Haraju-Cute Product Review: Loved Loved Nude Bamboo Mask

Hey all! Today I'm going to review this 女子力UPUP Loved Loved Nude Bamboo Mask from Haraju-Cute!
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So... you haven't heard of 女子力UPUP Loved Loved Nude? Then I bet you have heard or seen ZOGAN MASK? Actually they are both produced by the same company!~ ^_^

About 女子力UPUP Loved Loved Nude
女子力UPUP Loved Loved Nude
Bamboo Mask Recommended by Jun Komori

▲ image from Sakukoma
About Jun Komori: Popular model and TV personality in Japan. In 2010, she is one of the seven exclusive models signed to popular fashion magazine Pop Sister.

Pure and powerful beauty ingredients for better absorption!

Benefit: Intense Penetration
- Better adhesion than cotton mask
- Effectively facilitates the absorption of moisture and special active ingredients into the skin

Benefit 2: Intense Nourishment
Special active ingredients include:
Platinum Essence - briten and restore skin vitality
Pearl Extracts - helps to intensively hydrate the skin
Syn-ake - excellent anti-wrinkle properties

Made in Korea

Here I have pics and links to tell you more about 女子力UPUP Loved Loved Nude~

From the Japanese wordings, (I don't understand Japanese but I could make out a little from translating it with an online translator) I could understand that the mask material is apparently made from rare bamboo ingredients with high scarcity value.
Therefore, the mask is pretty stretchable without easily getting torn. It is able to stretch and fit uneven and hard-to-reach places like corner of the nostrils and nose bridge. It has the ability to adhere to the skin firmly without peeling or dropping off by itself. It is what the Japanese described, "good suction" mask.
Below pic shows how the bamboo mask can stretch and also shows the differences between bamboo mask & other masks.
▲ image from Sakukoma

女子力UPUP Loved Loved Nude Bamboo Mask Review
The mask appear slightly more yellowish in compare to the other kinds of masks I'd used.
After taking the mask out, there isn't much serum left inside the pack.

This is me, with all the edges of the mask stretched to my hairlines.

The mask is REALLY stretchy, and it feels quite heavy. The thickness is medium, not the very thick kind.
Close-up of the bamboo mask. The texture looks pretty coarse and inconsistent when seen up close.

The mask edge ends just below my chin.

After 15 mins, the mask starts to dry.. and it becomes like this. Up close, it looks like cotton pad material! OoO!

After using the mask, I feel:
- mask feel slimy (because of the serum) and a bit hard to handle
- mask stretches easily but doesn't gets torn
- though material looks coarse but the mask texture feels smooth
- mask fits my skin perfectly without forming much or any bubbles and wrinkles
- feels slightly cooling when masking (I didn't put the mask in fridge)
- skin doesn't feel any irritation
- doesn't peel off by itself at the edges even when the mask starts to gets dry
- skin feels very moisturized
- alot of serum still left on my skin after peeling off the mask, thereafter I will pat the remaining serum onto face to get it fully absorbed
- skin feels smooth and supple
- doesn't brighten my skin or make it anymore radiant though
- doesn't soothe my inflammation or oil spots
- feels slightly too moisturizing as areas that are oily and has oil spots still feels oily but dry areas like laugh lines and forehead feels quenched
- revitalizes my tired skin
The mask feels really moisturizing but has not much control over sebum secretion or oily skin.
I feel it is best for people who have Normal or Dry skin and people who experience sudden skin dryness (maybe due to sun exposure, lack of sleep, etc) as this mask is pretty rich in its serum formula.
However, it is no doubt a special mask because of its special bamboo material.The serum is not wasted because it is made to fully absorbed into the skin through the assistance of the bamboo mask and not evaporate into the air. If only they come in different kind of serums then it can also cater to other skin type like the oily or combi skin.

女子力UPUP Loved Loved Nude Bamboo Mask (31ml)  SGD$5.90/ per sheet

Where to buy?
At any of the HARAJU-CUTE (Guardian) shelves! They are at:
1) 313 @ Somerset
2) Anchorpoint
3) Ang Mo Kio Central
4) Causeway Point
5) Centrepoint Basement
6) City Square Mall
7) Clementi Mall
8) Great World City
9) Hougang Mall
10) IMM
11) ION Orchard
12) Kallang Leisure Park
13) Marina Bay Sands
14) Ngee Ann City
15) Northpoint
16) Paragon
17) Parkway
18) Plaza Singapura
19) Raffles City
20) Raffles Place MRT
21) Sembawang Shopping Centre
22) Serangoon NEX
23) Suntec City Mall
24) Tampines Century Square
25) Toa Payoh Blk 190
26) United Square
27) Vivo City

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女子力UPUP Loved Loved Nude Bamboo Mask Official Site

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

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