Launch: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder by Creer Beaute

On 4 June, Bandai Premium released a new make up - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder (美少女戦士セーラームーンR ミラクルロマンス シャイニングムーンパウダー) under Creer Beaute to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon.

Creer Beaute is a Japanese cosmetic brand under Bandai which is the Japanese toy making, anime and video game company.
That is why their beauty products seem like merchandise of many people's favorite anime show.
Creer Beaute carrys a few lines such as The Rose of Versailles (ベルサイユのばら / Berusaiyu no Bara), Urusei Yatsura, Evangelion and Rilakkuma .

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the popular magical girl manga and anime, a new anime adaptation of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon will also be released no later than Summer 2013. For more details, pls visit Jefusion.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder
The casing is almost identical to the one Sailor Moon is holding during her transformation like so:

Following description was written in Japanese, pardon my not so good translation & English. ^_^"
Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder is the first product of Sailor Moon "Miracle Romance" cosmetic series.
With its delicate detailing, it represents exactly like the crystal star compact toy.
It is a pressed powder with pink raised patterns on it and includes a mirror.
This pressed powder is formulated with sebum adsorption component to prevent oily appearance, perfect for touching up your makeup.
It is formulated with moisturizing
ingredients, and has a soft plump skin finish.
The pink glitter powder gives you a bright glossy skin.
The box packaging makes use of "adult kawaii" type of pearl paper & design giving off a luxury and high quality feel.
Princess floral fragrance spreads gently when the lid of the compact is opened.

※Ingredients: hydrolyzed collagen, acetyl hyaluronic acid Na, ceramide 3

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder is retailing at 3980円 (~SGD$60) at Creer Beaute site.

Set contents
One Pressed Powder
prevention sheet

Container: AS ABS PMMA
Sealer: PET
Mirror: Glass
Puff: cloth

Compact size: φ70 × H40.7mm
Package size: W71 × D71 × H41.5mm

All ingredient
Talc, mica, synthetic mica gold, nylon to 12, diisostearyl malate, silica, titanium oxide, diphenyl phenyl trimethicone, ethylhexyl palmitate, dimethicone, hydroxy alkyl (C16-18) hydroxy die merge linoleyl ether, borosilicate (Ca / Al), squalane, sorbitan isostearic acid, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, fragrance, 226 red, ultramarine blue, acetyl hyaluronic acid Na, ceramide 3, hydrolyzed collagen, Ba sulfate

Production sales agency

Bandai Co., Ltd.

15 years of age or older


Product handling
Premium Bandai, animate, other

First batch of reservations for the Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder had ended on 5th June. The next reservation will start on 12 June which then the product will only be deliver by November 2013. Reservations are done only at Creer Beaute.
▲ Look at the crystal star compact with the chain, it is actually the toy! The press powder look identical to toy except that the powder has a big pink crystal in center of the star.

My thoughts
I'd been dreaming of owning a magical compact since my teenage years after reading the Sailor moon manga and watching the anime. When I saw the toys, I didn't get them because I was not really that rich then. ^^" Base on all the manga and anime I watched for many years, I also thought that the toys were so much less delicate compare to what I'd imagined it would look like. I wanted something that is more life-like, maybe made of glass and real crystals ♡....  Lolx~ I guess my expectations was rather too high?
My love for Sailor moon never ends even up till now. Upon seeing this Moon Miracle powder, I already set my heart to purchase one. (IF I can get my hands on it) It's still made with plastic materials like the toy, but  they incorporated a cosmetic component thus making it appear much more life-like to me this time. However I still feel that the pink crystal should be inside the compact.. without the crystal, it doesn't feel magical enough. Hmm... if there's a crystal in the center of the powder, how are we going to use it then? *scratches head* (^_^")\~
I'd also thought about what I will do when I have finished using the powder. I'll probably scrape off all the remaining product and use the compact to store my crystals, stones & minerals so I will feel that the magical compact is REALLY magical every time I open it! (^__^)★
As for the cosmetic aspect, the clear white powder is a good idea as there's no need to worry about different foundation shades. The powder is a oil control powder which I think also has brightening effect. Since this is Creer Beaute Sailor Moon first product, I guess they may come out with more products in future! I do hope they can make something out from Sailor moon's transformation pen too! Like say a lip gloss or something? It's another item I love most after the compact! ^,^

Read more about Creer Beaute cosmetic reviews on my blog!~

Creer Beaute Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder 3980円 (~SGD$60)

Where to buy?
Within Japan: Bandai-Creer Beaute
Outside of Japan:CDJAPAN 5775円 (~SGD$90)
Rinkya (Japan shopping service)
From Japan (Japan shopping service)
*Note: Beware of inauthentic Creer Beaute cosmetics sold online. I read about cosmetics made to look like Creer Beaute's but they are actually replicas. I am unsure of the replica source so it's advisable to only purchase from Japan or from direct distributor of Creer Beaute.

Premium Bandai Website
Creer Beaute Facebook (Japan)
Japanese Entertainment Blog

All photos in this post belong to Bandai & Creer Beaute. I am not affiliated to Bandai or Creer Beaute or its company. This post is for sharing purpose only. (C)Naoko Takeuchi.


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