DIY: Reusing empty boxes

Ever thought of how to reuse an empty parcel or product boxes you received when you purchased something?
Well, in this post I'm going to show how to reuse them!

I had ever bought plastic and cardboard boxes to store my jewellery and accessories but I find it's pretty troublesome to have a separated lid/cover for every box I own.
I also bought jewellery case but also find them not big enough and are usually pretty bulky /heavy.
For the only one jewellery case I had, I used it to store the delicate rings and necklaces.

And so I start to collect product and parcel (mailing) boxes which have lids that have one side connected to the body. A pictorial below shows how I make the box a little more usable for me.

How to reuse an empty box
Some product or parcel boxes came with an extra fold or flap to secure the contents inside it during mailing and I find this extra flap is quite inconvenient so I removed it by cutting it off.
On the exterior it may not look great but more can be done to enhance its aesthetics like wrapping it with wrapping paper or put ribbons on top to decorate it.

Samples of my other boxes
Zalora parcel (mailing) box for my chunky bracelets and necklaces.

Crabtree & Evelyn Lily soap bar product box for my rings.
I did not alter the box in anyway, I kept it because the graphics are nice and the size is just nice for the amount of rings that I own.

B.liv product box for my necklaces. I also cut off the extra flap that the box originally has.

Feodora Chocolate tin box is another box that I kept because the tin box is cute! It is now a storage box for my less chunky bunch of bracelets.

Save the planet, reuse the boxes!
Have you got ideas on reusing or upcycling empty boxes? Do comment! ^_~

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

All photos are taken by me in this post.


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