Review: @cosme #1 DASODA MG Mega Volume Mascara

Today I'm reviewing this Mascara which I received from SaSaSG~ I finally be able to try out DASODA's @cosme Number 1 product, which is this MG Mega Volume Mascara!

About  DASODA MG Mega Volume Mascara
The instant volume charger
DASODA MG Mega Volume Mascara was awarded #1 mascara between the period of 1 May 2011 to 31 July 2011, under the 2011 @cosme Best Cosmetic Award - Mascara sector.

Product is from Japan hence its packaging have all of the wordings in Japanese.

Not to worry if you do not read Jap, as there is a sticker pasted at the back of the packaging which is written in English. Direction of Use, Ingredients and Expiry date are stated clearly here.

DASODA MG Mega Volume Mascara
Red-Black chrome, look abit punkish here~ ^_^

The product appears creamy, wet and somewhat sticky I guess, base on the wax that stretched out at the end of the applicator.

Here's a picture of my lashes bare. Very fine, quite sparse and medium long lashes.

After using the mascara, it is pretty obvious that it had helped lengthen plus volumnize my lashes.

After applying it on both of my eyes... I also applied it on my bottom lashes which is very little (^_^"). But I can still apply on my very short, fine and sparse bottom lashes with little effort.

Left and right eye lashes.

- mascara product (wax) is quite creamy thick and slightly wet
- the mascara colour is very black
- easily coat onto the lashes with little effort needed
- upon first coat (by zigzag motion at the roots) shows quite alot of product on the lashes that it looks as if it's been layered
- the bristles can poke into my eyes if I don't do it carefully enough (due to my slightly prominent eyes)
- dries rather fast
- 2nd coat seems to be tiny bit clumpy on my lashes
- the bristles do help to remove some of the clumps and also help to spread out the lashes evenly
- mascara wax is able to hold the lashes in the direction you want them to point to by brushing the lashes out & upwards towards the direction you want them to point (must be done when it's still semi-wet)
- because the formula is slightly wet, it is easy to coat on my lower lashes and have them showed up immediately (no need for 2nd coat)
- it doesn't hold the curl or helps in curling the lashes
- once the mascara is dried, the clumps are hard to remove, need to use lash comb to assist in removing them
- smudgeproof even when I sweat quite alot when I'm wearing it
- found little mascara specks under my eyes but minimal
- takes a little while more to get the mascara to be dissolved under cleansing oil, cleanses off faster if warm water is used
I really like the volume and lengthening effect that this mascara gives me. Although it look a little clumpy at some areas but it is actually not really that visible if seen from a distance away since the clumps are rather minimal. It keeps some of my lashes from going astray too.
I could use this for daily makeup, but best with an eyeliner as I feel that it's slightly dramatic and may look very obvious against bare eyes without other eye makeup.

DASODA MG Mega Volume Mascara SGD$25.90 

Where to buy?
Exclusively at Sasa (Singapore)

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Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in cyan are sponsored by SasaSG & Plus1Asia to me for trial & review. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos & swatches are true.


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