Review: BRAND’S® Sesamin with Schisandra Extract

Recently I had just finished taking Brand's Sesamin with Schisandra supplement. In this post I'll express my thoughts about this supplement. ^_^

About 2 months ago, I receive a surprise package from BRAND'S! It was sent just in time to perk me up as I was feeling rather moody & stress during the month of April.

The surprise gifts they sent are:
- Etude  House Sweet Recipe Cotton Candy Ball
- BRAND'S Sesamin with Schisandra Extract Supplement
- fresh SUGAR Rose Lip Treatment
- Sephora Peony Bubble Bath & Shower Gel

A close-up of the wonderful gifts they sent me ^_^~
Etude House Cotton Candy Ball REALLY look like candy ball! My man saw it and ask if he can eat it and I say NOOOoooo its not REAL! LOLx~ Sho cute~

fresh SUGAR Rose Lip Treatment is my 3rd fresh lip treatment! (I have a Clear SPF15 and Honey tinted one) Oh I am so loving this! It really really works good for dry and chapped lips! I recommend everyone to give this a try! You'll never regret getting one! ^_~

Sephora Peony bubble bath and shower gel, my first time trying this!

BRAND'S® Healthy Living - You can't Live without the R
A card that came along with the gifts. It tells us how the liver functions and what it will do our body if we do not take good care of it. A very interesting read! ^,^

Let us watch an interesting youtube video (from Brand's Healthy Living)

About  BRAND’S Sesamin with Schisandra Extract
For optimal liver health, BRAND’S® Sesamin with Schisandra is a scientifically proven supplement that harnesses the prowess of Sesamin and Schisandra to promote liver detoxification. Thanks to its holistic approach, the supplement harnesses the prowess of Sesamin and Schisandra to activate the liver enzyme system as well as liver cell regeneration. Sesamin is an antioxidant that purges the body system of harmful substances, while Schisandra complements it to protect the liver and maintain liver health.

Why choose this product?
Beneficial for liver health
- Ideal for those who lead a stressful lifestyle, suffer from lack of sleep or drink alcohol regularly
- Helps to purge the liver of toxins and promote overall liver health
- Powerful supplement containing Sesamin and Schisandra which are scientically proven to improve liver health

Nutrition Information
Ingredients in 4 tablets: 
Schisandra Extract - 260mg
Sesame Seed Extract (Sesamin) - 10mg
Vitamin E - 10mg (15IU)

Consumption Idea
4 tablets daily

About Sesamin
Sesamin is a component of sesame oil extracted from mature, open sesame plants. Sesamin is also a lipid or fat and contains a fiber known as a lignin. Friendly bacteria in your body absorb the lignin fiber in your intestines and circulate the fiber throughout your bloodstream. Additionally, according to the "PDR for Nutritional Supplements," the lignin fiber has strong antioxidant properties and helps to reduce low density lipoprotein, the bad LDL type of cholesterol, from your body. To read more, click here

According to a study performed in Japan in 2012 (1), sesamin was reported to lower cholesterol. Based on the research found in this study, it is also believed to protect the body against certain cancer cells. The study also reported that sesamin can stimulate weight loss.
Sesamin supplements are among the best natural fat burning supplements. The same Japanese study discovered that sesamin could help break down fatty acids as well as reduce the body’s ability to store fat. Another advantage of sesamin is its ability to help preserve lean muscle. To read more, click here

About Schisandra
Increase stamina, optimize your immune health, boost mental functioning and better cope with stress…    
The deciduous creeping vine called magnolia (Schisandra chinensis) that is native to China and Japan. It is also commonly known as Schisandra or Schizandra. The berries of this vine have been used in traditional chinese medicine for centuries. It's chinese name is wu wei zi meaning five taste fruit/seed. It is called this because the berry possesses sweet, salty, bitter, hot and sour tastes all in the same bite.
This balance of flavours is often sought after in Asian cuisine. The Chinese have been using it for centuries as an adaptogen, to increase stamina /fight fatigue, optimize mental functioning, support the health of the sex organs and revitalize skin.

Schisandra is primarily used for its adaptogenic and calming effects, and has the rare characteristic of providing these benefits without sedating the taker. For this reason it can be used at the start of your day to regulate stress by supporting the adrenal gland and balancing cortisol levels, without making you drowsy. At the same time, it is equally effective when used before bed, for calming and anxiety-induced sleep problems. Schisandra can be used to treat stress induced palpitations and dyspnea, which are common symptoms of a panic attack.

Schisandra is well known for its antioxidant and immune modulating effects. Research has recently demonstrated that Schisandra may be of great benefit to the liver as it may be involved in activating the production of glutathione. Glutathione is an incredibly strong antioxidant molecule in the body responsible for helping to protect our bodies against free radical damage. This effect is particularly noticeable in the liver where Schisandra has been shown to be protective against liver damage.

Nutrition information are provided on the box and also includes a illustration of the actual size of the tablet. It looks quite big in this pic but actually it is not. (That's because the box is rather small too)

Expiry date is stamped on the actual product bottle. The cap has a security seal. Once the seal's broken the tablets must be consumed right away.

These tablets are smaller than the other supplements I usually take, therefore to me, it is rather easy to swallow them and they do not get stuck at my throat. (Those who don't like swallowing big tablets will understand me. lolx~) I can even take 2 at one go which I find it pretty amazing because I always have problem taking even a single tablet! ^^"

After researching, I found out that maximum daily dosage of Schisandra is 6g. 
As for Sesamin, it could be up to 1000mg (=1g) however there is no record of its maximum daily value/dosage but it is generally safe to consume so long it's within the range of 500-1000mg.
Vitamin E has antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals. Recommended daily dosage for Vitamin E would be 15mg and Brand's Sesamin with Schisandra already provides 10mg. 
It is alright to take supplement of a lower dosage than the recommended level (though recommended level is still better as it would be more effective). At least when times I forgot if I'd taken the supplement, I won't get overdosed even if I took twice per day.

I took about 1.5 months to finish all the 30 tablets sometimes taking it on alternate days.
Below explains what I felt during and after taking the supplements:
- during the first 1-2 weeks I experienced more bowel movement and stomach ache everyday which then I reduced to taking the supplement once every 2 days
- subsequently I went back to taking it daily again and didn't experience any more stomach ache
- I took this together with collagen supplement for the first month and I didn't see any adverse effects or changes to my body
- my skin (mainly face) turned really radiant during the first month, possibly because I was also taking collagen together with it therefore helping the collagen supplement to maximize its effectiveness
- found less and almost no acne or comedones on my face
- my face showed only minimal signs of fatigue
- I felt less moody & less stressed compare to the times before I took the tablets
- also felt much less weak and lethargic
- I don't feel that I had lost any weight though
- I still experience indigestion and gas in stomach once in awhile, about once in 2 weeks
 - after finishing the tablets, I also stopped taking collagen altogether and unexpectedly, my face began to appear dull quickly and showed signs of tiredness and fatigue
- oil spots (white comedones) started growing on my jaw & neck
- I start taking collagen again but my skin didn't appear as radiant & plump during the time I was taking it with the Sesamin with Schisandra supplement
- my body however did not experience any difference after that, I still feel rather calm and sleeps well at night

Sometimes my body will have up and down moments just like my mood, so it's difficult to say that the changes I experienced were the effects from the supplement I took. However base on what I had experienced during the past 2 months, I think the supplement did helped at some areas such as the change in my overall mood and health. I was feeling very, very sluggish and stress (over nothing infact! Lolx~) before and now I'm glad that I am back in tracks again.
I would recommend this to anyone who experience similar problems like me. Especially to those who usually easily get tired mentally and physically after work, feel extremely stress and get headaches or even migraines often.
As I am currently not having any of these signs (except being moody and little stress) so I can't explain how much it can help to relieve these problems. But if I ever experience these signs, I would definitely consider taking this supplement again in hope that I will feel better (in mood) and healthier (in body).

BRAND’S® Sesamin with Schisandra Extract SGD$48/bottle
Promotion price SGD$36/bottle

Where to buy?

Available at Brand's Store @ Qoo10:

For overseas readers, you can enquire at Brand's store from Qoo10.

BRAND’S® Singapore FB  ▫ Website
BRAND’S® Healthy Living Website

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were sponsored by Watsons Singapore & BRAND’S® InnerShine® Singapore to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All review photos are true. Product information from Brand's Innershine website.


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