Launch & Review: TheFaceShop Natural Sun AQ Smart Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

In view of the sunny weather in Spring and Summer, TheFaceShop launched the NEW Natural Sun AQ Smart sunblock line to fight those bad UV rays from harming our skin.

About TheFaceShop Natural Sun AQ
 Natural Sun AQ is back! “Sunny days are approaching! Troops, let’s all be prepared with a complete set of perfect sun blocks.”
Electronic devices are not the only things that are getting smart these days, our newly arrived sun products, NATURAL SUN AQ SMART line is too. It is world-widely known that our nature-based Natural Sun AQ line includes “Power Long Lasting Sun Cream” which is constantly looked for by thousands of skin carers. In addition to the line, year 2013 has brought to you two newly added smart sun products: SMART HANDINESS & SMART CUSHION.

THEFACESHOP Natural Sun AQ Smart Handiness comes with a slanted sponge at the tip of the product. We no longer have to go through a war of putting a sun block with two hands being sticky. Extracts from sunflowers sprout, rich in vitamins and minerals with owerful anti-oxidant effects, have created another fantastic sun product with easy application. Moreover, the product's strong immune functions strengthen skin protection against harmful substances including the evil UV rays.

Wait. We are not done yet. Natural Sun AQ Smart Cushion is another irresistible weapon when fighting against sun. Apply it smartly with a cushion sponge without clumping. It gives a translucent finish, providing natural skin tone without any shine. An innovative portable sun screen item is going to steal hearts of many. The most attractive charm about this product is definitely the “3 in 1” function.

It has UV protection, cooling effect and makeup effect all in one!

These two new smart additions now complete the whole set of the “must-have” sunscreen for the coming summer. Be a smart soldier before marching out, the enemy may be stronger than you think. Wear the smart and face the sun!

ECO-CERT Organic Certification – Containing Sunflower Sprout Extract

Natural Sun AQ Product Line-up

TheFaceShop Natural Sun AQ Smart Cushion
I received a TFS Natural Sun AQ Smart Cushion press kit through the courtesy of TheFaceShop.

An innovative portable sun screen item is going to steal hearts of many. 3 in 1 function includes UV protection, cooling effect and makeup effect all in one!

A mini booklet about the NEW Smart Handiness & Smart Cushion products.

Smart Cushion in the form of a compact. A pretty thick compact I must say. 
The product shelf-life is about 3 years, and 12 months if opened. I suppose the icons printed on the label meant to say that it can be used for all weathers - Sunny, Raining, Snowing and gives a flawless complexion.

It has a mirror (sealed with a plastic which I haven't remove it till now. Lolx~ ), a sponge and an extra flippable lid to hold the sponge as well as double secure the content (the cushion) under it.

Under the flip is the cushion. The label illustrates that users must press the lid hard till you hear a click sound to secure it when it's not in use.

Notice at the side of the lid has this extra tab below it? It is to prevent the the cushion from contamination and the content from spilling out.
The sponge is flat and feels waxy. It is not the ordinary sponge we often use in powder foundation.
 ▲ The product ooze out of the cushion when I press the sponge on it. The cushion is fully packed with the tinted sunblock.

Swatches applied on my wrist.

Another hand swatch under white lighting. It has a rather glossy, dewy finish

Face Swatch
For the face swatch, taken under white lighting.
There's slight discoloration on my face, scars and a few inflammation here & there. With the Natural Sun AQ Smart Cushion, my skin looks even and flaws concealed.

- has a nice powdery floral scent
- the sponge picks up the protect from the cushion easily
- the sponge feels waxy on skin
- I don't feel any cooling effect on my skin, it feels like normal when applied
- the method to apply must be by dabbing as the sponge doesn't slide along the skin surface well, it tugs the skin
- has yellow undertone light beige tint
- although the coverage is light but it is noticeable on my face
- the tinted sunblock is able to hide alittle bit of my flaws and scars, at the same time correct discoloration
- my pores appear less visible after application
- the beige appears to be slightly lighter than my skin tone
- feels moisturising on my skin
- it works as a sunblock, a makeup base as well as a light coverage foundation
- appear very glossy on my skin after application
- although the face looks very glossy and dewy, it doesn't feel greasy
- the gloss can be covered up just by applying loose powder over it
- will not leave a streak
- face overall look slightly fairer & brighter
- feels thick and will turn greasy if applied too much, therefore can only apply a thin layer of it
- doesn't shifts my makeup after wearing for the whole day
- the SPF 50+ PA+++ is ok for me as I don't stand under the sun for long hours now
- the product may get slightly messy as it ooze out from the cushion when pressed, I will clean the compact every time after I use it
- after about 20 uses, the product can no longer be picked up by the sponge even if I press it real hard
- one downside is that the product is very little, it's only 10grams
- doesn't irritate my skin

Here shows empty in the middle and all the leftovers are at the circumference of the cushion. The sponge also got pretty messed up. (hahax~^-^") I will usually wrap tissue over the sponge to squeeze out the excess sunblock so the sponge will remain dry after using.
My idea now is to use tweezers to dig the cushion out and flip it over because there are still some product on the bottom. If I can do that, I think it can still serve me for another 10 uses? ^_^

Overall, I like using the Natural Sun AQ Smart Cushion as I can use it to slightly cover up my flaws and at the same time provide good sun protection (kinda like a BB cream yah?). The sponge is useful because it will not make my hands messy, although it did messed up the sponge and the compact, so all I need is to spend a little time cleaning them.
With this sunblock, I can just apply a layer of it and loose powder over it then head out to nearby malls. ^_^
There is also a refill for this sunblock which I saw it on Korea's TFS website, however I'm unsure if it is available here in Singapore.If you are keen to get the refills, visit TheFaceShop outlets to enquire.

THEFACESHOP Natural Sun AQ Smart Handiness SPF50+ PA+++ (30ml) SGD$39.90
TheFaceShop Natural Sun AQ Smart Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (10g) SGD$41.90

Where to buy?
TheFaceShop Outlets Listing:
Bugis Junction #02-23/24 Tel: 6334 0797
Plaza Singapura (New Wing) Tel: 6884 5508
Wisma Atria #B1-K5/K6 Tel: 6884 9501
Vivo City #02-99/100 Tel: 6376 9383
Vivo City #02-178 Tel: 6276 5517
Suntec City Mall #02-092/094 Tel: 6837 2826
Tampines Mall #01-02 Tel: 6785 8300
Jurong Point #01-48/87/88 Tel: 6861 0201
Toa Payoh Hub #01-16 Tel: 6356 9359
North Point #01-59 Tel: 6851 6115
Raffles City #B1-39 Tel: 6337 7122
The Clementi Mall #03-39 Tel: 6659 1925
Tiong Bahru Plaza #01-30 Tel: 6276 6642
Causeway Point #01-32 Tel: 6891 4063
West Mall #02-18 Tel: 6862 1550
Parkway Parade #B1-68/69 Tel: 6346 0211
Junction 8 #01-29B/C Tel: 6258 7791
Compass Point #01-48 Tel: 6881 0711
AMK Hub #B1-19 Tel: 6752 4070
Hougang Mall #01-21 Tel: 6283 8857 


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in cyan are sponsored by THEFACESHOP (Singapore) to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos & swatches are true.


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