Review: Ettusais Liquid Eyeliner WP

I had finally got the chance to open up Ettusais liquid eyeliner which I gotten during my last Japan trip (see loots) after I finished a few of my other favorite eyeliners such as the Bonavoce (HG! & review) & Stila (no review ^^").. Even though I have half a dozen of other eyeliners but they are not really my perfect ones so I wanted to open new ones to see if I can find my next holy grail eyeliner. ^_^

I remembered clearly that I'd ever did a swatch of the eyeliner and it was very black and easy to draw, I like it so I'd been wanting to get my hands on one.. so..... tadah!~ ^o^/~
ettusais WP liquid eyeliner 1050円 ~SGD$17.50: Promo, comes with a 20ml makeup remover 
This is a bundle pack which I picked up from one of the atre Champ de Herbe store last year. Upon seeing the price, I quickly grabbed it! (cheapo girl lolx~)

At the back, details of how to use etc etc.. I don't really understand what it's saying ^^" Anyhoo, we all know how to use liquid eyeliner so I'll just skip the introduction.. lolx~

Plastic sealed packaging.

The Speedy eye make off that comes with the eyelienr. I had yet to use this... and I forgot where I had placed it now.. hahahax~

The liquid eyeliner WP (WP stands for Waterproof, usually Japanese will use the word "WP" on products, not only makeup, to say that it's waterproof)
△ Look at the pointy brush tip! (ignore that hair pls.. ^_^")  Each strands are very thin.

When I swatched, I was disappointed as the black ink wasn't really as black as I thought it was. Probably because it was so long ago, I may have totally different thoughts about liquid eyeliners then and now. Or was the room dark that time when I first swatched it, so I thought I saw really, really black eyeliner?
However on my hand, the black eyeliner ink didn't seem to spread along the fine lines of my skin. The colour stays within the area that I draw, which is good so I can use for my bottom lashline where my fine lines are bound to be deeper and longer than my upper lashline. For eyeliners that spreads, it tends to easily smudge under my eyes.

Here's pics of my eye makeup using Ettusais Liquid Eyeliner WP for my upper and lower lashline.

Adding a little bit of grey pencil eyeliner below the bottom lash line to prevent the liquid eyeliner totally "washed off" by my tears and/or damp eyes. (I tear easily and sometimes alot... ^_^")

- the tip is easy to draw on and easy to flip when drawing wings at the end
- the ink dispense at a fair amount, doesn't clog or dispense a lot at anytime
- quite easy to control the brush as the tip doesn't wobble around during application
- the ink tend to spread out a little bit when I don't use any eye primer on my eyelids (even though I'd use thin layer of eyeshadow)
- easy to acheive eyeliner wing
- however sometimes the wing doesn't come out nice and sharp due to the little black particles formed when the ink drys up
- eyeliner cannot go onto my bottom lashline when my eyes start to tear (doesn't work on damp skin)
- not possible to draw near to waterline as the skin there is a little damp too
- the colour is kind of matte black
- easily washed off by my tears (my tears are warm so it can wash off almost any kind of WP eyeliners)
- doesn't sting my eyes when draw near them
- doesn't smudge (if it doesn't get washed off by my tears)
- sometimes it forms little black residues when it drys, need to clean it off and redraw again
- easily removed by makeup remover/ cleansing oil (best with warm water)

This eyeliner is not the greatest. It's a rather OK eyeliner that I can use if I'm not drawing my bottom lashline. Not everyone are like me who tear a lot or have prominent + hooded eyes that are always damp and watery (水汪汪 lolx~), so I guess this would be good for anyone who don't have so much eye problems like I do. ^^" For the price of SGD$25 (SGD$17.50 if buy in Japan) is pretty reasonable.

Ettusais Liquid Eyeliner WP in Black SGD$25.00

Where to buy?
Available at Selected Supermarkets, Hypermarkets and Pharmacies

Ettusais Singapore
Ettusais Singapore Facebook
Ettusais Japan

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

All photos (watermarked) are taken by me. All photos & swatches are true. Product is bought by myself.


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