Review: BioNike Defence B-Lucent Day Peel & Roll-on Focus

In this post I'll be reviewing 2 products from BioNike Defence B-Lucent line.
You may wish to read more on BioNike Defence B-Lucent full range products before continue reading this post.

Defence B-Lucent Day Peel
Note that Day Peel doesn't mean that it is to be use during the Day only. It meant Daily Peel. You can use it daily during both day and night.

The outlet sealed to prevent degradation of the product.

Creamy cleanser with transparent bead and it doesn't foam up when in contact with water.

There's a need to put a little water to get the Day Peel working, otherwise it will not be easy to get the beads maneuver around.

*Note: There are 2 types of treatment programmes. 1 is for normal skin, other is for sensitive skin. I belong to the normal skin hence it is best for you to follow the programme as described in the manual/slip if you have sensitive skin (slip provided inside the product packaging).
 I use BioNike Defence B-Lucent Day Peel mostly during the day time after I woke up.
- it feels pretty creamy and smooth
- smells rubbery, not too pungent and will get used to the smell after few uses
- the transparent exfoliating beads don't disintegrate or melt off at all
- the beads don't feel coarse at all, they glides around on skin surface smoothly
- after rinsing off the cleanser, skin don't feel taut or dry
- skin feels supple and pretty hydrated
- face appears slightly radiant right after wash
- skin feels rather soothing after using it each time
After using it for a month, I find...
- my skin appear about a tone lighter than before
- skin texture feels & looks smoother
- skin looks less bumpy on areas like my cheeks, nose and forehead
- visibly large pores appears alittle smaller
- it helps tone down the dark spots on my face, making them alot more easier to conceal during makeup (also with the help of using Roll-on focus after the Day Peel)
- corrects my slight skin discoloration around my forehead and cheekbones
- no tingling or burning sensations on my skin
- doesn't irritate my skin and no break outs
It is a cleanser I quite like to use on every mornings and during the times I don't wear makeup because I prefer using a foam cleanser after removing my makeup. The Day Peel feels very light & creamy on my skin and helps retain moisture within it. I don't feel any tightness on my skin even I leave it bare for sometime after rinsing off the cleanser.
It helps even out my skin tone and makes skin discoloration less visible. There is no obvious darkened skin around my forehead and outer area of my cheekbones now.
After using Day Peel, I will need to remind myself to apply sunscreen everytime even if I am just going nearby shops to get a quick bite or maybe even when I am at home (If I am not too lazy. Lolx~). Because it has PHA as one of its ingredients (view previous post for more), it exfoliates the upper skin layers revealing the fresher, newer cells hence it's important to apply sunscreen to protect the new cells from sun exposure. Although there's a saying that PHA has an ability to protect the skin against UV damage, but its still safer to leave home with UV protection. ^_^

BioNike Defence B-Lucent Roll-On Focus
A small tube of 15ml, packaging looks almost like my other eyecreams (really mistaken it for eyecream sometimes! hahax~)

The ball roller has a matte yet slightly textured surface where it glides on skin easily due to the light friction it gives. I experienced using smooth metal ball rollers that doesn't roll at all because it is too smooth. So textured balls are still better than smooth ones when comes to rolling it on the skin, and not to worry, there is no rough or scratchy kind of feeling when used.

A transparent water-gel like consistency.

The gel dries up quickly and leaves no traces of grease, glossiness or whatsoever.

*Note: There are 2 types of treatment programmes. 1 is for normal skin, other is for sensitive skin. I belong to the normal skin hence it is best for you to follow the programme as described in the manual/slip if you have sensitive skin (slip provided inside the product packaging).
I use BioNike Defence B-Lucent Roll-on Focus only at night, after toner & before serum/ moisturizer.
- has a light odour mix with fragrance, not pungent
- easy to roll about on my skin
- the liquid is clear, feels a bit gelish
- after rolling it on my skin, I will use my fingers to lightly tap on the liquid and let it absorb into skin
- absorbs and drys up really quickly (within seconds)
- non-sticky & non-greasy
- helps fades off scars formed by acne/ comedones within a few weeks if used constantly every day
- no tingling or burning sensation at all
- no irritation
- I avoid applying on wounds and open comedones
- can be applied on large areas too to even out skin tone and corrects skin discoloration
- I applied on forehead where skin discoloration is most obvious
- it not only fades dark spots, it also exfoliates the skin surface around it forming new, brighter and radiant skin
A handy treatment that can be used almost everywhere on face (except for eye area and lips) as well as on my body. I also use it to lighten scratch scars left by my cat on my hands.
It heals scars quickly, evens out skin tone and does not clog pores. I like that it can be used with other kind of skincare treatments too.
This Roll-on has PHA too in its ingredient and what's more, it also contains AHA (view previous post for more) so wearing sunscreen is a must if this is used in the day before usual skincare & makeup.

Before & After using BioNike Defence B-Lucent
Before using BioNike, I was fighting this clogged comedone which popped out at the bottom of my nose area. After the pore got unclogged, I started to use BioNike Day Peel and Roll-on Focus daily. Roll-on applied only at that particular dark spot every night. It faded faster than I expected it would.
The scars I have on my face usually take a few months to fade off naturally or sometimes never will. For this scar it faded (& flattened too!) within 3 weeks with the help of the 2 products I mentioned. The last picture still shows a tiny dot of darkened skin only visible when view really up close. I am really happy with the result, it saved me a lot of time concealing dark spots & scars on my face when doing my makeup.

BioNike Defence B-Lucent Day Peel (40ml) SGD$89
BioNike Defence B-Lucent Roll-On Focus (15ml) SGD$73

Where to buy?
Available at all The Spa-Lon:
Tiong Bahru Plaza - 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #05-08, Singapore 168732 Tel: 6276 6313
Choa Chu Kang - 304 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #01-661, Singapore 680304 Tel: 6891 0030 / 6891 0060
East Point Mall - 3 Simei St 6, #05-10, Singapore 528833 Tel: 6783 3773 / 6783 2594
CHIJMES - 30 Victoria Street, #02-02/04/05 Caldwell House, Singapore 187996 Tel: 6837 0131
CITY SQUARE MALL - 180 Kitchener Road, #03-01 City Square Mall, Singapore 208539

Available exclusively at the Guardian outlets

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Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

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