Magic Babe Ning suspends product in mid air! Amazingly light!

Talking about levitation, ask me and I can teach you how to do the self levitation trick (kinda learnt it from some Youtube vids during one of my nothing-to-do days. lolx~).

But if you ask me how to levitate an object like this ▼▼▼ video performed by Magic Babe Ning, I seriously have no idea!!~~

I been thinking of how object levitation works and even goggle for answers but to no avail (or that most of them are talking about consciousness which I don't really understand how it works).

I guess probably the object is REALLY so amazingly light that it can float around just by wiggling fingers in the air. hahahx~ (^o^)/*wiggles fingers*

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Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

I am not affiliated to the owner of this Youtube video. Youtube video is from HERE. 


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