Review: Kao Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Essence SPF50+ PA+++

Remembering a post I did awhile ago which shows Magic Babe Ning levitating an object? Well, some of you might have already guessed that the object is infact a Biore sunscreen, but do you all know that it is actually a NEW Biore sunscreen? ^_^

To introduce this sunscreen, I and Na took the opportunity to take pictures of this new product during our recent Sentosa beach outing!~
How niceeeeeeee to have products being taken at outdoors once awhile~ Beach, Sun, Sunscreen... they all link! ^_^
My pictures are all taken with my Samsung Note 10.1 hence the quality isn't much there. (I'm lazy to bring my camera hahahx~)

Actually this sunscreen comes along with a bowl and a lemon.. and a secret message. Lolx~ (It's a press kit)

Well..... not much of a secret message.. hehehx~ Thanks Biore for the very sweet note!

Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Essence Camwhore
Oh... did I mentioned that I took lots of pics with the product at the beach?? Well then, I'm sorry but all these pictures are soooooooooo nice that I really can't bare to keep it to only myself, hence I'm gonna put all of it here. Sorry for pic spamming! (^▽^")←don't appear sorry at all...

I got myself into the water and took this pic with my Samsung Note 10.1... The tablet is big and I gota hold with 1 hand like in an awkward position making sure I don't drop it (my tablet, nvm the product cos its sealed... wahaha~) into the water. <_<" Seriously... dangerous act. DO NOT COPY ME!

 Another pic...

Ok, this is not the beach as you can see.. hahahx~ Took this at home.
The back of the packaging are written in English. It includes the Usage info, Ingredient list, and expiry date.

After product unsealed~

Japanese words are printed on the back of the product.

About Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Essence
Is the No.1 Sunscreen in Japan since 2011
Won multiple awards in Asia and some of them are:
- Japan COSME in 2011
- Top Beauty Magazine in Japan VOCE’s Top Pick
- Biteki Skincare Award
Water-based and high SPF formula perfect for hot and humid climate in Singapore.

Contains unique Aqua Micro Capsules with UV block ingredient to provide superior SPF 50+/PA+++ protection while keeping skin cool and refreshed. It is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid & Citrus essence to hydrate and soften skin. Its water-based texture spreads easily and get adsorbed easily without a white cast. Suitable to be used on face and body.

About UVA, UVB, PA & SPF
I did mentioned this before in one of my sunscreen blogpost about how to differentiate UVA & UVB.
Anyway I'm taking this chance to say it again! ^_^
"A" & "B" means "Age" and "Burn". UVA ages your skin because it is so strong that it penetrates your skin and damage the skin cells from within therefore it can make you look older than you actually are. UVB burns your outer skin layer making your skin appear darker in shade and could make your skin peel after that if it is subjected to UVB for long hours.
So what protects you from UVA & UVB?
Look out for the PA value for UVA protection, and SPF value for the UVB protection.
Diagram below has a better visual of UVA, UVB and PA, SPF.

How SPF and PA value works

How much sunscreen/ sunblock should you wear?
Best is to apply 2 fingers of sunscreen for each zone. Clothings that we wear can also block out UVA & UVB therefore, I don't apply sunscreen on areas where its already covered by my clothings.
I usually only apply on face, neck, collar, both arms and feet (from ankle down if it is exposed) or legs (from big thigh down if it is exposed).
And not forgetting, our hair can also block out the UV rays from reaching in to our scalp and sometimes the back of our neck (for ladies who have long hair). But hair itself can also get damaged if exposed to UV rays for too long. I'm not sure if there are any hair sunscreen out there in the market... I have not heard of any yet so far. ^_^" But I guess, people are more concern with their skin than with their hair?

Below shows about 1 finger amount of Biore AQUA Rich Watery Essence on my palm. I will spread it out and apply on face and neck first, get it absorbed and then apply the 2nd layer.
I find the sunscreen absorbs into skin faster by using the layering method, than directly applying 2 fingers amount of sunscreen onto skin.

The watery essence might look kind of greasy in the pic when spread out, but it's actually not!
In the 3rd pic, skin look slightly glossy as the product is still in the process of being absorbed by the skin.

Face Swatch
This swatch image clearly shows that the watery essence does not give any white cast on my face.
It is totally transparent.

- product initially smells of alcohol
- after spreading the product out, the tiny white capsules releases citrus fragrance (so cool!)
- instantly feels cooling on skin
- watery texture
- very lightweight
- totally no greasy feel (and I really mean totally!)
- no glossiness after product absorbed into skin
- totally no sticky feeling (and again, I mean totally!)
- slightly matte finish
- the most lightweight, non-greasy sunscreen among all the Biore AQUA Rich sunscreen series
- absorbs very fast, almost immediately after spreading it out (but for 2 fingers amount usage, it will take awhile)
- transparent, no white cast
- skin feels hydrating
- skin feels soft and smooth and smells nice
- refreshing scent lingers on the skin
- doesn't cause break outs
- can be used on bare skin before toner (best to do so!) because it doesn't feel heavy and greasy at all, unlike other sunscreen I had used, therefore it will not make me feel that my skincare & makeup is 'floating' above the sunscreen
- I feel safe when using it as it will not shift my makeup even if I use it after my last step of skincare (moisturizer)
- I treat this as part of my skincare
- it isn't tinted hence there is no need to remove it with makeup remover, just facial wash will do
- helps to keep my skin away from harmful UV rays well enough
- recommended to reapply the sunscreen if skin exposed to sunlight for long hours
I had used this on different occasions such as normal shopping outing, and beach outing. I mainly only use it on my face and neck (more of face than neck).
My face didn't get any darker when it's exposed to direct sunlight for both occasions, but my collarbone and the back of my neck area got darker. Especially the back of my neck, it basically got burnt. And it turn about 3 shades darker than before.
Note that I didn't apply any sunscreen on my back and I applied only very little amount on my collarbone. That is why the reason applying sunscreen is very important (AND I totally forgotten about applying it on my back! Silly me! 囧")
Even though I applied little amount on my collarbone, the skin didn't really turn much darker than ½ shade. So I guess the SPF50 power is pretty good~ I was mostly under direct sunlight from like 10am - 1pm (3 hours non-stop) and it didn't do any harm to my face at all.
I think this sunscreen will be out in no time as I don't feel like I'm applying anything at all on my skin when I'm using this! So.... SPLAT ON!~ ^_^
For sunscreens, more is better than less.

Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Essence SPF50+ PA+++ (50ml) SGD$18.90

Where to buy?
Available at Selected Supermarkets, Hypermarkets and Pharmacies

Biore Singapore

NG Shots
With that many product pics taken with different settings, there bound to be a few that are Not Good.
Hence this NG SHOT was born......

While I was taking pic of the product indoor, i spotted my cat Mimi doing something to the lemon...

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in cyan are sponsored by Kao Biore Singapore to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos & swatches are true.


  1. Thank you for writing this!!~
    my sister knows that i'm going pulau perhentian soon and she quickly recommended this product to me, seems like quite many people like this sunblock :)
    i'll give it a try then, again, thank you for this post!! :)

    1. Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment here! :) And yes I really do recommend this product to anyone who wants to look for a good and cheap sunblock! I hope you will like it too! ;)


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