12 Kingdoms 十二国記 Cosplay Photoshoot

Heyyyyyy all!~
I been wanting to post several of my (& friend's) cosplay photoshoots but I keep dragging & dragging... Ok, here's one of the most recent where I went to Kusu Island for a cosplay photoshoot!~ I will update my older ones some other time. ^_~

Here's our selca inside the air-con ferry! It was damn colddddddd (air-con's blasting!)
That's me, Xrys & Sakana~

It's my first time visiting Kusu Island! I'm so excited! ^∇^ The ferry stopped by St John's Island before proceeding to Kusu.

Kusu Island
It's very small island! I didn't went exploring cos my foot hurt from falling down that morning >,< *clumsy me*. It was actually a very small island, you can just walk the whole perimeter of the island in just... 30 mins? At least that's what I heard from the photog who went exploring to find nice place to shoot. ^_^"

Da Bogong Temple, which stands most of the land in Kusu Island.

Tortoise tortoise everywhere~ This is taken at the back of the temple.

Behind the scene
Pavilion which we thought we could use to do makeup and stuffs but it was infested with big red ants. *Yikes*
Oh, that mosaic? Is Xrys squatting there.. not so glam so I box her up. Teeheheex~

After they'd done with makeup and changing, photoshoot starto! Another mosaic on the right because the photog is doing some unglam stun there. Lolx~

Its noon and the sun is HOT HOT HOT! We're waiting for the clouds to hide the sun... so we stayed in the pavilion to shoot instead~ *Note: Don't pick noon time for photoshoots. ^_~*

Official cosplay photos by Vaxzone
Ruler of Han - Han-ou/  Go Ranjou 呉藍滌 cosplay by Xrys
Taiho of Han - Hanrin/ Risetsu 梨雪 cosplay by Skye
Photog by Vaxzone
Helpers: Me, Sakana & Zelmer
They are shoooooooo beautiful!~~~

My Takes
Following photos are photographed & PSed by me.
Xrys pic.. I PSed in the birdie legs... hahax~

Phail in this pic cos I took it at a bad angle, thus no inspiration in my PS. =\ I was too busy holding lightings and stuffs so this was actually a quick snap.

Another PS trial... still phail -_-"

I always like Omake/NGs... so here's some to end my post. ^o^

Lolx~ I had fun visiting places I have not visit before! Maybe next time I'll visit St John's Island!

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)


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