Review: Color Combos Girl Double Function Mascara by Sasa

This is my first time seeing, touching and using a 2-in-1 mascara! (Call me a mountain tortoise alright~ ^_^") 
Thanks to Sasa, I receive this Color Combos Double Function Mascara as my first ever 2-in-1 mascara!

About Color Combos Double Function Mascara
Inspired by make-up artists, together with its innovative double wiper mechanism, this Two-In-One mascara can create dual effects – one wiper helps volumize your lash for greater impact while the other helps coat precisely each lash creating long and separated lashes, leaving it naturally defined.
- Non-sticky
- Instant dry
- Waterproof

Beeswax - Provides long-lasting action
Carnauba Wax - Give luster to lashes

How to use:
Volumizing + Defining: Loading of formula on lashes with wiper #1 for volume. Combing of the lashes with wiper #2 for the definition.
Clubbing: Use wiper #1 only for maximum volume.
Daytime Make-up + lower lashes: Use wiper # 2 only for a natural make-up with controlled loading.

Remember that Color Combos cosmetics are exclusively available at Sasa only!

The plastic box packaging includes all information, directions, ingredient list and expiry date too. Product is formulated in Japan.

It is only available in 1 colour which is #01 Black.

Pretty dusty pink chrome with leopard prints and lace exterior~ Very nice colour and reflective surface which stands out among my 2031985 mascaras. Lolx~

How 2-in-1 mascara works
I was awed to see that I can pull 2 applicators out from the same tube at first, but after much investigation I realise that it is actually just 1 applicator!
1st layer is the one with silver cap, and 2nd layer would be the pink cap.
Amazed that the applicator with such a big brush can squeeze through the small tube connected to the silver cap! (OoO") (Again mountain tortoise...lolx~)

Below shows how the applicator actually look like when in use.

Pictures of my upper lashes coated once with wiper #1 and then top with wiper #2. As I have very little (almost none) bottom lashes so I didn't swatch this mascara on them. Usually even when I use the most voluminous mascara on my bottom lashes, they still don't show out much so I skip applying them most of the time.

*SMILE with my eyes~* ^_^

After wearing the mascara for a few occasions, I find...
- the mascara formula is a little wet
- mascara drys quickly after coating it on my lashes
- wiper #1 doesn't make my lashes as voluminous as I thought it would at first coat
- after the 1st coat dried, I applied #1 to lashes again and it got a little bit more volume at the roots
- applicator size is just nice for my slight prominent/bulging eyes, it won't poke into my eyes if I handle it carefully and apply it slowly
- instead of just brushing it outwards, the lashes collect the pigments better if applied in zigzag motion at the roots
- lashes still feels rather soft after application
- #2 wiper feels a little flimsy due to its long & thin wand, will tend to wobble slightly when in use
- #2 wiper helps in separating clumped lashes, although not as perfect as using a eyelash separator but I can feel & see the extra mascara & small clumps being pulled out by the fine bristles
- #2 wiper actually not only define the lashes, it also adds volume to it (as seen in the pictures above)
- overall it clumps minimally or almost none (if view from a distance)
- doesn't have curling effect but provides rather good lengthening and defining lash effect
- after long hours of wearing it, I found a few specks of dry mascara fallouts under my eyes which is still fine, easily brush away using tissue or fingers
- doesn't droop my lashes during or after application
- doesn't smudge even when I tear
- easily removed with eye makeup remover or oil cleanser
In summary, this mascara is actually better than some other mascaras that I had used which claim to give voluminous, curled or lengthened lashes.
Color Combos Double Function Mascara's main purpose appear to be lash definition more than volumizing. Although they do give volume to my lashes too at least better than some other volumizing mascaras, but I feel that it can do better.
The main thing is that the formula isn't too wet or too dry (just nice!) which is good because I need not wait too long for it to dry before applying the 2nd coat. I find it very easy to layer on as it doesn't clump as much as my other mascaras do.
Overall I am liking this as it is a good mascara for my day to day makeup, not too bold yet it's visibly there.

Color Combos Girl Double Function Mascara in #01 Black (11ml) SGD$17.90

Where to buy?
Exclusively available at all SaSa SG stores
For overseas buyers, please visit


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were sponsored by Sasa Singapore to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All review photos are true.


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