Collective Fashion Haul: Vivi ~ Havaianas ~ JRunway & Mimi

For the 1st quarter of this year, I didn't purchase much stuffs therefore I can squeeze (almost) all the things I bought in 1 post! hahahax~

First up...
Vivi Magazine May 2013 issue!

The day I saw Vivi Facebook posted a pic of the Honey Mi Honey freebie, I immediately tagged my friend Sel and asked her help me get this May issue!!! Lolx~ Vivi don't usually have freebies, they only do it once a year... or so? May issue is also so far the thickest volume I ever own!

Honey Mi Honey Black-White stripes Tote Bag. Size of 42cm x 42cm! BIG!~

Vertical Black-White stripes is VERY IN this Summer! Everywhere in the Vivi magazines shows celebrities wearing black-white stripes coats, skirts, blouses, tees, pants, leggings, etc etc and not forgetting bags too! ▣▣▣

Havaianas flip-flops
I got a few pairs of Havaianas flip-flops because I got a couple of vouchers from the Havaianas 2013 collection launch which I attended the other time. ^_^

First pair is the 4nite collection, which is GLOW IN THE DARK flip flops! Yippe!!~ I love anything that glows in the dark~ hahhax~ (Even my iphone does too! =p)
It's unisex so the width is slightly wider than the women's flip flops. It's retailing at $49.90

This pair is from the Slim cool collection, retails at $49.90
It is the first pair that caught both +everbluec chantana and my eyes. How can I miss this.. its all so skully and turquoise~ Lolx~

I actually wanted to get pink or purple basic pair (TOP - MASC collection, retails at $32.90) but there wasn't my size so I got this bright yellow one! ^_^
All vouchers add up, I only had to pay $9.90 for all 3 pairs! Kudos to Havaianas Singapore~

NET Fashion
NET Fashion tee which I got at only $13~

I felt like a hentai lifting the 'skirt' up.... Hur Hur Hur~ *Drools~*

Loving the graphics~ Simple, cute and chic~ The lady drawing look like a korean manhwa character!

Tattoo Stockings
Once again, another legwear my friend Amber bought as a gift for me from overseas! ^_^

Calligraphy and butterfly print tattoo. Click HERE to see me wearing it in my Instagram account.

JRunway was having sales when I passed by the store so I went in and got this leopard print mini skirt at a discounted price!
After discount it's $24.50 only! Woots~

Mimi had to interfere when I'm taking pics of the skirt...

And here's a pic of me wearing it... somewhat hidden underneath.. lolx~

Presenting the Kpo Mimi~


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
All products mentioned in this post are bought using my own money except Products name written and coloured in turquoise are sponsored by Havaianas Singapore. I am not affiliated to any of the company or brands mentioned. All photos are taken by me unless stated.


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