Product Review: BRTC Multi-Vital 10 System Line

Hey all, as promised I am (finally!) reviewing the BRTC Multi-Vital 10 System skincare products!
Read my previous BRTC Multi-Vital 10 System introduction post to know more about it and the post on how I first know about BRTC.

Warning: This post is image intensive! There are more than 40 images in total and some can be enlarged by clicking it.

The products to be reviewed in this post are (from left to right):
- Vitalizer White Soap (200ml) 
- Vitalizer Fluid (120ml) 
- Vitalizer C-10 Ampoule (30ml) 
- Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream (9g) 
- Vitalizer White Gel (60ml) 
- Vitalizer Cream (50ml)
- Vitalizer Mask 20ml (5pcs/box)

BRTC Multi-Vital 10 System is equivalent to many healthy fruits & vegetables in a large jar high in vitamins & nutrients, including Vitamins A, B3, B5 ,B6, B9, B12, C, E, F and H!!
▲ image from BRTC Korea website

Skin needs Vitamins
Choose Multi-Vital 10 System if:
- You have uneven skin tones with dark spots from constant sun exposure.
- No brightening skin care products help your dull, lifeless skin
- You want gentle, yet effective brightening results
- Your skin lacks vitality and nourishment
If most or all of the above points are YES, that means Multi-Vital 10 System is best for you! ^,^

Information Slip
Inside every product packaging, there is a information slip enclosed. It is in 3 languages - Korean, English & Chinese.

How to use?
So, with this many products, how do you use them? Which one comes first and which comes last?
Don't worry as all have been stated in the slip. ^_^

Vitalizer White Soap is to be used 1st for cleansing of skin, thereafter use the rest of products as shown below:
Vitalizer Fluid ▶ Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream ▶ Vitalizer C 10 Ampoule ▶ Vitalizer White Gel ▶ Vitalizer Cream
▲ image from BRTC Korea website

When using Vitalizer Mask, the sequence will be:
 Vitalizer Fluid ▶ Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream ▶ Vitalizer Mask ▶ Vitalizer White Gel ▶ Vitalizer Cream
▲ image from BRTC Korea website

As I do not have the Sun block and BB Cream, I will not be reviewing them. But the sequence for using them is easy, just apply them after the last step of skincare like this:
Vitalizer Fluid ▶ Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream ▶ Vitalizer C 10 Ampoule ▶ Vitalizer White Gel ▶ Vitalizer Cream ▶ Vitalizer Laser Aid Sun Block ▶ Vitalizer Laser Aid BB Cream

◈ Step 1: Vitalizer White Soap

Ingredient list, method of usage and descriptions are available in Korean & English. Although the name White Soap, it is actually a gel cleanser, not really a soap.

The capsules (beads) in the cleanser is enriched with Vitamins.

What amaze me is that this has a very small pump outlet. And if you'd noticed, usually cleansers are made without a cap or a temporary cap that is thrown away after removing it. But this cleanser have a permanent cap. Perhaps this is to keep moisture & steam (produced when you bathe) away from contacting the content inside the bottle, so as to prolong its product life span and prevent degradation.

The cleanser is a thick gel with lots of capsules. When pumped out, the capsules disintegrated, releasing the vitamins into the gel.
I use about 10 or more pumps of White Soap for face cleansing after removing makeup. As for light cleansing, it will be 4-5 pumps. Sometimes, finger gets really tired from pressing so many times on the pump. Lolx~
Note: This is not for removing makeup. It only says it can remove makeup residues, which means the remaining makeup that you didn't cleanse properly can be removed by using this White Soap.

- very thick gel consistency
- very fresh citrus scent, smells like orange
- capsules disintegrate fast when in contact with water
- lathers easily but foams minimally
- turns into pretty think creamy lather
- face feels refreshing from the citrus scent
- doesn't sting my eyes
- the lather feels thick and moisturizing on face during cleansing
- massaging the lather on face helps soften dead skin cells and make skin feels softer
- after cleansing, it does not leave a squeaky feeling on my ski
- face feels free from oil but full of moisture, doesn't feel stripped, dry or tight at all
- skin feels clean, soft, supple and a little radiant after cleansing
- doesn't irritate my skin
- can remove non-tinted sunscreen
I am in love with this face wash or what they call 'White Soap'. Especially the moment when I place the lather on my face it feels so refreshing and I don't feel that I am even washing my face with a cleanser. It felt like washing with a creamy moisturizer. It is almost like I can feel the Vitamins from the capsules doing its work by replenishing moisture to my skin while removing the impurities and oil from it. This is a pretty new experience for me as I had never felt skin feeling so revitalized and moisturized at the same time during face cleansing. Remembering last time, I used to like squeaky clean skin after cleansing but I had learned to like face cleansers that can cleanse well and not leave my skin squeaky and taut.
This is one product that I like best from the Multi-Vital 10 System range.

◈ Step 2: Vitalizer Fluid ◈

Notice that the small square illustrations at the bottom of the box shows differently on different products. Look out for them when purchasing Multi-Vital 10 System products.
This fluid has quite high content of alcohol in it.

Vitalizer Fluid or what we commonly name as the Toner/ Lotion, comes in a heavy glass pump bottle. Glass is non-porous and will not deteriorate so it helps ensure freshness and the product inside retains its strength.

Instead of pumping it on cotton pad, I dispense it on my palm (make sure hands are washed and dried) so that I can 'save' more of this fluid and use it for a longer time. Cotton pads often absorb a lot of the fluid and left only a little for my skin to absorb, plus sometimes it stripes off moisture from my face if the cotton pad isn't wet enough. So by using bare hands to apply the fluid, I can ensure almost 100% of the fluid is being absorbed by my face.
However at times, I will still use cotton pads as it will help in removing the excess impurities that was left from the face cleanser.
Below shows 2 pumps of Fluid in my palm. Usually I use 2-3 pumps (without cotton pad) for whole face and neck.

1 pump of fluid for hand swatch. Infact 1 pump can cover the whole hand easily.

Face Swatch

You can see from the first pic (most left) that certain area of my skin is matte as it's dry.
When apply the fluid, skin looks dewy.

- fluid feels like water, just a tiny bit thickened water
- light weight
- has citrus fragrance and slight alcohol scent
- spreads out easily just like water
- non-greasy & non-sticky
- absorbed into skin almost immediately if applied just right
- if applied more than 2 pumps (spread using hands), it will take awhile for skin to absorb and will have a little sticky after-feel
- skin feels very hydrated
- dry skin like eyes areas immediately felt re-energized and quenched with moisture
- soothes thirsty skin as well as dry and wrinkly areas like laugh lines
- skin doesn't appear anymore radiant than it is though
- doesn't make my t-zone area oily
- doesn't irritate my skin
- stings when there is an open wound on my skin (eg, acne) because it contains alcohol, will need to be careful not to apply on it
- helps skin retains moisture very well
Hmm.. what can I say more? Another one of the product in this range that I like using? Lolx~
I'm really into thin liquid toner than those of a thicker consistency ones. However most of the thin consistency toner that I use often 'drys out' quickly, because of its high alcohol content.
For this fluid, I will emphasis on the hydrating & moisture retention part. When I step out of my  bathroom where water starts evaporating from the skin, it leads to moisture being stripped off from my skin especially dry areas like my eyes. They feel so dry and almost 'cracking' at times. So I immediately apply the fluid and satisfy my skin's thirst. Usually with the other toners, the skin feels dry again after a min or two that's where I must quickly apply serum to once again moisturize my skin. But with this fluid, I felt like I had already applied a light moisturizer over it because my skin still feels hydrated after sometime. That explains why I said it retains moisture really well. It is light, yet rich in its hydrating properties.

◈ Step 3: Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream ◈

Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream, for short I call it just eye cream (hahhax~ ^_^") has a ingredient name Dimethicone. Dimethicone, a silicon base polymer or a silicone oil, fills in uneven texture and fine lines, which helps create a smooth and flawless look in products like primers, foundations, and lotions. It also provides a protective cover on skin, which is supposed to help keep moisture in, leaving skin hydrated for longer. (reference)
This eye cream is to be used on eye areas, especially for wrinkles around eye rims. However it also can be applied to freckles, liver spots and wrinkle around mouth.

A small and cute eye cream stick! ^_^
There is another plastic cover to double protect the product. The silver coated cap closes with a loud click sound which means it is tightly and securely capped.
Turn the stick to push the product out, turn the other direction to get the product returned to its original position.

It doesn't show much when swatched, I can only see the skin becomes glossy.

I smoothen the stick over on the right side of the back of my hand. Then use fingers to spread it out and pat to let it absorbed into skin.

Face Swatch
This may be an eye cream but it can also be used on freckles, liver spots and wrinkle around mouth.
Therefore besides using it on my eyes, I used it on other parts of my face too like wrinkle lines on forehead and laugh lines.
Image below shows my laugh lines (I'm not laughing or smiling so the lines don't show up).
Left pic is when I smooth the eye cream over my laugh lines. Right pic is after I spread and pat it to have it fully absorbed into skin.

- has a minty medicine kind of scent (can only smell it if hold really close to nose)
- it feels a little cooling when applied on skin as it contains Xylitol, most often used in chewing gum and toothpaste
- when spreading out the cream, it feels a little bit sticky
- after absorbed into skin, it doesn't feel as sticky anymore
- gets absorbed really fast, almost an instant after blending it out
- non-greasy
- after using it on my eyes (focused on undereyes), I feel it is not hydrating enough for my dry eyes
- not much difference when used on my eyes, it felt cooling & soothing when applied but not much results seen
- need to apply eye serum before this eye cream as the eye cream alone isn't hydrating enough
- thereafter I focus using it on my laugh lines and forehead wrinkle lines, has pretty amazing results
- my laugh lines which often trap foundation and powder when I laugh or even smile, now about 90% diminished
- skin around my laugh lines feel a lot firmer, less visible and more radiant
- skin around laugh lines still turns red when I open my mouth (that is why you see my skin is reddish in the above image)
- forehead wrinkle lines which usually appear when I look up, still appear visible and only the deeper ones trap foundation
- can be applied on any area of the face, including neck lines (but I haven't try on neck yet)
- doesn't irritate or cause any oil spots on my face
- although contain Alcohol in its ingredients, but I don't feel any stinging when I smooth it over an open wound from acne
I like using this only at my laugh lines as I can really see results in that area. Apparently, this can be smear at any area on the face, even whole face is possible too but at an appropriate amount.
I feel that this eye cream may work for fine lines, wrinkles but not so much on dry skin. It just isn't that moisturizing enough to treat dry skin.
Formerly I had only a little help from previous skin care products, but it isn't improving after sometime. Right after I started to use BRTC Multi-Vital 10 System, I see significant results on my laugh lines. Perhaps it is not only the work of this Eye cream, but the other products as well from the same line. ^_^

◈ Step 4: Vitalizer C-10 Ampoule ◈

Think of Ampoule and we will think they come in veils which can only used for a number of days. Nowadays ampoule also come in bottle form, mostly in glass bottles so as to ensure freshness of the product.
BRTC Multi-Vital 10 System had introduced an ampoule in their line. It is however an ampoule that we can use daily!
Besides the high content of Vitamin C (10%), the ampoule also contains Sodium Hydroxide, a strong metallic alkali which is usually used as a pH adjuster in a formula. It is a soapy substance which helps dissolve excess oil, clogged pores, and remove other debris on the skin, while softening it at the same time.

As ampoules are usually more potent than essence and serum, therefore it must be used & stored with care. In this case, this ampoule has a life span of 12 months and has to be refrigerated once opened (as stated on their packaging).
The ampoule comes in a glass bottle (coated in white on exterior) with dropper.

The ampoule solution is in amber.

Image below shows just 1 drop of ampoule.

I spread 1 drop of ampoule over right half of the back of my hand. It spreads easily and absorbs really quickly with no trace of glossiness or greasiness.
Though the 2nd and 3rd pic can clearly see that the skin looks a little tinted with the colour but it disappears after awhile.

Face Swatch
There wasn't any indication of how many drops of ampoule we should use each time and how many times we should apply per day on the packaging or the instructions slip. Therefore, I try using it on a daily basis but once per day instead of twice since it is an ampoule, it would be too strong to use so many times per week yah?
I use 3 drops of ampoule for whole face application (avoiding eye area) to 5 drops if I want to apply it on my neck.

- has pretty strong metallic smell and can even taste it in my mouth too when the smell drifts to my nose
- require to wash hands after application so as to remove the metallic smell
- when ampoule drips on my palm, it starts to generate heat and feels warm when I spread it all over my palms
- I pat the ampoule on my face lightly and skin feels warm
- certain parts of the face will have slight tingly feel at times, while other times there isn't any feeling
- besides the usual 3 drops of ampoule, I will also drip 1 drop on my finger and dab it on face concentrating on my dark spots, pigmentation and scars
- not recommended to use more than 5 drops as it will be too strong and the metallic smell will make me feel uncomfortable
- I will avoid using it over open wounds caused by acne/pimples etc, unless it is healed and the wound has closed
- its texture is slippery, therefore spreads out on my palms easily
- absorbs into skin very quickly
- sometimes leaving slight orange tint on skin surface, but not really visible and it will disappear over time
- after application, skin feels smooth and warm
- I use ampoule only at night, once a day so that my skin can absorb all the Vitamin C and other vitamins without any interruptions (like sun exposure, dirt, dust, makeup)
- I ever tried using it in the day, it oxidizes my makeup
- the next morning right after I washed up, I find my skin looking a lot radiant than the day before
- skin feels very smooth, supple, plumped, lifted and nourished!
- my skin tone become lighter day by day along with my old scars and pigmentation as well
- the dark spots are still visible probably because the ampoule helps only in overall skin whitening and doesn't do spot whitening
- it also helped in making my laugh lines appear more plumped and less noticeable
- rough scaly skin like areas around my dried scars becomes soft
- it assists in softening skin surface and enhancing regeneration of new skin cells as I can feel skin texture feeling smoother & silkier as days goes by
- evens out skin discoloration at areas like forehead, cheeks and area around laugh lines
- restores skin youthful glow in turns making my face appear younger too
- skin doesn't feel greasy or dry
- controls sebum on T-zone and cheeks area
- doesn't cause oil spots or acne for my skin when appropriate amount is used
- will cause a little discomfort and irritation (sensitive skin pls take note)
- might crash with other products
- cannot be used before or after mask as it will be too strong and rich for the skin to absorb, skip the ampoule if using mask
At the beginning I feel uncomfortable using Ampoule as I know it is more intense than the usual serums I use. I am happy that I get to try using ampoule, at the same time worrying that it might irritate my skin.
But now I know it works fine on my skin (provided that I use only an ample amount), I will not be skeptical about ampoules anymore.
This ampoule can also be treated as a weekly skin treatment. It is not necessarily to be used on a daily basis, it can be also used every 2-3 days or longer, whichever is comfortable. However if applied once every 1-2 days, skin brightens in a faster speed.

◈ Special Step: Vitalizer Mask ◈

Vitalizer Mask is a special step. It is to be used once per week.

There are 5 types of vitamins in this mask B3, B5, B6, C & E. Expiry dates are stamped at the bottom of its box, while for the rest of the products, the expiry date are stamped on the bottom of the  bottles.

Vitalizer Mask ingredients includes Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) which are Lactic Acid & Glycolic Acid, a kind of chemical exfoliant. Sodium Hyaluronate, the sodium salt of Hyaluronic Acid is included as well to hydrate and prevent moisture loss from skin.

5 packs of Masks in a box.

Still require to use toner on skin before using the mask. Mask is to replace the serum/essence/ampoule, but only to be used once a week.

Here's how the Vitalizer Mask look like in the pack.

Close-up of the mask. The mask thickness is normal (not really the thick kind), and can be seen through. There is not special weave pattern unlike the other BRTC masks I had reviewed.

The mask is translucent. It fits my face (I have wide cheeks if seen from the side)

- has a pleasant scent
- normal thickness mask, doesn't tear off easily
- fits nicely on my face with a little overlapping at some areas
- feels cooling
- after using, skin feels smooth
- the serum left over on face feels sticky
- after patting excess sebum on face, it still leaves slight sticky after-feel
- if I do a light scrub and then use the mask, my skin feels awesome-ly smooth!
- instant effect of plumpness of skin
- skin feels very hydrated
- feels soft, less dull looking and revitalizing (make me feel kinda more awake)
- helps in removing dead skin cells and speeds regeneration of new skin cells
- though I mentioned earlier it is to be used once a week, but at times I mask every 3-4 days (I will mask when I feel my skin surface starts to turn rough again)
- doesn't irritate skin
- doesn't cause skin problems like oil spots/acne
I think it is my first time ever to feel such smooth skin from using a mask after a light face scrub. I have never felt my skin feels sooooooo smooth (except the time when I went to facial salon.. haha~).
I like the instant results it gives me, the plumpness and the smoothness.
As this mask already contains AHA, it's probably not good to use AHA scrub before the mask otherwise it will be like doing a double chemical exfoliation unless the AHA scrub is of a low percentage. Instead, I used a light facial wash with beads, a kind of manual/physical exfoliation. I do a quick light wash with the facial scrub and use the mask after that and the face feels really smooth like baby bottoms. Lolx~

◈ Step 5: Vitalizer White Gel ◈

Vitalizer White Gel is a gel moisturizer that can be used as a moisturizing mask too.
Arbutin is found in its ingredients which has skin-whitening effects.

Packing in a 60ml glass jar is an bright orange gel moisturizer with lots of capsules in it.

1 scoop of the White gel is just nice for the whole face, excluding eye area.

It appears a lot more glossy and shiny on skin surface in compare to the Fluid, Ampoule and Eye cream from the same line.

Like the White Soap, the capsules breaks down and releases the vitamins into the gel.

Face Swatch
Face also look shiny after applying the White Gel.

- pretty strong but nice sweet citrus fragrance
- feels a little cooling
- spreads out easily
- turns into watery liquid when spread out
- non-greasy
- needs to massage onto face in circular motions for sometime in order to get it fully absorbed into skin
- instantly feel fresh as the citrus fragrance lingers onto the skin after application
- has sticky after-feel
- quite moisturizing and revitalizing
- when use as mask (apply double the usual amount on face for 10 mins), it feels a lot more moisturizing and refreshing
- skin still feels moisturized even with makeup
- T-zone oils up after sometime
- after White Gel, I will apply sunscreen (during day time, 1 step before applying cream which is the last step of skincare regimen) and it grabs on really well because of the stickiness which also prevents my sunscreen from shifting under my makeup
- skin tone appear brighter
- doesn't oxidize my makeup at all
- contains Alcohol, will sting a little on open wounds/acne
- doesn't irritate my skin
- doesn't cause skin problems
Overall a pretty ok gel moisturizer. I like the moisturizing effect but I feel its a little too sticky for my liking. It is in fact non-greasy to touch but my T-zone produce sebum after sometime. However when used as mask, it is not bad at all. I love that fragrance very much, it freshens up my skin, relieves stress and awakens my mind.

◈ Step 6: Vitalizer Cream ◈

What is a proper skincare regimen without a product that can help you to lock in all the moisture and build barriers to prevent it from escaping from your skin?
Vitalizer Cream the last step of the BRTC Multi-Vital 10 System line is specially made to perform these tasks.
With the Beeswax ingredient in its formula, it softens skin and creates a long-lasting protective coating against the elements. It also is a naturally nourishing moisturizer as well as being anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergenic and a germicidal antioxidant. (Reference)
It contains Shea Butter which provides deep moisturization to the skin and Dimethicone too, a silicon base polymer or a silicone oil, fills in uneven texture and fine lines (as explained earlier).

Besides the Vitalizer Mask, Vitalizer Cream also has its expiry date stamped on the bottom of the box.

Vitalizer Cream packed in a simple white plastic tube. Its opening is sealed.

Buttery light cream with yellow tint

Pretty glossy and slightly greasy even when applied on my dry hands.

Face Swatch
As you can see the light bounces off from the skin and kind of enhancing the pores as well after the application of the Vitalizer Cream.

- has slight citrus scent
- a little buttery, medium thick kind of cream
- easy to spread out
- feels slightly greasy and a little sticky
- after application, face look shiny maybe due to the shea butter property
- skin feels moisturized and nourished
- face looks quite greasy after sometime
- prefer to use it at night so as to lock in moisture under the cream
- surprisingly though its greasy, but it didn't clog pores
- it feels a little bit like silicone with moisturizing factor
- at times I use this in morning before makeup as a makeup base
- doesn't have SPF therefore I will apply sunscreen BEFORE this cream, to prevent sunscreen from shifting on top of the cream (because the cream is slightly greasy)
- overall skin appears firmer & lifted after prolong use
- doesn't irritate my skin
Good to have moisturizing cream for both day and night use. Recommended for combi to dry skin types as it might be a bit too greasy for oily skin type.

Overall Review
Before I started using BRTC Multi-Vital 10 System Line, I led a very stressful and unhealthy lifestyle as I used to keep late nights, sometimes until 5am including sacrificing my weekends too all because of my job. My body and skin became malnourished, stress, dull and my face look like I had aged 10 years within 3 years time.
When I started using BRTC Multi-Vital 10 System Line, I was still with my job but quit after sometime. Then I rested at home, living healthy but still, with a malnourished, stress, dull skin.
After 2 months, I realise my skin got better, nourished, brighter and even younger! Even my ex-colleague could see that my skin got better!
I have to thank BRTC Multi-Vital 10 System Line for making it possible for me to get back the youthful skin I once had, although not as young as last time but you get the idea ^_~.
During this period, besides realizing my face had became whiter (or fairer), I also found that my skin texture became really smooth. It probably meant that I have a lot of good skin cells now compare to before. My skin appear bright and radiant when I put on makeup, and it almost doesn't oxidize now.
Even though having a healthier skin, I still experience 1 or 2 pimples popping up on my face at times, but I consider this as normal. (I mean who don't have pimples?)
As for the oil spots that I frequently had last time which happens mostly at jawlines and neck, it never came back! Only got it once on my jawline due to using a new face mask that I never used before, and it subsided on the next day without leaving any scars.
Talking about scars, yes I still have quite a lot of old scars on my face. The scars were caused by my itchy finger picking (if you read my 2 years ago posts, you'll know) of acne, oil spots and black/white heads. These skin problems had reduced tremendously which in turn gives me no reason to pick my face anymore! lolx~ Therefore, my current goal is to get rid of these old scars so I can have fair and clear skin again. ^_^
I feel that BRTC Multi-Vital 10 System Line is a skincare range that is specially made for people who can't avoid a stressful lifestyle because of work or family etc. BRTC Multi-Vital 10 System provides what these people lack of, which are abundant of Vitamins.. ON their skin.
Among all the products, I personally feel that the Ampoule really did a lot of work on my skin. It feels like I am using a Mask everyday but less intensive. But without the rest of the products, the Ampoule might not work great alone too. I would still suggest to at least get the Toner or the White Gel to accompany the Ampoule if one should consider purchasing it.
But of course, the best way to achieve better skin is to still live a better lifestyle.....AND use BRTC Multi-Vital 10 System at the same time. (^_~)v
If you cannot help yourself to live a healthier life, no other products can help you too to achieve a stress-free and healthy skin.

Vitalizer White Soap (200ml) S$35
Vitalizer Fluid (120ml) S$39
Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream (9g) S$35
Vitalizer C 10 Ampoule (30ml) S$48
Vitalizer White Gel (60ml) S$35
Vitalizer White Cream (50ml) S$45
Vitalizer Mask 20ml (5pcs/box) S$30

Where to buy?
EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE in selected SaSa Stores.

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BRTC Korea
For Overseas Buyers - BRTCStore

My BRTC Product Review
Introduction: BRTC Multi-Vital 10 System Line

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in turquoise are sponsored by Sasa Singapore & BRTC to me for trial & review. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos are true.


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