Review: Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (Anti-Dark Circles Moisturizer)

I'd been wanting to buy a new concealer just for the under eyes to cover my dark circles but didn't get any for about a year... until about 2 months ago, I finally bought one!
It is the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer Anti-Cernes Hydratant! ~*TA-DA*~
Anti-Cernes Hydratant means Anti-Dark Circles/ Anti-Ring Moisturizer in French.
Well well, if we do not know French, how do we know whether this concealer is for concealing dark circles base only on the English words "Secret Concealer"? There are many kinds of concealers in Laura Mercier make up range, and if I didn't went to +everbluec chantana's makeup consultation with Benjamin Ruiz, I definitely won't know this is made specially for the under eyes!

At the back of this little box packaging printed the ingredient list and something caught my eyes.
*Hydratation des couches superieures de l'epiderme - means Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis
Because LM call this secret concealer a "moisturizer" so it made a clause to explain the word "moisturizer". It is still a makeup but with a bit of skincare properties in it so when we use it under our eyes, it will not make them dry. 
Product can be kept for 3 years once opened.

The product is 2.2g. The shade I pick is No. 3, the darkest of all. 
I swatched all 3 shades and actually No. 2 is my skin tone but I usually get peachy-orange tone concealer for my under eyes cos they are very grey and dark. Only concealers of a darker shade can cover my dark dark circles!

Product & tools for under eyes concealing
These are the things I usually use for concealing my dark circles.
Laura Mercier Secret Concealer No.3
MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF35 NC20
Etude House Nymp Aura Loose Powder #2 Brilliant Pink (I think its discontinued)
Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush from RT core collection

Just see how peachy LM Secret concealer is compare to MAC's NC20 which is close to my skin tone. I like using shades that have yellow undertone as my skin will appear brighter and fairer with it. Only for my dark circles, I will use peach tone.
EH Nymph Aura Loos Powder is a translucent matte powder that has lots of mica (tiny glitters) in it.

How I conceal my under eyes dark circles
My eyes without any concealer.... *sigh*
Might look pretty normal here, but in real life it's kinda badddd... U_U"
Oh yah, I can't leave my house for 2 months and I'm kinda lazy to trim my brows, so.... pls ignore my messy brows. hahhax~

1st, I dab one side of the Real Techniques Pointed Foundation brush onto the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer and lightly tap a few times over the dark circles area.

Next, I use the other side of the brush to dab into MAC Studio Finish concealer and lightly tap over the 1st layer of Secret concealer. I do this because Secret concealer looks pretty peachy (in real life but doesn't really show in the pics) against my skin, so by using NC20 to layer over, my under eyes will appear closer to my skin tone.
Below shows before and after using both concealers.
 ▲ 'Blending' means I use my ring finger to lightly tap on my under eyes to blend out the excess concealer.

To set the concealer, last step is to powder it up.
I use Everyday Minerals Yachiyo Artisan brush to pick up EH Nymph Aura Loose Powder. I choose Nymph Aura Loose Powder because the powder is lightweight, translucent and it has many tiny glitters which will help to brighten up my eyes.

I brush it over my under eyes and also over the lids as I'd applied a little concealer on them as well. My lids are actually slighter darker than the other parts of my face but not as dark as the area under my eyes.

Now compare my right eye (your left)-concealed and powder set, to my left eye (your right)-concealed only.
My left eye look pretty good but my right eye look rather dry from the powder. Visible lines & wrinkles can be seen.
*That's also because I only slept for an hour and my under eyes are very dry at that time. lolx~
To tackle the dry under eyes issue, we can also switch to using silica powder alone to set the concealer. Silica powder is very fine & very light weight, more so than most loose powders and has a silky smooth finish instead of a matte finish. I recommend getting Coastal Scents Silica powder cos that's what I use too and it's awesome. Sometimes I add it into other loose powder to make them feel finer & smoother.
Alternatively, get Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder. This powder works perfectly fine with all skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest.

Before using LM Secret Concealer, I had been using MAC Studio Finish NW25. I almost hit pan on it as I'd used it for 3 years now. I thought of getting something else to replace Studio finish because its pretty dry and it doesn't cover my dark circles really well especially the inner corner of my under eyes (near tear duct), its the darkest there.
I'd used Secret Concealer for only a week and I fell in love with it. (♥▽♥)  
It is more pigmented than Studio Finish, formula is creamier hence less dry for the under eyes and it last longer too!
Secret concealer feels really like a moisturizer. It is creamy but not greasy, pigmented but not dry & thick!
There is no need to build for colour as its already very pigmented even when used thinly and that's what I like best. So I won't end up with thick concealer under my eyes that may turn cakey after sometime.
At times when the concealer traps in between the fine lines, I just use my ring finger to run it over lightly and it blends out nicely without smudging or shifting.
Now I'm already thinking to get Shade No.2 too to replace my NC20. haha!~ ^o^

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer SGD$38
Available in Shade 1, 2, 3

Where to buy?
- TANGS Beauty, TANGS Orchard Level 1 Phone: 6733-8130
- Sephora Takashimaya S.C. B1
- Sephora ION Orchard L1
- Sephora Plaza Singapura L1
- Sephora Great World City L1
- Sephora Marina Bay Sands B2
- Sephora Bugis+ L2
- Sephora VivoCity L1, Singapore



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