Launch: DHC Rebranding Campaign ~ New Skincare & Supplement

During March, I attended the DHC rebranding campaign, as well as the launch of DHC new skincare products & health supplements.

The event was held at Cookyn Inc, situated at 221 Rangoon Rd.

About DHC
DHC is the No.1 direct mail skincare company in Japan. With a legacy of 33 years in Japan, the brand develops high-quality products based on the natural benefits of olive oil for healthier, beautiful and radiant skin. DHC uses ingredients that are tested without adding colouring agents or fragrances. Their product line achieves an ideal balance to help bring harmony to any skin type.

DHC is a leading direct-to-consumer provider of beauty products, including skincare, body care and make up items, as well as nutritious supplements. Products are available through the website at and over 40,000 stores including over 100 DHC direct management stores. In Singapore, the brand is exclusively available at selected Watsons stores.

NEW DHC Kakonjuka skincare series and Collagen Beauty 7000+
DHC Kakonjuka Range (New)
The Kakonjuka Range, DHC’s new Japanese-Korean botanical series, is a functional skincare series which fights signs of ageing. Formulated with six carefully selected Japanese and Korean botanicals (extracted from the plants’ nuts, leaves, stems, flowers and fruits), ingredients such as Olive Leaf Extract and Trehalose derivatives provide a multi-faceted moisturising effect in the skin’s stratum corneum, improving skin firmness and elasticity.
Active ingredients in the range (from traditional plants from Japan and Korea) include:
☞ Platycarya – Prevents collagen destruction caused by various internal and external factors like dehydration, ageing, stress, lack of sleep and UV rays
☞ Grifola frondosa (Maitake Mushroom) – Promotes the production of collagen to give skin its firmness and elasticity
☞ Glycyrrhiza – Supports the production of Ceramide, Hyaluronic acid and Collagen which increases the moisturising effect while improving skin suppleness
☞ Portulaca Oleracea – Prevents skin damage
☞ Sanguisorba Officinalis – Promotes skin health
☞ Lingzhi – Nourishes the skin’s outerlayer
The new range comprises three specially formulated products which work synergistically to soothe, moisturize and promote collagen and elasticity:
1) DHC Kakonjuka Lotion
☞ Hydrating toner fights fine lines and wrinkles
☞ Has a dense consistency similar to the essence
☞ Penetrates deep into the skin’s epidermis, resulting in a more hydrated appearance
☞ Contains the six Japanese and Korean botanicals
☞ Usage: Apply an appropriate amount (approximately a 50 cent coin size) onto a cotton pad or your palm and pat over the entire face
☞ Price: $39.90, 100ml

2) DHC Kakonjuka Essence
☞ Moisturising serum has anti-ageing qualities that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles
☞ A milky rich texture that absorbs into the skin effortlessly
☞ Promotes soft skin that is translucent and elastic.
☞ Usage: After applying the lotion, take an appropriate amount and apply onto the entire face or areas of concern
☞ Price: $48, 30ml

3) DHC Kakonjuka Cream
☞ Nourishing cream fights signs of ageing
☞ Packed with moisture to improve skin elasticity and density
☞ Smooth texture of the cream leaves a fresh feeling to the skin
☞ Contains the six Japanese and Korean botanicals
☞ Usage: Use an appropriate amount (pea size) and apply onto the entire face
☞ Price: $44.90, 40g

DHC Collagen Beauty 7000+
Containing almost 50 per cent more collagen than other similar health drinks, DHC Collagen Beauty 7000+ is formulated with Fish Collagen Tripeptide for younger-looking skin. Compared to regular collagen which has large molecule sizes and long chain structures of numerous amino acids, Collagen Beauty 7000’s Tripeptide is easily and effectively absorbed by the body, producing and increasing the content of collagen in the skin, bones, ligaments cartilages and blood vessels.
☞ Packaged in 7000mg bottles, more than the average collagen drinks in the Japanese market (5000mg)
☞ Contains Citrulline (L-Citrulline) to boost blood circulation
☞ Complemented with Hyaluronic acid precursor (N-Acetylglucosamine), which eventually forms Hyaluronic acid with high water retention ability
☞ Enriched with Vitamin C to increase collagen synthesis
☞ White-grape flavour
☞ Low-fat
☞ Caffeine-free
☞ Recommended daily dosage: 1 bottle every night
☞ Price: $49.90, (10 x 7000mg bottles)

New DHC Collagen Powder and exisiting DHC Signature Olive Essentials Set
DHC Collagen Powder (New)
Collagen plays an essential role in maintaining firm and supple skin by supporting moisture and elasticity of the skin. One of the most effective and direct methods to replenishing and maintaining a healthy collagen level is to actively consume collagen on a daily basis. Collagen usually has a large molecular mass that makes it rather difficult for the body to absorb. With the all-new DHC Collagen Powder, collagen peptides have been formulated to allow for stronger absorption. This is achieved by cutting the long polypeptide chains of regular collagen into smaller structures with lower molecular weight, making it easier for the body to absorb.
A high quality health food by DHC, DHC Collagen Powder uses carefully selected natural high-quality collagen specially extracted from fish scales which aims to achieve younger, smoother and tighter-looking skin, through regular consumption.
☞ Can be added to food or drinks for easy consumption
☞ Distinct smell of collagen suppressed to retain original flavour of food and drinks
☞ Packaged in a slide zipper bag with measuring spoon for convenient use
☞ Uses highly purified and excellent quality small molecule fish collagen peptides for more efficient absorption
☞ Contains 50mg of Vitamin C which increases collagen synthesis to make skin become more beautiful
☞ Free from sugar, preservatives, colouring and flavouring
☞ Non-caffeinated
☞ Recommended daily dosage: 6g (5000mg)
☞ Price: $58.50

New DHC Cleacnea supplement and existing DHC Salicylic skincare range
DHC, Japan’s number one direct mail skincare brand and leading provider of high-quality skincare products, presents a new Acne Series that pairs DHC acne skincare line DHC Salicylic Range with its new oral beauty acne supplement DHC Cleacnea. In line with the brand’s new philosophy that beauty is more than just skin-deep, these products perfectly complement each other to offer consumers a solution to acne outbreaks while promoting radiant and healthy skin from within.

DHC Cleacnea (New)
During puberty or adulthood, pimples may form repeatedly at the same place. This is often caused by factors like chronic stress and poor cleansing regimes. DHC’s new Cleacnea anti-acne oral supplement reaches from within to alleviate these symptoms. The enhanced formulation keeps pimples away by creating a healthy skin environment through a three-pronged approach: Control, Cycle and Moisturise.
1) Control: Contains Kiwi Seed Extract Powder that helps to control sebum secretion and prevent the worsening of acne due to inflammation
2) Cycle: Enriched with Vitamin B derivatives and Vitamin C which helps prepare for a healthy skin turnover cycle:
☞ Vitamin B1: Produces energy from carbohydrates and acts as a nutrient for healthy skin and mucous membranes
☞ Vitamin B2, Niacin and Biotin: Nutrients for the maintenance of healthy skin and mucous membranes
☞ Vitamin B6: Produces energy from proteins; also a nutrient that helps to maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes
☞ Vitamin C: Antioxidant properties
☞ Pantothenic Acid: Energy production and coping of stress
3) Moisturise: Moisturising ingredients include Hyaluronic acid, which locks moisture in the skin while promoting skin elasticity and firmness.It is further enriched with Ceramide-containing Rice Extract Powder that strengthens the moisturizing effect
Product Details:
☞ Recommended daily dosage: 2 tablets per day
☞ Price: $29.90, 26.6g (60 tablets x 443mg)

New DHC Make-Off Sheet and existing DHC cleansers
DHC Make-Off Sheet (New)
☞ Handy cleansing sheet which cleanses dirt and sebum from pores, whilst removing makeup such as mascara and lipstick with just a gentle wipe
☞ Contains mild cleansing ingredients that effectively removes dirt from pores, yet gentle to the skin while maintaining skin’s moisture level
☞ Formulated with plant-based skincare ingredients including Chamomile Extract and Ginseng Extract to protect skin from dryness
☞ Uses 100% cotton which fluffy and soft to the touch
☞ No mineral oils
☞ Unscented, uncolored and Paraben free
☞ Packaged in an easy-to-use portable size which can be placed on the dresser or the wash basin
☞ Usage: Wipe make-off sheet gently against the skin. To remove makeup, press the sheet lightly against the lashes for a slightly longer duration of 5 – 10 seconds
☞ Price: $17.50, 50 sheets (Refill)

DHC Medicated Q range

DHC Moisture Fruit range

DHC Eye Bright range

DHC Presentation
Half of the Cookyn's room converted into a presentation room, in tatami style~ ^_^

Later part of the presentation will be demonstrating skincare routine using DHC Kakonjuka.

Close-up pics & swatches of DHC Kakonjuka skincare products. I will be providing a clearer swatch and review on the products once I'd used it.

Presentation by Micheas Chan, Marketing & Merchandizing Director of Watsons Singapore.

All-New DHC Tackles Issues From Acne to Anti-Ageing
- New "beauty inside out" philosophy offers customers a look good, feel great experience
Singapore, March 14, 2013 – A brand new DHC is set to hit Watsons stores here soon, as the number one direct mail skincare brand in Japan re-aligns its brand philosophy to focus on “Beauty Inside Out”. With the belief that beauty is more than just skin-deep, DHC is presenting a total beauty regime that caters to inner and outer beauty.The revamped DHC will offer a holistic approach to beauty, health and wellness through a series of new product launches.

Mr Micheas Chan, Marketing and Merchandising Director of Watsons Singapore, said, “As the market evolves, customers seek quicker and more effective solutions to their skincare needs. With over 33 years of research, DHC has built upon their foundation to come up with a comprehensive beauty experience – by pairing their skincare lines with oral supplements. With the refresh of the DHC brand, Watsons hopes to continue to instill the notion that to look good on the outside, you must first feel good on the inside.”

Targeting different skin issues ranging from acne to anti-ageing, DHC’s intensive research and development laboratories have resulted in breakthrough formulations to reinforce the benefits of its skincare ranges and oral beauty supplements. The two key product lines work in synergy to produce effective solutions to any beauty concern, supporting the brand’s move towards an all-encompassing health and beauty experience.

DHC’s latest skincare series, the Kakonjuka Range, combines six specially selected Asian botanicals for a youthful complexion. The anti-ageing skincare series comprising a lotion, essence and cream is packed with moisture to soothe, hydrate and fight signs of ageing. Complementing the Kakon Juka Range is the DHC Collagen Beauty 7000+, a collagen drink that promotes efficient absorption of collagen in the body. Together, the products help to build healthy skin from within and strengthen the skin’s moisturizing effect, aiding in skin rejuvenation for smoother, tighter skin. 

Also working hand-in-hand are the newly formulated DHC Collagen Powder and the brand’s signature Olive Essentials Set, which help to promote healthy and radiant skin. To combat acne, DHC has introduced new supplement DHC Cleacnea, to be used together with the existing DHC Salicylic Range. The DHC Salicylic Range promotes skincare from the outside by treating troubled skin, while DHC Cleacnea works from within to alleviate the internal factors causing pimple outbreaks.

As a leading provider of high quality skincare products since 1980, DHC products undergo rigorous tests to ensure safety and quality. Supplements under the top-selling health supplement brand in Japan are regulated under Japan’s Food Sanitation Law, and quality control is maintained by restricting manufacturing within Japan under strict surveillance. Top quality ingredients are carefully selected and evaluated. After formulation, individual capsules have to pass through further tests before being distributed into the market.

In addition, DHC’s expert team of doctors, pharmacists, dietitians and beauty care specialists are committed to delivering products of the highest quality. Stringent tests are carried out at various stages of the development and manufacturing process to ensure that the supplements are safe for consumption. Customers can rest assured that DHC’s products are formulated with safe and effective concentrations of key ingredients for daily, continuous usage.

Home and Self-Facial Massage Demonstration by Ms Kimiko Ikeda
Using DHC Star product - DHC Olive Virgin Oil.

Live demonstration of the self-facial massage.

Improves absorption of beauty essences packed in DHC Medicated Q Pack Sheet using warm towel.
This slide explains the benefits of using hot (warm) towel. Looking at the illustration, all of us laughed and so did the model and the DHC trainer. hahax~

On the right, the mask shown is the DHC Medicated Q Pack Sheet.

During the presentation, we were shown a picture of the Japanese Team 美魔女 (Bimajyo) also known as the Beautiful/ Beauty Witch. All of these ladies are aged 35 and above (generally 40 and above) and they look like 20plus! 美魔女 started trending since year 2009 in Japan and the trend spreads out to other parts of Asia such as Taiwan, China etc. I first heard about it was from Kevin 老师 on the Taiwan popular 女人我最大 (Queen) TV show. 
From these bimajyo we learnt that skincare is important as well as what we consume too, because beauty also comes from within. If we take care of our skin and our body well, we will look young when we hit 40, just like them. ^_^

DHC Age-Defying Beauty Cooking Session
A cooking session?? Well, sort of.. more like just mixing the stuffs together since the Cookyn staff already prepared them for us. hehhee~
I like the idea of the live video on the big screen!

+everbluec chantana not ready to 'cook' yet cos she hasn't put on her apron. keke~

During the cooking session, we were taught how to implement collagen into our meals. For Sushi, we sprinkled (more like pour) in DHC collagen powder and then rolled the sushi. The white powder you see landed on the wooden mat is actually the collagen powder.

This is my first time making a sushi and I'm glad it looks quite decent. ^_^ The collagen powder doesn't have weird taste or feels powdery on my tongue. It kind of melts & blend in with the rest of the food once it enters my mouth.

We also learnt Baked buttery mentaiko ramen, again implementing the collagen powder into it.

Ending the cooking session with a dessert, Yogurt anmitsu with fresh fruit.
Mine is more like just mochi balls + jelly cubes and DHC Collagen beauty 7000+. Lolx~
But it was REALLY NICE. I like how the DHC Collagen beauty taste! It's very sour with abit of sweetness, so I won't grow sick of the taste. The mochi + jelly are very chewy! (I love to chew chew chew)

Complimentary gift from DHC
At the end of the event, everyone gotta choose & bring home a 'mysterious' Furoshiki (風呂敷) bag and here I end up with a set of DHC Kakonjuka skincare and DHC Beauty Collagen 7000+! ^_^

I shall end this post with photos of me and friends!~
Left: Na, Rachie, Me & Shirleen. Right: Smith & Me (putting up silly 'criminal' faces. hahaha!)

Na & Me! I do not know whether to wear the hat this way or that way... Adjusting it every few minutes. kekex~

Ok that's enough. =p

DHC Kakonjuka Lotion (100ml) SGD$39.90
DHC Kakonjuka Essence (30ml) SGD$48
DHC Kakonjuka Cream (40g) SGD$44.90
DHC Collagen Beauty 7000+ ((10 x 7000mg bottles) SGD$49.90
DHC Collagen Powder (5000mg) SGD$58.50
DHC Cleacnea (60 tablets x 443mg) SGD$29.90
DHC Make-Off Sheet (Refill, 50 sheets) SGD$17.50 /pack

Where to buy?
DHC flagship stores retailing the full range of DHC products including the latest ranges can be found at the following Watsons stores:
Bugis Junction, Compass Point, ION Orchard, Takashimaya S.C, Raffles City

DHC products can also be found at the key island stores at:
Watsons Choa Chu Kang Lot 1, NTUC Hougang Mall, IMM, Jurong Point, Parkway Parade, Tampines 1, Tampines Mall, Vivocity and East Point 

DHC WebsiteFB (Japan)
Watsons Singapore FBTwitterInstagramWebsite

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Products name written and coloured in turquoise are sponsored by DHC & Watsons Singapore to me for trial & review. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos are true.


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