Event: Anna Sui Cosmetics 2013 Autumn Collection & 15th Anniversary Celebration with Ms Anna Sui

This year, Anna Sui Cosmetics celebrates its 15th Anniversary and unveil the iconic 2013 Autumn Collection. The celebration was held at the Pan Pacific Hotel (Singapore) with a special guest none other than....... Ms. Anna Sui! *pops black & purple confetti*~*~\\(^,^)

At the event~ While waiting for it to start, many ladies had made their way to the makeover booth. ^_^ *squeeze squeeze*

It's starting!

Models in Anna Sui's latest Autumn/Winter 2013 collection  and flaunting that big gem on their hands.

Here comes Anna Sui! ^_^

Sorry for the lack of quality in the pictures as I took them with my Note 10.1 & a pretty old camera... ^_^"
But still, Anna Sui's looking all fab here~

And here I am with Anna Sui, I am so not leaving the place without taking a pic with her! hahax~ (Actually it was a pic of 3 people with +everbluec chantana but something blocked her face so I had to edit it *excuses* Lolx~)

About Anna Sui Cosmetics 15th Anniversary & Autumn Collection
Happy 15th Anniversary to Anna Sui!
It’s Anna Sui Cosmetics 15th Anniversary this year in 2013! The time starting Anna Sui Cosmetics was undoubtedly one of Anna’s dream and it came true! She is proud of every cosmetics item because they all are the things that she loves.
Anna would like to thank to all her fans by bringing the “gift and kisses” to them, 2013 Autumn Collection is a medley of all her truly iconic and extraordinary items from the past 15 years to show the great appreciation from fans’ support.
New Ring Rouge is the most signature iconic cosmetics product, it has been launched in different design and different colors in the past 15 years; they are the decorative and antique rings which absolutely are the best to represent Anna’s style!
It is so thrilling to be celebrating 15 years of Anna Sui Cosmetics!
Starting Anna Sui Cosmetics was absolutely a dream come true…
I am so proud of every item because they are a combination of the things I love and the things I dream about.
So here’s a KISS from me to all of you…
Because I couldn’t imagine celebrating this HAPPY moment with anyone else!

Anna Sui’s autumn 2013 collection is a medley of extra-special items to celebrate 15 years in the making!

Anna Sui Cosmetics 2013 Autumn Collection
Rose Ring Rouge (NEW) available in 8 shades:
#200 Dazzling Purple
#300 Coral Pink
#301 Clear Pink
#302 Fuchsia
#400 Anna Red
#600 Natural Orange
#700 Glittery Beige
#800 Dazzling Gold

- Beautifully designed like a luxurious, antique piece of jewelry
A purple gem surrounded by Anna’s beloved roses screams LUXURY!
Not just a lip product, this ring is an accessory that makes a statement.
Beautifully adorn yourself with this ring and it’s sure to bring you luck!
- Pearls shine brilliantly through a vividly clear base
Formulated with the same Clear Gloss Oil* that makes Anna Sui Lip Gloss highly translucent.
Pearls, suspended in this highly translucent base, glitter and shine brilliantly.
From subtle to dramatic, be picky with so many shades to choose from.
- Long-lasting shine & hydration
Formulated with a high ratio of extra-hydrating Moist Oil** this rouge spreads on like a dream and leaves lips moisturized.
Additionally, Clear Gloss Oil* provides superior shine and fit in one plush and even layer over the lips.
Lips remain glamorously slick and hydrated for a long time.
*Clear Gloss Oil…Highly viscous liquid oil that provides shine, translucency, and fit
**Moist Oil…Highly moisturizing liquid oil

Beauty Ingredients

 Moisturizing Mist

 Limited Miniature Box
139mm x 92mm x 99mm

Limited Beauty Mirror
123mm x 125mm

Limited Powder Foundation Set 
Get a foundation that creates skin so beautiful it begs to be touched, the cutest foundation case, and a
mini primer, all housed in a matching pouch in this extra special limited kit.

Kit Contents:
- Powder Foundation Case 2013
Seen on Anna Sui navigators and now on the cute (and limited!) foundation case, this print comes straight off the runway!
- Moisturizing Foundation Primer (8ml / SPF18 PA++)
Try this miniature version of the primer, with the smoothest spread, that leaves skin glowing and
- Original Pouch
The perfect companion to the Powder Foundation Case 2013: a matching pouch to carry it in!
Cute and perfectly sized to use as a clutch when running small errands!
Size: Approx. W 230 mm × H 160 mm × D 30 mm
Material: Outer fabric - Polyester satin
Back fabric - Polyester satin, Polyurethane
- Powder Foundation Refill (12 g / SPF20 PA++) Sold separately
The perfect foundation: yields poreless/healthy/glowing/translucent skin in just one swipe.
※Available in your choice from 5 shades.

Limited Rose Tissue Box Case
Sophisticated antique rose design Tissue Box to decorate your room.
Size: W270 x D140 x H80mm
Material: Tin (Wrinkle vanished)

Other pictures I'd taken at the event.
Anna Sui Drama Queen Collection Lipsticks

  Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme fragrance

So beautiful *_*

Complimentary from Anna Sui
- Anna Sui's photo & her signature!╒ (*▽*) ╕
- Anna Sui Cracked Nail Color in #100
- Anna Sui Nail Sitcker #03


Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge (1g) SGD$39
Anna Sui Foundation Set (consist of Powder Foundation Case 2013, Moisturizing Foundation Primer & Original Pouch) SGD$13
Anna Sui Powder Foundation (Refill 12 g / SPF20 PA++) SGD$46
Anna Sui Rose Tissue Box Case SGD$26
Available from August 2013 in Singapore

Where to buy?
Anna Sui stores:
Takashimaya D.S., Isetan Scotts, Isetan Katong, BHG Bugis 


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in turquoise are provided by Anna Sui (Singapore) to me. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos (watermarked) are taken by me. All pictures (non-watermarked) from Press Release provided by Anna Sui (Singapore) & referenced from Anna Sui Website.


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