White Definition Instant Brightening Make Up Lesson by Make Up For Ever

With the launch of the White Definition Instant Brightening Powder Foundation, I was invited to enjoy a 30 mins complimentary 1-to-1 make up lesson on Instant Brightening with MAKE UP FOR EVER.
It was my first time learning make up at their Make Up School. The lesson was held at Sephora Ngee Ann City.

This is me (right) and +everbluec chantana (left)! We went together with Kas (no where to be seen in my pic. Lolx~) to Ngee Ann City Sephora to learn how to achieve a fairer, translucent and radiant complexion! Oh well, it had turned out to be 1-to-3 instead of 1-to-1 cos the more the merrier! Lolx~

The things on my make up desk.

Before & After
I hope I didn't scare all of you! Lolx~ I usually feel pretty insecure (actually..very ^_^") without makeup so I will wear my thick frame specs to camouflage part of my face and the imperfections.
The pictures sequence goes from top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right.
1st pic - Bare face with non-tinted sunscreen.
2nd pic - Sorry for my reddish budging eyes.. I just want to show the concealing part done under my eyes. I had applied the 2 primes, and then the concealer on parts of my faces such as under eyes, laugh lines and a lot of scar spots (like the one you see on my forehead). A little of the concealer is seen being trapped in between the lines under my eyes because it is pretty liquid-y. Apply a little bit of powder on it will do the trick
3rd pic - After applying White Definition Instant Brightening Powder Foundation, eyeliner & mascara.
4th pic - I look like alien without eyebrows! So our make up coach, Didi helped me drew my eyebrows & applied lip shine on my lips. Ok I look human again! ^_^
More on the products used on my face explained below. *scroll scroll*

Here's Didi applying foundation on me. I look like ghost face with that overexposed lighting lolx~

Products used on my face
Here are all the make up and the tools used on my face.

I'll list down the items one by one and the tools to apply them. Please take reference from the profile which I pasted below.
1. UV Prime SPF 50/ PA +++ - Act as Sunscreen and to prep the skin for next step
└▷ Tool: Brush #30N - Foundation Brush
2. HD Primer #5 (Purple) - A make up primer for anti-dullness
└▷ Tool: Brush #30N - Foundation Brush
3. HD Concealer #330 - To conceal dark circles, laugh lines and imperfections.
└▷ Tool: Brush #7N - Eyeshadow/ Concealer Brush
4. White Definition Instant Brightening Powder Foundation SPF 30 / PA++ in #12 (Vanilla) - To provide a flawless, translucent skin with instant brightening effect.
└▷ Applicator: NBR Double-Sided Sponge - Flocked side to achieve smooth, velvety finish
5. Sculpting Kit Face Contour Kit #2 (Neutral Light) - Sculpt, contour and correct face structure.
└▷ Tool: Double Ended Sculpting Brush 12S
6. Sculpting Blush #6 - Sweet barbie shade blusher for my cheeks~
└▷ Tool: Double Ended Sculpting Brush 12S
7. Aqua Eyes 2L (Pearly Brown) - Drawn along on my upper lashes
8. Aqua Smoky Lash Mascara - Applied on my upper lashes only (pardon me, I got almost no lower lash! T_T")
9. Eyebrow Pencil No1 (Blond) - Lightest shade, it is a little bit darker than my hair colour
10. LAB Shine D14 Lipgloss - Sheer neutral pink with champagne shimmer

Make up Tips
During the lesson, I'd learnt some make up tips from Didi. Among all I feel that the most important one is, always remember to start from the center. Use this technique when applying primers, concealers and foundations.
Apply them starting from the center of the face, that is the nose, moving outwards to the eyes, cheeks and so on...
Well if you want to learn MORE, do book an appointment with MAKE UP FOR EVER! ^_^
Details & contacts are at the end of this post.

White Definition Display
View my other blog post for close-up pictures of the foundation shades and more about White Definition.
Me, Kas, Na  and our make up coach, Didi.

Overall experience was a great one. Learnt new techniques of applying make up and was pretty impressed with the powder foundation instant brightening factor. My face appear fair and radiant for whole day even after I went shopping with the ladies. It didn't oxidize at all even though I feel kind of tired and lack of sleep. The powder on my face apparently look pretty white but somehow still look okay, and doesn't look dull or greyish yellow like what I usually get after foundation oxidizes.
The foundation Didi picked for me is about 1-2 shades fairer than my skin tone, it need to be applied thinly hence some of my dark spots & scars still look a little obvious.
The HD concealer is a tad light for my skin tone, but it is actually in par with the foundation shade. At home I usually use yellow undertone medium fair shade concealer to fully conceal my spots before applying a lighter shade of foundation. Perhaps I could try the medium shade concealer under the White Definition to see if the spots can be fully concealed.

Complimentary from MUFE
Thanks to lovely MUFE staff, I got to try out the these babies on my own at home~ Lovey Dovey! *dances*
1. MAKE UP FOR EVER High Definition Elixir
2. MAKE UP FOR EVER UV Prime SPF 50/ PA +++
3. MAKE UP FOR EVER Sculpting Kit #2
4. MAKE UP FOR EVER White Definition SPF 30/ PA ++ (#12 Vanilla)
And sweet stuffs to make us happy~ ^_^ 

A close-up pics of the products I'd received from them.

After using the White Definition for only twice, I like it very much even if it is  a bit too fair for my skin tone. I will be reviewing it soon after trying it out a few more rounds. This White Definition may be a good investment for cosplayers who yearn for fair or white flawless look and one that does not oxidizes at all!
Do keep a look out for my review! ^_~

Make Up School Lesson Menu

30 Minutes Personalized Lession at Make Up School
Get more hands-on by signing up for the 30 minutes n Make Simple Perfect ComplexioUp Lesson at our Make Up Schools in Sephora (ION Orchard & Ngee Ann City). 
Priced attractively at SGD$30, our coaches will conduct one-on-one sharing session on the appropriate textures and techniques for your needs. Also includes lessons on blush application and highlighting. 
Call 8381 0760 to book your personalized lesson.
Alternatively, you can:
Call/Walk-in Sephora ION Orchard (65098255) or Ngee Ann City (68365622)
Call MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy & Pro Loft (6333 0678)

MUFE Make Up Schools
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Where to buy?
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Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were sponsored by MAKE UP FOR EVER Singapore to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All review photos are true.


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