Haraju-Cute Product Review: @cosme #1 orp TOKYO Moist Cleansing Oil & Natural Peeling

Hey all, have you heard of orp Tokyo products before? ^_^
If you had been in Japan last year, you might have seen their products placed on the shelves at @cosme stores. During my past year's Tokyo trip, I spotted lots of orp Tokyo Moist Cleansing Oil on @cosme store shelves moreover, it was awarded the #1 oil cleanser (or makeup remover) and I was so intrigued to give it a try! 
And now, I have the chance! ^o^ In this post, I will not only review the Moist Cleansing Oil, but also the Natural Peeling from the same brand.

This is my first time seeing crystal on an oil cleanser bottle!! Isn't it beautiful?~

Awhile back, I received a parcel with a @cosme No. 1 sticker pasted on it. I like seeing this sticker as it signals me that the product I'm receiving is GOOD~ hahhax~

 Here's what is in the parcel:
- Loved Loved Nude Bamboo Mask
- orp Tokyo Natural Peeling (200g)
- orp Tokyo Moist Cleansing Oil (120ml)

orp Tokyo Moist Cleansing Oil
Simple and sleek black-white packaging and transparent clear bottle (& not forgetting the crystal!), it caught my eyes the instant I saw it on Haraju-Cute shelves!
Original packing with Japanese wordings. There is a sticker pasted at the back, printed in English with full Ingredient list as well.

Easy makeup removal revealing smooth skin
1) Cleansing with 12 different kinds of high quality beauty oils
 ▲▼ image & description from orp Tokyo

2) Easy removal
1.Using either wet or dry hand
Cleansing power will not be affected by a small amount of water while bathing
2.Superior cleansing power
Even waterproof products, such as mascara, are easily removed and pores are cleaned.

3) Into the skin with long lasting moisture
1.Long lasting moisturized skin with 12 different kinds of high quality beauty oils
Feels as good as using a beauty serum with these 12 kinds of beauty oils
2.Quick removal that leaves no oil behind
Soft cleansing for your skin without damaging or leaving impurities behind

How to use
Press nozzle 3 times and apply solution into hands. Massage the oil gently to loosen dirt and makeup. Wash face with cold or warm water.

On the product bottle, it wrote:
Natural Oil for All
- Alcohol Free
- Compound Surfactant Free
- Antiseptic Free
- Genetically Modified Organism Free
- Mineral Oil Free
- Contains Artificial Colorant Free

Cleansing makeup with orp Tokyo Moist Cleansing Oil
To show all of you how well this cleansing oil can remove makeup, I used several different point makeup products on my hand.
- BONAVOCE Ultra Volume Mascara (Read my Review)
- Bonavoce Premium Liquid Eyeliner in Black (Read my Review)
- MUFE Aqua Eyes
- NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
- Brigitte Romantic Eyes Palette GD-1 (Read my Review)

 As the makeup only stands a small area, I only pumped once.

- has light floral fragrance
- I usually use 3-5 full pumps depending on my makeup
- fully oil but with a water-like consistency
- feels light weight
- melts off my foundation and eye makeup easily just by massaging the face lightly with fingers, without having to emulsify it with water
- requires slightly longer time to soften & disintegrate the mascara and eyeliner (like shown in above pic)
- cleansing oil when emulsified removes waterproof makeup better
- when emulsified, it gets thicker & thicker, need to add in water each time to make it less thick
- cleansing oil takes all traces of makeup with them and washes off from the skin easily under running water (I remove makeup while I bathe)
- can be used even when skin is a little damp
- I will use once more about 1-2 pumps to double cleanse the skin by focusing on point areas like lashes, corners of eyes & nose, lips and areas that have large pores
- skin doesn't feel oily or taut at all after cleansing
- skin feels smooth and slightly moisturised
- thereafter, I cleanse with a facial wash to remove any cleansing oil that is left on my skin
- doesn't cause any irritations/ oil spots on my skin
- softens and removes most of the makeup easily by the first 30 secs therefore I need not cleanse for too long
- it feels very gentle on my skin
- white and black heads softened after using the cleansing oil, it became easy to be extracted out
After I finished bathing, my skin feels moisturised, soft and pretty smooth. I hardly experience having smooth and moisturising skin from using a cleansing oil as the ones I usually use doesn't have moisturising properties in them.
I feel that this Moist Cleansing Oil cleanses makeup pretty well and provides good enough moisturis factor to my skin.

orp Tokyo Natural Peeling
Another product from orp Tokyo that also have crystal on their packaging. Oh so pretty!~ *bling bling*

Tones your skin on every use
Absorbs moisture to the skin
All impurities disappear leaving skin shiny and smooth

Large size tube make skin spotless
3 chambered electrolyzed alkaline water based product containing resolving power of sebum and protein. Simply massage gently onto face for luminous skin. A specially designed function distinguishes new from old skin which provides protection, along with the effective moisturizing function that keeps skin fresh. The aromatic rose oil leaves skin feeling clean and soft after use.

How to use
Apply a small amount (pearl size) and gently massage to loosen the cuticle (dead skin). After it lifts, wash with warm water. May also be used on elbow, knee and décolleté (neck & chest areas).
description from orp Tokyo

A sticker printed in english wordings i pasted at the back for easy understanding including manufacturing date and ingredient list. After peeling off the plastic wrap, japanese wordings are found printed on the product itself.

The peeling gel is semi-clear and its very watery & light! It flows out of the tube by itself when I'm holding it upright.

And so.... that is the reason why I always hold it upside down like this▼. For storage, I also place it this way so the peeling gel will not flow out immediately when I open the lid. I had a few experiences that I am holding it upright and the gel just drip all over the half open lid and onto the floor making a mess.

Removing impurities using orp Tokyo Natural Peeling
Basically it is easy to use a peeling gel. Just spread it on the skin and then gently massage in circular motions with fingers. When all the gel has turn into eraser-like kind of residues, wash it off with water.
Below image shows half of the back of my hand applied with the peeling gel.
In the pic 2 & 3, some grey residues can be seen (I took a flash and non-flash photo to show)
Pic 4 shows after I washed my hand.

- powdery floral scente with + gluish gel smell (doesn't smell weird or pungent)
- lightweight
- watery-gel consistency
- I use a pearl size or more depending on the areas I use it on (for eg, face, neck, collarbone, chest etc)
- I apply the gel only on dry skin otherwise it won't 'peel'
- feels cooling & moisturizing while massaging it on skin
- the watery gel takes some time to turn into residues as it's really very watery!
- forms into small grey residues (grey means there's impurities on my skin, white residues represents skin is clean & healthy)
- skin already feels smooth before washing off the peeling gel
- before the gel starts to dry up, I washed it off under running water (again, during my bathe time)
- residues are easily washed off by water, no rubbing required
- residues stucked to my hair/baby hair is minimal
- skin feels very very smooth and moisturised!
- skin surface feels somewhat waxy (or squeaky) upon touch but not to the uncomfortable extend
- waxy after-feel but not the dry & tight kind
- after my skincare application, the 'wax' softened and disappeared
- doesn't cause any irritation
- pores feels clean
- doesn't remove white/black heads hidden in the pores but it softens them
- skin appear a little brighter
- doesn't feel dry at all
- can be used when skin feels rough and scaly upon touch or use 1-2 times every week.
- feels safe to use on other parts of the body as well
During my first use of this orp Tokyo Natural Peeling, I was also using the Moist Cleansing Oil. I guess when both used together, the smooth and moisturising effect doubles up! My skin feel ever so smooooooth!~~ I kept touching my face with my hands after I got out from bathroom and didn't really want to apply the skincare because it feels matte but moisturizing and so smooth at the same time. I didn't want to spoil my happiness of touching such smooth skin! hahhax~
With such a big tube of Natural Peeling gel, I foresee I can use it for quite a long time. I will also try it on my body or areas that feels rough with lots of dead skin cells like my legs and arms (those that are exposed to sun most of the time).
I personally love using peeling gels. I tried many kinds and so far had not tried one that has high moisturising factor. This probably is my first tube of gel that does that. Other peeling gels are more of a gel-gel type, doesn't feel watery but this one is different. It flows kinda like water and it feels more light weight than the usual peeling gels.
At first I thought that the wax after-feel is not good because I'm afraid my skin will feel taut but it didn't. I feel like all my dead skin cells have been removed leaving a layer of healthy skin cells that feels smooth & uniform. Lolx~

Both of the products I reviewed are a must-try if you ever thought of trying other brands of oil cleanser and peeling gel. ^_^ Make sure you check that your skin is not sensitive to any of the ingredients listed.

Oh yes, and I will be reviewing the Loved Loved Nude Bamboo Mask in a separate post. ^_~

orp Tokyo Moist Cleansing Oil (120ml)  SGD$31.90
orp Tokyo Natural Peeling (200g) SGD$34.90

Where to buy?
At any of the HARAJU-CUTE (Guardian) shelves! They are at:
1) 313 @ Somerset
2) Anchorpoint
3) Ang Mo Kio Central
4) Causeway Point
5) Centrepoint Basement
6) City Square Mall
7) Clementi Mall
8) Great World City
9) Hougang Mall
10) IMM
11) ION Orchard
12) Kallang Leisure Park
13) Marina Bay Sands
14) Ngee Ann City
15) Northpoint
16) Paragon
17) Parkway
18) Plaza Singapura
19) Raffles City
20) Raffles Place MRT
21) Sembawang Shopping Centre
22) Serangoon NEX
23) Suntec City Mall
24) Tampines Century Square
25) Toa Payoh Blk 190
26) United Square
27) Vivo City

Guardian Health & Beauty Singapore - Facebook - Website
Haraju-Cute Facebook
orpTokyo Official Site (English)

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in cyan are sponsored by Haraju-Cute & StarAsia Singapore to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos & swatches are true.


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