Review: Mary Kay Timewise Plus+ Regina-Firm Correcting Eye Cream

Today, I'm reviewing the Mary Kay TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Correcting Eye Cream which I received from the launch event.

Before you read my review, click HERE to read more about the products and the importance of Stem Cells.

As the product is made in Korea, part of the packaging were written in Korean.
Ingredients however are all in English.

Expiry date on bottom of the box.

The eye cream is suitable for both contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes, which actually means, it is definitely good for me! I have very sensitive eyes and I wear contact lens. ^_^
The applicator is made of zamac and named as the Zamac tip. It is designed to help stimulate micro-circulation.

Squeeze the tube to get the product from the tip outlet. This is roughly the amount I would use for both eyes.

It is a opaque white eye cream.

From the hand swatch, you can clearly see that the cream leaves a glossy finish on my skin.

How to use - Illustration with steps

How to apply Mary Kay Timewise plus+ Regina-firm Correcting Eye Cream (miwitch's style)
*Note this is not a before after use image. It's a pictorial of How I use the eye cream 
Pic 1: Bare eye - fine lines and crepey skin undereye & hooded eyelid (I call them droopy eyelids)
Pic 2: Dotting a pea size of the eye cream around my eye with my ring finger (I apply the cream separately because I do not want my skin to contaminate the product & area around the tip outlet.)
Pic 3: Using the other side of the zamac tip (not the outlet side), place it under the eye closest to the nose area.
Pic 4: Gently sweep & massage at the same time in an outward circular motion
Pic 5: Lift  at the outer corner of the eyes, then repeat on the other eye.
Extra: The same sweep & massage applies to upper eyelid as well and last step is always lift. Never apply eye cream in a downwards motion at the outer corner of the eyes.
▲ The skin turns red after the massage.

After applying, the under eye looks not that dry anymore. The crepey skin under my eyes become less noticeable.

I had been using this eye cream for more than 3 months. Here's what I experience:
- very lightly scented eye cream
- very creamy consistency
- after spreading it out, it feels creamy and sticky
- though it gives a glossy finish, it doesn't feel greasy
- creates a sticky light film on skin surface, trapping moisture within it
- during application, the zamac tip feels very cooling on my skin
- zamac tip glides on my skin smoothly
- cream doesn't irritate my eyes at all (no stinging)
- my eyes feel a little firm and very moisturized right after application
- it immediately relieves tightness & dryness around eyes (usually experience this right after a shower/bath)
- after 2 months of using, it overall lifted my hooded eyelids, making my eyes appear slightly larger than before thus making my eyes look brighter
- outer corner of my eyes still appear droopy (my droopy eye shape is inherited) but overall eyelids feel slightly firmer
- deep wrinkles under my eyes becomes finer as skin around my eyes plumped up
- fine lines maintained the same
- crepey skin under my eyes was formerly a lot worst than the one I shown above and now it has significantly reduced
-  doesn't appear to reduce my dark circles
- the skin around eyes remain hydrated through out the day
- under eyes crepey skin will become slightly visible when makeup is used
- a tiny bit of the eye cream can be dabbed (using ring finger) on top of the makeup to re-moisturize the under eyes if it starts to dehydrate
- didn't experience any milia seeds
- can be layered on top of other eye serums (I had done so all these while and there is no adverse effect)
I grew fond of using the applicator that I even use it to apply my eye serum (other brand). The applicator makes point massaging a breeze and no more scarring myself with my nails when applying the eye cream. (Yes I know, silly me.. ^_^") It will be a great tool for anyone who has long nails.
The eye cream minimizes the fine lines and wrinkles quite a lot in the initial stage and then it kind of maintains the same through out. As long as I am still using the eye cream, the wrinkles didn't grew worst than what it is now.
I like the fact that my eyes look slightly larger too. I had been pretty upset with my overly-hooded/droopy eyes for a long time and the upper lids sagged and cover the upper part of my iris making my eyes look smaller. After using the eye cream, I see significant results on both of my eyes. The eyelids now sits just at the border of my iris instead of covering over them.

Mary Kay® TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Correcting Eye Cream (15ml) SGD$105

Where to buy?
Mary Kay Singapore: +65-6226 6888 / +65-6226 6888
Exclusively through an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.
Alternatively, you can contact Christina Tan (Independent Sales Director) at

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Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in turquoise are sponsored by Mary Kay Singapore to me for trial & review. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos & swatches are true.


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