks' product range will continue to grow over time as we identify and incorporate some of the latest technological breakthroughs in materials or ingredients. Our product is now available in North America, Europe, the Middle-East, East and South East Asia. We have also established bases in United Kingdom and Singapore as part of our international expansion. We welcome any interest in the distribution of our range of products in any country.

Acti-Tape Website
Acti-Tape Facebook
Acti-Tape Facebook Singapore

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

This post is for sharing purpose only. EDM provided by Acti-Tape by Nutriworks.


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