Review: L'Oreal Paris Curl Impact Collagene Extreme Resist Curl-Fixing Volume Mascara

Still remember that I mentioned I will be reviewing this mascara? ^_^ Read L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse blogpost.

L'Oreal Paris Curl Impact Collagene 
Extreme Resist Curl-Fixing Volume Mascara

Magnify your lashes for 13X more volume* and all day lasting curl

This smudge-proof formula with Amplifying-Collagene and Curl Fixing Complex magnifies each lash with plumpy volume and all day lasting curl hold – which can be effortlessly removed with warm water at the end of the day.

All day curled up lashes with jet-set plumpy volume.
* Instrumental test on made-up lashes (European hair) vs. bare lashes.

On the packaging shows Ingredient list and manufacturing date. Once the mascara is opened, it must be disposed within 6 months.
This is a waterproof only mascara, it didn't state anywhere that it is smudge-proof.

L'Oreal Paris Curl Impact Collagene Mascara
Gold chrome with cobalt blue prints! Nice~~~

Ultra-Volume Collagene vs Curl Impact Collagene
Before I continue with the review, I would like to show you a pic of my used (& old) L'Oreal Paris Ultra-Volume Collagene vs the new Curl Impact Collagene.
I shall not talk about the usage and results of these 2 as I only happened to realise I own the Ultra Volume Collagene mascara (memory lost?!) after spring cleaning my vanity. Intended to threw it away but decided to do a comparison pic of both the applicators. ^_^
I'm not sure if it's because I kept it for too long that the Ultra Volume Collagene product looks alot more greyish (in real life) to me in compared to the Curl Impact. The Ultra Volume applicator bristles are longer, slimmer and straight with equal bristles length all round.

Curl Impact Collagene Mascara Close-up
The applicator is made like a wave or 'S' shape. It's bristles length are uneven when view from front view. Whereas the bristles are equally short on the side. Basically, the applicator is a flat wavy shaped brush.

How to use
So with this S shaped applicator, how do I use it to apply the mascara on my lashes?
To be frank, I do not really have a specific good method in using this applicator. But by theory, the arched side (the side with the longer bristles) should be placed right below the lashes so that both are curved at the same way.
For eg, the ⌒ side of the applicator follows the ⌒ shape of the eye, that is the upper lashes.
Rotate the arched downwards ‿ and you can brush it on your bottom lashes or for some people who have short bottom lashes, can use the short bristles side to brush on.
As for me, apparently I use all sides to brush my lashes and I use the longer bristles to separate them.

Below shows my curled lashes (almost invisible.. ⌐⌂⌐") before and after using Curl Impact Collagene mascara.
As can see, the lashes suddenly 'bloomed' and it looks really black, making it look very visible even in a distance away.

Close-up pics of my lashes.
I applied 2 coats/layers of Curl Impact Collagene mascara on my lashes. I applied 1 coat, waited for awhile and applied the 2nd coat.
I have very little & thin bottom lashes so I don't usually put mascara on them.

- the mascara is very black
- the short bristles are to my not-so-long lashes & protruding eyes' advantage (won't easily poke into my eyes)
- it lengthens my lashes quite a bit
- slightly voluminizing
- doesn't help to curl my lashes, I will still need to curl my lashes using a curler first (my natural lashes are very droopy kind!)
- gets a tiny bit clumpy on 2nd coat but barely noticeable
- lashes fans out nicely without putting too much effort in separating them
- lashes feel pretty soft to touch
- my lashes are beautifully curled and appear very black & visible
- curl lasts whole day without drooping
- tiny bit of smudging happening at my under eyes area when my face starts to get really oily
- it is now my everyday mascara: simple & quick to use without making a mess!

I like using Curl Impact Collagene for its strong curl staying power and it makes my eyes look like they wear a thin eyeliner. And I also like the fact it's waterproof. Though most mascaras now come waterproof but still, if a mascara doesn't state it is, I will refrain from buying it or using it that frequently as I will never know when I will cry or the rain pours down on me. I don't want to risk having my eyes look like panda eyes! I had experienced it before and it was a pretty hilarious view.... for my friends. Lolx~
I would recommend this mascara to people who wish to have one that combats droopy lashes and those who already have natural curled or permed lashes to add a little bit of volume to it and darken them so to make them look even more noticeable.

L'Oreal Paris Curl Impact Collagene  SGD$26.80
Where to buy?
Available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, selected Departmental Stores and Super/Hypermarkets.


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in cyan are sponsored by L'Oreal Paris Singapore to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos & swatches are true.


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