Mimi's new custom made scratch post from LazyCatLady

This post is about none other than my pet cat, Mimi...... 's scratch post. Hahha~

This is ze new scratch post and Mimi. 
Mimi & his "I AM STUNNED" look. (^⊙∧⊙^)

Left is the custom made scratch post ordered from LazyCatLady which is 90cm tall. Right one is Mimi's old scratch post bought from Pet's station which is about only 50cm tall.

Story of the scratch post
I had been looking for a tall scratch post for Mimi since like eons ago. I went through catalogues of cat scratch posts in different pet stores and didn't find one that has a tall single pole scratch post. More often than not, they usually have an additional platform at 50cm tall and then another post extending out from that platform. Those are not the one I wanted because Mimi have outgrown his existing 50cm tall scratch post. It was difficult for him to scratch well if the post has this darn platform blocking his head. Moreover, a 50cm tall post usually cost me about SGD$50~70 depending on the design. For a 100cm tall scratch post (with a redundant platform in the middle) usually costs SGD$100~$120. I find that was not really worth my money if it doesn't help Mimi to scratch well.
One day, I was browsing cats pictures in my Facebook and I came across the LazyCatLady page. I saw that she provides custom made cat towers, made by her 80 years old super grandpa. (Omy 80 yrs old! *claps*)
And so I contacted her via FB asking for a quote for 90cm tall single post with base platform of 40cm x 40cm & sisal rope wrap. She quoted me at an AMAZING price of SGD$50 with self pick up! Woots! I threw confetti all over the place. *~*~\(^∇^)/~*~*~ Lolx~
She was also very kind to inform me that base on her experience, it is hard to transport a tall scratch post all the way from town to home, so she offered to deliver to my home with an additional $10 charge. I thought, why not! It's still cheaper than a 100cm cat tower selling outside yah? ^_^
 And so, here's the new TALLLLLLLLL scratch post which I received from LazyCatLady at my doorstep.

When I took out Mimi's old and super ruined scratch post to the middle of the living room, he followed it and sat beside it. Guess he got a sentimental attachment to his old post. lolx~

I took his play toy to lure him to his new scratch post. And rubbed cat nip on the ropes.

Now, look at him! He can extend his back to the fullest! And even climbed up to the top~ That's how long and big he is.. He can easily touch anybody's waist if he stands up. ^_^

It's been 3 months since he started using the scratch post and now, it is still in good condition! I got a message from LazyCatLady asking whether the scratch post is still fine now cos she can fix it up for me if there's anything spoilt. She really provides good service, I love it. ^_^
The next thing that I may order from LazyCatLady probably would be a feeding station for both my dog (Baby) and cat (Mimi). ^∇^~ Happy pets, Happy owner!

Something extra... 
Mimi and his cardboard crocodile partner.... which was already shredded into pieces and dumped. Lolx~ Poor croc.

Where to buy?
Custom made scratch posts and pet furniture from LazyCatLady Facebook


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products mentioned in this blog post is bought by me. All photos are taken by me unless stated.


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