Event & Swatches: Violet Dream Luminous (VDL) Cosmetics

As you all know, a new Korean cosmetics brand - Voilet Dream Luminous (VDL) had just launched in Singapore back in June. 
With that, TFS Singapore invited me to their first VDL event held @ Antoinette Palais Renaissance where all bloggers had fun experiencing and (of course) swatching their make up. ^,^

VDL Cosmetics
At the event, VDL showcases their cosmetics such as their Signature Expert line, Brightening line, Festival line, Ready Action and many more, including some of which are limited edition.

Wow to all the vibrant colours!

VDL Serum, Primer and Foundation.

VDL Locking Pressed Powder.

VDL Water Bomb Mascara.

VDL Round Angled Eyeshadow Brush & VDL Dual Concealer Brush (which comes with the VDL Brightening Tone Concealer)

 VDL Brightening Powder Foundation SPF45 PA+++

VDL Festival Eye Primer

Random swatches I did at the event.
Note: Sorry for the low resolution as my camera died halfway through the event so I changed to using iphone. ^_^"

VDL Brightening Powder Foundation SPF45 PA+++ & VDL Festival Eye Primer

Festival Eye Shadow & Festival Eye Shadow (Sparkle)

Festival Mineral Eyes (LoveMark)

VDL Festival Gel Pencil

 Festival Mineral Blusher (LoveMark)

VDL Festival Lipstick (Love Mark,  VDL Festival Lipstick (Creamy), VDL Festival Lip Gloss Sparkle (Empire Space) *Limited Edition.

VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot

VDL Festival Nails in Blue Devils. This nail polish was actually bought by my friend Amber in Korea at Myeongdong VDL store when we were there last month. Do note that this is also available in Singapore VDL store too!~ ^_^ 
(Side note: I will be posting swatches of the latest VDL collection G Bomb separately! Also, do stay tune for my Korea trip post! ^_~)
*Glitters on top of Blue Devils nail polish is not VDL

VDL Event
Here's the make up that Clarence used on the model (Sofia Wakabayashi) for the Makeup Demo.

Before and After makeup. Sofia had realllllyyy flawless skin, just look at her without makeup... (*_*)

(>///<) *Shys looking at the her pics* Electrifying eyes! The purple on her lids are gorgeous!

During the event, I won myself a set of goodies just by raising my hands up when the word DUKE was shout out. hahhax~ Awesomeness! ♥(^,^)

Complimentary from VDL Cosmetics, including my prize (clockwise)
- VDL Festival Mineral Eyes (Love Mark) in 101 W. Sweet Room
- VDL Festival Mineral Eyes (Love Mark) in 103 Club E
- VDL Eye Bomb Mascara
- VDL Ready, Action Pen Liner in 02 (Sponge Action)
- VDL Festival Mineral Blusher (Love Mark) in 102 Hand Holding
- VDL Festival Mineral Blusher (Love Mark) in 602 Back Hug
- VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot in 501 Triple Red
- VDL Festival Lipstick (Love Mark) in Matte Intense 502 Cruz
- VDL Festival Lipstick (Love Mark) in Moisture Glossy 504 Jude

Mask Sheets range from SGD$6 - $10
Lipsticks range from SGD$21 - $30
Eye Shadows range from SGD$18 - $26
Blushers range from SGD$22 - $28
Eye Liners range from SGD$12 - $30
Mascara range from SGD$15 - $34
Base products range from SGD$30 - $45
Lip tint range from SGD$14 - $24
Lip balm and Gloss range from SGD$10 - $24
Skin care range from SGD$16 - $ 52
Brightening series range from SGD$36 - $60
Body and Fragrances range from SGD$9 - $24
Nails range from SGD$6 - $12
Brushes range from SGD$16 - $40

Where to buy?
Available at (Singapore) Suntec City Level 2 #02-338/339

For overseas readers:
VDL seems to be opening a Online store soon. Do keep a lookout for it ^_~

VDL Cosmetics Singapore Facebook
VDL Cosmetics Singapore Twitter
VDL Cosmetics Singapore Instagram
VDL Cosmetics Korea/International


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