Comic Fiesta 2012 @ KLCC: Cosplays, Fashion & Beauty Haul

Been procrastinating so much lately.... and finally this is up!! OMG to the 12873129846 photos I edited.. hahaha~ Nevertheless, here's what I did at Comic Fiesta 2012 @ KL!

Here we go!~ v{Δ__Δ} *GUNDAM TWEES*

This time instead of taking the plane, I took the coach to KL along with a group of my friends~
We had planned to reach KL on 20th Dec, Thursday so we can have some spare time to shop and also to finish up our costume, wigs or props in our hotel. We set off REALLY early morning and manage to reach KL about noon.
Like the last few times, I stayed at Impiana Hotel again! ^_^ The Christmas tree is the same tree as the one in 2011. Lolx~

A little shopping
On Thursday and Friday we went shopping!~ The cute animal & Kpop boyband masks are found at Sungei Wang. I wanted to get some but after converting its pretty ex actually. Perhaps buying from Qoo10 or GMarket would be better?
The X'mas deco is actually in Pavilion. Their X'mas deco are always so so so so so nice!!~
I'd bought some stuffs and will reveal at the end of this post!

My favourite Mango Dessert Xu Liu Shan 许留山!!! Found at Pavilion! ^__^ (Forgotten which level..only remembered its pretty high floor)

Comic Fiesta Day 1 (22nd Dec)
Well this belt was taken at home actually. Hahax... just showing a part of how I 'cheat' when making my costume. No silver parts, hence my Skin Food holographic silver nail polish come into play! heheh~ =p

The week before I head to KL, I was busy rushing my costumes! When I finally done it, I instagrammed this pic.
▼ Bringing these 2 costumes over to KL~

Apart from my other cosmetics stuffs which I'd brought along, I also brought the unopened Dolly Wink Pencil Eyecolor. Thinking that it I could use this to line my bottom lash line for my cosplay but actually the shade is not white, its light yellowish gold! lolx~ Anyways, I still use it for my female character. I will swatch and put this up separately in another blog post. ^_~

I'm cosplaying as Sheila from Superior / Superior Cross. Costume follows Sheila's first dress from Superior manga.

Actually this pic is taken when I returned from the event, there are some missing parts from my costume and choker kind of broke off =_="

With Sakana & Xrystal who are cosplaying Castlevania Maria & Alucard respectively. Pic taken with iphone.. filter until overly exposed. hahaha~ ^_^"

The garden outside KLCC Comic Fiesta location. Its a big place where alot of cosplayers will take advantage of it to have some mini photoshoots!~

Inside the convention hall, at the sponsor/merchandise area! Super super crowded! This time I didn't take alot of photos in there cos most of things are quite similar as Comic Fiesta 2011.
↑ I duno why my pic supposed to be larger than this but got shrunk by blogspot! Maybe it's too long...

And now for some cosplay shots~

Marceline from Adventure time?? hmm...
Lolx @ Goku from Dragonball! And Nana my all time favorite~ (though I didn't finish the manga.. hahah~)

OMG they are SHO BLING that it reflects gold on the wall too!!~~~  ♥♥♥

FINN!!!!~ From Adventure Time! ♥♥♥

Just look at what I asked them to do... WaHahahahhaax~

Gintama!!!~ 里面的大叔 kekeke~ Done by none other than Jesuke!~

The garden I talked about just now, yap, its all used for such purpose like so.... My take on Sakana & Xrystal with my Canon G12!

After the event, we went back to hotel and my cute room mates Dan & Valerie already changed out of their costumes! Gahhh forgot to take pic with them earlier! Ok, i seriously duno what is that white thing on Dan's head!!Lolx~

In the evening, Valerie just concussed on her bed. Hhahahaa~

Comic Fiesta Day 2 (23rd Dec)
Cosplaying as Devil (魔王) , the guy version of Sheila who appeared only in Superior Cross manga. I'm like pretty lazy in my cosplays nowadays so I chose really simple characters so I can walk around freely! hahahaha~

Using the same wig, I changed the hair extension to fit the Devil's style.

I had fun drawing the tattoo on my face! Using Bonavoce Premium Liquid Eyeliner (Read my review) to do it! No smudges, no bleeding, waterproof, superblack, glossy, very steady solid lines! Best liner I'd used so far! ^_^

Acting Badass face~~~

A comparison of Sheila and Devil's LOTD... Because Devil is a guy so its all very nude with more browns on my eyes.

Finally got to take pic with my room mates at the event and in full costume! *YEAH* Actually we are all doing solos..~

Who wants this on their wall? lolx~ I wished for a guy one on my wall *drools* =X

This time we hit the Doujinshi booths!! Yeah time to spend money! $$~

Alot of dolfie stuffsssssss~~~~~

Hello there pretty~

Artists at work~


Spotted Sakana in her Kuroyukihime costume! Earlier of the day we trying to helped pin her dress up, never knew this costume gonna turn out to be so sexeh oh my~~~

And finally some takes on Yuanie's Sakuya cosplay. This is taken inside the convention hall, its actually very squeezy but managed to get a few decent pics out of that many I took. hahahx~
All taken & PSed by me.

Before going back hotel, I spotted something walking towards us... and its getting BIGGER!

Actually its just Clive! cosplaying as RX-0 Gundam Unicorn or rather, he's inside it. Lolx~
He gave me a HANDSOME POSE! √{∆_∆}
Clive So TALLLLL~~

Random shots at hotel lift... hahahha~

Our last dinner at KL!~ We ate at the same place as the previous year. This is a Taiwanese cuisine restaurant name Kiki located at Suria. Their food are not bad. ^_^ I like their milk tea~

Fashion Beauty Haul
1st pic (top → bottom, left → right)
High top denim canvas RM79.90: Bought at Sungei Wang
Brown suede ankle boots RM89.90: Sungei Wang
Denim star studs blouse RM59.90: Sungei Wang
Tattoo Stockings ~SGD$15 each: Sungei Wang
White crop tee with doll prints ~S$10: Sungei Wang
Grey crown cat crop tee RM39.90: Sungei Wang
2nd pic
Sub Zero 2 big tees for RM79, 2 slim tees for RM69: Sungei Wang outlet, they are actually on promo.
3rd pic (top → bottom, left → right) 
Cyber Colors Brush Cleanser RM32.90: Sasa
Biore Cleansing Oil RM19.80: Watsons
Bloop Nail Polish RM8.90 & Bloop Nail Polish IT RM18.90 each: Watsons
Elite models french kiss lipsticks RM23.12: Watsons

Closer pic of the things I bought~ Really thanks to Vic & Jesuke for telling me where to get the tattoo stockings! I had been frantically finding it everywhere I go!

Close up pics again~ The lipstick and nail polishes are bought for friends for X'mas pressies actually! ^_^
Oh and I got the handmade Rose Nail Ointment @ RM10 from Comic Fiesta one of the Doujinshi booth! Check out her store at She's from Malaysia.

Accessories Haul
Stuffs I bought at Comic Fiesta Doujinshi booths as gifts for friends~
Cute cakey and cupcakes and instagram~ The frog knit thingy is actually a dolfie's cap! Cute rite! ^_^ Got it specially for Ariya's doll!
Ok I can't remember all these prices since here's no receipts. =p~

Overall, I had fun!~ Especially more fun talking to Dan and Val in our room! Helping each other on our costumes and wigs, watching movie, and hmmm coughing here and there.. hahahaha~ we all kinda got sick after getting back home but its all worth while! ^,^♥ Most likely I'm gonna go again this year, if my friends going too! Actually I love the shopping part most, though I didn't buy much things but it was fun shopping & eating with a bunch of fun friends~

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in cyan are sponsored to me for trial. I am not affiliated to the companies. All photos are taken by me in this post.


  1. Where did I keep the ig charm!!! Need to go dig it out!!! <3<3

    1. Hahaha~ Mine dropped! Lucky i found it and I hooked it back~


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