Review & Swatch: ISEHAN Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow & Nose Shadow (vs Kate Designing Eyebrow)

Ahh.. I kind of forgotten that I had purchased the Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow palette too when I was in KL (read my post on Comic Fiesta @ KLCC), so I'm making up for this pretty little thing in a separate post.
I had been lemming on this since the day I saw it on Isehan Heavy Rotation's website. I been waiting till it's in Singapore and when it's in, I didn't buy. Lolx~
Apparently I saw it in KL last Dec and it was on discount at their Watsons. I bought it at about RM38 $15+~$16? compare to local selling at SGD$19.90, it's so worth buying in Malaysia~

Some history...
I started using their first edition of Heavy Rotation brow mascara since 2010 (The company was called KissMe, now they changed to Isehan) mostly to colour my brow so it matches my blonde hair and also for cosplay purpose. Then, there was totally 0 brow mascara that I could find in Singapore and I had to get it online through Taiwan Ebay.
I'd also blogged about their newest edition of brow mascara which I introduced to Na when we were in KL, she also like it! ^_^
And now, there are so many brow mascaras in the market to choose from! I am in heaven! lolx~

Right, back to topic... Since I love their brow products so much, I thought I must get this powder brow palette too!
There are 2 shades in total, this one is #01 where the middle shade is more yellow than the one in #02 palette.

Palette's so cute! Can't resisttttt! Even for the Malaysia's product, they also have the instructions all in English at the back of the packaging just like the ones sold in Singapore.

3.5g of product in this palette. The lid looks like a mirror but its just plastic chrome coated.
Double-ended brush included.

Close-up of the palette and the brush. The brush is quite soft!

See what I mean, the middle one is yellowish brown.. Its perfect for hair like mine (often blonde if not orange kinda shade), also perfect for yellow fibre wigs.

Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow & Nose Shadow VS Kate Designing Eyebrow
Now I gonna swatch Heavy Rotation against the famous KANEBO Kate Designing Eyebrow palette in EX-4 (the lighter shade).
Sorry for this dirty Kate palette ^_^" I had used it for quite sometime...
Kate has a mirror but Heavy Rotation doesn't.
▲ Kate angle brush is alot smaller than the Heavy Rotation but the other end of the brush is bigger.

*Note: swatch using my fingers
Heavy Rotation pigments are easy to pick up by my fingers maybe because it is new and it has a rough surface texture which makes it even easier to pickup. Kate's surface is too smooth for the pigments to stick to my fingers, I had to apply many rounds to make the colour more visible for my swatches.

I love using Kate Designing Eyebrow for their pigments are very fine and it builds up slowly because the colour is pretty light. Even for the darkest brown, it is also light when applied on my eyebrow. It will show dark brown on me after 2-3 layers. It is a good eyebrow as well as a nose shadow powder because I will never overdo my makeup with this palette. However, I wish they can come up with a palette that's for the blondes or coloured hair other than browns.

Being a sucker for blonde eyebrows, I had to say I love the yellowish brown shade in Heavy Rotation (It's the BIG + point!). It's colour payoff is better than Kate's, easy to pickup by the brush. However the dark brown is very dark, I had to apply very lightly. When comes to applying on the nose, the yellow-brown doesn't work because its too yellowish. Dark brown is too dark so again I had to apply very lightly and need to buff and blend it to suit my skin tone. The lightest shade is very close to my skin colour so it is not really noticeable when used on my nose. Perhaps for fairer skin people can use the lightest shade as nose shadow.

After reading this, I hope I can convert some of you to become Heavy Rotation fans! hahhaa!~ :D
Thanks for reading! ^_^

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

I am not affiliated to KISSME, Heavy Rotation, ISEHAN, Kanebo or Kate. Products mentioned in this post is purely purchased by my own money.


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