Review: Nana's Green Tea Cafe

I simply can't reject this food tasting request (I don't very seldom blog about food..lolx~) as I am very much in love with Nana's Green Tea's.. green tea! hahahax~
I loveeeee it after I'd went there once sometime back. ^,^

Here's a pic of Nana's green tea cafe outlet at The Atrium @ Orchard, Plaza Singapura at Level 3.

And this is where they make & bring out their food & drinks, just right opposite the main cafe entrance.

About Nana's Green Tea Café
Nana's Green Tea is a Japanese cafe, that was established ten years ago in Tokyo, ʻʻNanaʼs Green Teaʼʼ is a pioneer of Japanese cafe dealing with ʻʻMatchaʼʼ, green powdered tea.
"Nana's Green Tea" gained popularity and became known as the ʻJapanese Starbucksʼ where tea drinking is a culture. Nanaʼs Green Tea Cafe was also awarded the No.1 brand among Japanese cafe. All green tea leaves served in the Café are imported from Kyoto only, which is the most famous production center of ʻʻMatchaʼʼ, aiming at delivering genuine Japanese taste and health to modern people. Our aim is to introduce the finest Japanese food culture and tradition to the world and enrich people's life.
The logo mark is designed in the motif of ʻCha-senʼ, a tea stirrer. Combined with the idea of ʻnanahaʼ, which means seven leaves. From this, the logo is thus named ʻnana-senʼ.

Product info:
-Uji-MATCHA Green Tea
-HOJI-CHA Roasted Green Tea Latte
-AZUKI Red Beans drinks
-Parfaits/ Ice-cream/
-Shaved Ice
-Galette (newly introduced product)

Brief history:
20 years ago, a Japanese man came across a US cooperation Starbucks café, a cafe based coffee restaurant, in Japan which attracted many Japanese and were very popular to people from other countries as well.
Drinking tea is Japanese’s culture; however people are so attracted to drinking coffee rather than tea. He became worried that the habit of drinking tea will be taken over by coffee. This inspired him to open the first Nana’s green tea in Jiyugaoka that is famously known in Japan throughout the years. It is based on green tea that was famously originated from Japan which has many benefits to our body, and well known for its cancer-fighting properties.
After that, it expanded its business overseas to countries such as Shanghai, Hong Kong and also Singapore.

My thoughts
If you'd ever been to Japan or had tried authentic Japan drinks & desserts, you'll know that Japan makes the best sweets in Asia. Japanese love eating sweet stuffs or at least I know it's not hard to find any kind of sweets, drinks and desserts in their country because it's seen almost everywhere I went. Like red bean pancake, ice-cream, parfait and not forgetting Japanese's all-time favourite crepes... ^_^
Even their convenience stores are packed with tons of desserts like puddings, yogurts and what not which made me want to buy them every night before I head back to my hotel. Lolx~
I have sweet tooth but I can't have things that are too sweet either so I usually would go for light to medium sweetened stuffs. And Japanese sweet desserts are absolutely JUST RIGHT for me, thus I always love eating them whether it's in a cafe, on the streets or even bought from the convenience stores. *SUPER YUM!*

I'm very happy and at same time honored to be able to try out various food at Nana's Green Tea, the number 1 outlet outside Japan, which is located in Singapore!
With my grandmother story earlier on, you all now know that I'm gonna eat up all the desserts in the cafe. neh~ just kidding~ lolx
But I do look forward to try out different kinds of drinks & desserts each time I go there! ^_^

The main food or should I say main star items would be their Matcha drinks (it's a cafe so definitely it's the drinks! ^^). And not all their Matcha drinks are marked with stars in the menu, only a few of them are. 

Matcha Mochi Float
One of the star drink is this Matcha Mochi Float. Why star? Probably because it is a latte...has ice-cream... and mochi... lolx~ Well I do like the latter 2 in my drink if they are available, and that's why I ordered this! ^_^

The drink is really cold that the Matcha ice-cream doesn't melt when it was served and also for the next 20 mins. I like my ice-cream still an ice-cream (not turning into a smoothie) after I finished my meal. ^.^
It was infact my 2nd time tasting Matcha green tea and I had to say this suits my taste better! It doesn't have a too rich, heavy, astringent Matcha taste, but this do taste slightly vegetal, a bit bitter. (I like slightly bitter drinks like bitter coffee..) 
Probably it was quickly taken over by the sweet ice-cream that melts into the drink so overall I only remembered it as a medium sweet creamy drink with light Matcha taste. The mochi is a must eat! Personally I like eating mochi that's why I recommend it. It's like biting on black pearls but more texture, chewier and... bigger. ^o^

Hoji Mochi Float
This drink is actually not ordered by me however I had drank this before during my first visit and that's when I fell in love with Nana's Green Tea drinks.
Instead of topping with Hoji ice-cream (there's no hoji ice-cream actually..), they topped with vanilla ice-cream. If I remembered correctly, Hoji to me tasted like roasted coffee mix with green tea. Well, Hojicha indeed is a roasted green tea but it's rather hard for me to link 'roast' with 'green tea'. All I could think of is roasted coffee that taste a little like green tea. ^_^"
I could still remember the Hoji aroma as it was pretty strong, taste bitter and yet sweet & creamy at the same time. I really really love it, but my friend who tried it said it's weird, like a hundred different tastes on her tongue as she doesn't drink bitter coffee and goes for very sweet stuffs most of the time so I guess for some of you who prefer sweeter drinks would want to skip this instead.

Matcha Chocolate Latte
Another one not ordered by me, I'm just taking a picture. Lolx~ From here I can see that it's Matcha green tea latte topped with whipped cream & chocolate syrup. Hmm.. I think this would taste sweeter since there's whipped cream & chocolate in it? ^^

Locomoko Don
Beef patty served over warm Japanese rice garnished with lettuce, tomato, broccoli, and an egg sunny side up. (for my meal it's not sunny side up, maybe they had changed the style of cooking the egg ^^")
This dish is marked star in the menu. I was craving for rice (almost everyday for me, cos I ♥ rice) and beef at that time and so TA-DAH~
The meal comes with soup too (I think most meal does).

I wouldn't say that it's a really great dish, probably an OK for me. I find that the beef patty with the sauce was pretty sweet all over which make it hard for me to get my taste buds to locate the beef meat taste. However the patty texture is really soft and kinda squishy, easy to bite on. The rice, veges and egg are quite yummy though. The rice is soft and a little sticky & damp (I like the rice better this way) and the veges are fresh and crunchy. The egg is so smooth I could just suck the whole egg into my mouth. kekekx~ ^▽^

Salmon Carpaccio
Fresh Salmon carpaccio with daikon sprout and salad dressing.
Ok this is a MUST EAT! Everyone on the table love eating raw salmon but I DON'T. I don't take anything raw unless someone proves to me that it taste absolutely yummy, then I will eat it. (I'm weird huh? lolx~)
And so, someone ordered this and everyone went "OMG SO SO NICE" "MUST EAT!".. Me looking at everyone's expression while they chew on the salmon made me wana try it as well.
Perhaps it's the dressing (sauce) that came with it that made the salmon taste extra nice? At first bite I didn't get the salmon taste, only the sauce but it was already so nice in my mouth. Chewing while drooling at the same time, then came the fresh salmon taste overwhelming my taste buds. Though I don't really like the raw side of it but it wasn't that bad too when taken with the sprout & dressing. It then got me to eat another piece (which was the last) and I thought I didn't had enough. ^,^" I will definitely order this (probably eat by myself or with another person) when I go dining at Nana's Green Tea next time!

Maguro Carpaccio
Fresh Tuna carpaccio with daikon sprout and salad dressing.
I couldn't express how Tuna actually taste like... since I (think) I had never eaten a raw Tuna before. I had only one piece and that was it because I decided that salmon taste better.^,^"
The dressing on the tuna was saltier than the one on the salmon, and the tuna itself taste pretty raw to me. (Kinda like more raw than the salmon? I'm not sure if I make any sense here.. lolx~)
It also makes me feel that the tuna has this slightly stronger 'fishy' smell & taste than the salmon.

Other food that I didn't try but took pictures...
Beef Udon with Sesame sauce (Gyu Shabu Goma Dare Udon)
Cold Udon noodle served with Beef, tomato, corn, cucumber, lettuce, spring onion, and Daikon sprout in Nana’s special sesame sauce

Chicken Nanban Don
Crispy deep-fried chicken fillet served over warm Japanese rice with lettuce, tomato, corn, spring onion garnish with a side of tartar sauce.

Maguro & Avocado Don
Soy marinated Tuna & Avocado served over warm Japanese rice with sesame, nori, Japanese pickled ginger and spring onion garnish.
I heard that this is high in anti-oxidant because there is raw tuna and avacado. Lolx~

Unagi Mabushi Don 
Grilled soy marinated eel served over warm Japanese rice and garnished with sesame, nori and spring onion

 Table full of good food and drinks~

Nana's Green Tea Cafe Matcha Lunch Set Promotion
Last but not least, sharing this great promotion with all of you Singaporeans and whoever comes visit Singapore! ^,^
Nanaʼs Green Tea Café now offers a special lunch set at an affordable price of SGD$13.90 with a whole list of choices to choose from, give yourself a break and make your way to Nanaʼs Green Tea Café for lunch now.
Nanaʼs Green Tea Café offers lunch featuring a complimentary drink and a main course of your choice. Consumers gets to choose any kind of beverages below $8.00, ranging from Hoji, Matcha, Azuki to other beverages from the menu. Signature dishes including Singaporeanʼs favourite Salmon Don, Locomoko Don and Mushi-Dori Goma Dare Udon will also be available.
This lunch set is available only from Mondays to Fridays, 11.00AM to 2.30PM.

Where to dine?
The Atrium @ Orchard, Plaza Singapura (3rd level)
60B, Orchard Road, #03-80/82 Singapore 238891
Opening hours: 11:00am - 10:00pm


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Items/Names written and coloured in turquoise are sponsored & provided by Nana's Green Tea (Singapore) to me for review. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos (watermarked) are taken by me. Pictures (non-watermarked are extracted from press release.


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