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Hey girls, I just want to share something I just saw lately... a new(?) online store which sells Korean fashion apparel~
Well, actually I wasn't into Korean stuffs until you'al know, the Kpop wave which hit me during the year 2008~2009 and when GMarket was up in year 2010, I was already crazily 'Michi' ('crazy' in korean) about Korean fashion. ^^
And more so when I visited Korea just last month!! ^o^//
Knowing that a certain percentage of Korean girls are very tall, usually around my height or taller, I get a higher chance of getting long enough sleeves and pants of my length when I shop in Korean online stores (mostly GMarket). Unlike the Japanese clothes which I totally lost hope in fitting into their clothes as they are just not made for my built and height even though I'm slim enough. If I wear 'em I will look like an oversize doll in Japanese clothes..hahaax~
I love buying Korean apparel especially their bottoms like tight skirts and long pants. They fit my flat bums (lolx~) and long legs nicely! ♥

Anyhoo, if you are like me who love Korean fashion, do check out this site - I wanna Closet! Actually their EDM popped in my mailbox so I thought I'll share this. ^^
▼ following pictures are screen cap by me @

Free registered shipping for all orders within Singapore. Yippe! ^_^

Price wise, I feel it is quite reasonable. But with cheapskate people like me, I'll say wait for Sales period. Kekekex~

And here's the Sales section~ 
I find that the long pants are more worth buying becos it cost only about $30+. I usually would spend up to $60 to get a good nice pants that has the best cutting and length, and if it sells at $30+ I'll definitely grab it IF it's long enough for me. For tops, I don't spend that much compare to the pants because any tee can fit me easily so long they are short or mid sleeves. For long sleeves tops, I'll also spend more in order to get a nice design with a perfect sleeve length.

Korean online stores always provide clear awesome photos with beautiful models like so.

And not forget to mention, they are very detailed with their product information. I love it when they provide measurements like shown below. For my pants, I usually wear 98cm length minimum so I know that this pants is too short for me. That makes me a happy patron already even without purchasing because I do not need to guess whether the pants fit me judging from the picture and I won't buy the wrong size either. ^_^
Another best thing is, they even provide the model stats! Totally ♥ how the Koreans do their stuffs! More so than the Japanese for online stores! ^_^

For more about Iwannacloset, visit

Ok now let me share some of my past OOTDs. I shall prove to all that Korean clothings are long enough for ladies even as tall as 175~178cm! ^,^
Toms Tommy skinny jeans which is very long and... very skinny! Super elastic~ Cheap & good~

 Another jeans also bought from Korean online store.

Both blouse and skirt from Korea too. The blouse has sleeves down to my wrist length~

OL style. Both blouse and skirt are from Korea. Note the blouse also has long enough sleeves. ^^

The jacket is from Korea... I love the design at the back. Lolx~

Both black long blouse and mini skirt from Korea. The blouse is bought online and mini skirt from a physical store in Korea.
When I buy clothes, I aim for authentic Korea store inside GMarket/Qoo10 and only buy from those that provide details to each and every of their products. So I usually will patron the same online store over and over again because I trust them and in the clothes they make. ^^

And with that, I end my post here~ I think I'll try getting something from Iwannacloset one day and compare the fabric and workmanship with my other Korean made clothings.
If you have any comments or questions about buying clothes online, feel free to spam me with it~ ^_^


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

I am not affiliated to Iwannacloset, Qoo10 and GMarket or its company. Pictures are screen cap from OOTD photos are taken by me.


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