VDL Cosmetics launch in Singapore

Hey everyone, I have great news to share!
VDL Cosmetics from Korea is coming to Singapore this mid June! (VERY VERY SOON!)
For those who have no idea about what is VDL, do read on to find out more about them. ^_~
▲ Above image screen capture from VDL Cosmetics website

About VDL

True beauty lies in the achievement of success in work, love and a better place to live. Through vast and vibrant colors, delicate textures and unique scents, Violet Dream Luminous (VDL) guides women and give specific answers to actualizing and living their colorful dreams.

The Story
VDL is an international cosmetic brand that was founded in 2012 by The Color Lab of LG Household  and Health Care. We represent a professional make-up brand that is dedicated in helping women to live and achieve their dreams

VDL provides answers to one of their key desires, beauty, by presenting endless variations of colors through interactions with world-renowned makeup artist, designers and celebrities.

Violet Dream Luminous: VDL adopts latest technology to create trendy makeup colors that enhances a woman's natural beauty, making you as alluring as you can be!

Dream of VDL: VDL is a global cosmetic brand that collaborates with renowned makeup artist, like Wendy Rowe (Global Makeup Artist) and iconic brands to create trendy styles like Guylian and Hotel Gansevoort series.

Lumilayer™ Technology: A revolutionary violet energy which gives VDL products dazzling colors while looking sheer and natural. Being light and luminescent, colors can be layered and mixed for endless combinations!

By combining inspirations from women of different cultures with latest technology and trends to create looks and colors that enhance a woman's natural beauty, we make each woman as alluring as she can be.

VDL Product Overview
Below lists the products that will be soon available in Singapore VDL outlet.
Signature Expert Line - This line features Lumilayer, VDL's main technology, and also other VDL innovations. This line embraces sophistication in taste while bringing professional results in setting a foundation for further layering.

Brightening Line - This line features Phytoselina, LG's patented brightening ingredient, snow rose and mulberry extracts in our base and skincare products. Our brightening products create three-dimensional brightening by providing omnidirectional brightening care, both on the inside and the outside of the skin.

Festival Line (Main color variety line) - This line emphasizes on celebration of colors and life of a VDL Woman. This line carries a wide range of colors that are rich in texture and payoff for the eyes, lips, cheeks and nails.

Ready, Action! (Portable mini-sized items) - This line features portable mini-sized items for quick, easy and functional on-the-go makeup. With products being small in size, it reflects the lifestyle of a VDL Woman who is always ready to take action to achieve her dreams.

Tint Bat (Lip-Stain exclusive line) - This line carries a variety of lip tint and stains that differ in colors and viscosity. Inspired by vacation experience, products are specially designed to deliver refreshing fruity sentiments through colors, scent and packaging.

Eye Bomb (Eye Makeup exclusive line) - This line features eye makeup that creates deep, powerful and intense eyes. Set to add definition and explosive depth to the eyes, this line offers a range of ultimate eye-opening weapons.

VDL Beauty - This line features basic skincare products heavily enriched with Prune, an natural anti-oxidant known for creating younger and healthier skin. A quick and smart makeup helper, our VDL Beauty series instantly creates well-moisturized and balanced skin for best makeup application.

Fragrance and body - This line features a series of fragranced body products. Focusing on 3 exotic themes, "California Surfing"; "Dazzling Kiss" and "S on the Moon", these products provide VDL Woman with imagery of scented getaways and exotic vacations driving them to venture into what they desire.

Chocolatier - This line features professional cleansing chocolate filled products. Enriched with natural cacao complex, this gentle cleansing line is functional while making the skin look sweet and dewy.

Festival Love Mark Series
To create a fun and enjoyable experience, our VDL team combines our Festival Love Mark Series with a thematic approach and composed a theme, LOVE. This theme creates a single-pattern makeup look which can be completed through a story. This series consists of three product categories; Festival Lipstick Love Mark, Festival Mineral Eyes Love Mark and Festival Mineral Blusher Love Mark. Each product can be combined to form a unique dream story of your own.
Series 1:

Series 2:

Series 3:

The VDL Woman
Every customer of VDL is VDL Woman. She is extraordinary and carries these traits which can help her "live" her dreams.
She is self-initiated, ambitious, active, indulgent, vigor, vivid and venturous.

More Pictures
VDL Store in Korea. I am sooooo going to do major swatching when I'm there next week! ^_^

Pictures from VDLCosmetics & VDLCosmeticsSingapore FB

So, are you all excited now??? ~\^o^/~*

Where to buy?
Available at (Singapore) Suntec City Level 2 #02-338/339 from mid June 2013

For overseas readers:
VDL seems to be opening a Online store soon. Do keep a lookout for it ^_~

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VDL Cosmetics Korea/International

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

I am not affiliated to VDL Cosmetics Singapore or its company/distributor. Press release & pictures belongs to VDL Cosmetics.


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