Product Review: DASODA SJ Real Liquid Liner

Remember that I had posted a review on DASODA MG Mega Long Mascara some time ago? Well, now here's the DASODA SJ Real Liquid Liner review! ^o^/*~

DASODA SJ Real Liquid Liner, free from coal-tar colorants so colorants don't remain on skin! To know more, read the Introduction of SJ Real Liquid Liner in this post.

Ingredients printed in English & its Expire date pasted at the back of the packaging .

The original instructions slip in Japanese. Product made in Japan.

Gold and Black coated pen, best combi colour. ^_^
Look at the super-fine 0.1mm tip brush pen. Every bristle is so precisely measured and made that when I see up close, the pointed bristles looks like its delicately sculpted out.

Before swatching, I shaked the pen and it has a clicking sound which indicates I am mixing the solution inside and having it dispensed out from the brush tip slowly.
During the swatch, I find that:
- the ink is not the super black kind, it is basically just black.
- the ink doesn't look very uniform in every strokes that I drew on my hand (see image below)
- the ink spreads at the edges and fills in the lines of my skin but not visible if seen from a distance (see image below)
- the black ink is buildable and can become very black, just by layering ove
- dries fast
- has glossy finish
- smudge free
- not easy to maneuver the brush tip 
- brush is a tad too soft, flexible and bends easily when force is applied to it
(image left: without flash - right: flash)

Eye Swatch
Although the eyeliner might not seem quite promising in my hand swatch, but I have a different experience when used on my eyes.
- the black ink appears pretty black when applied on my eyes (on top of an orange eye base here)
- black ink turns blacker when layered over few times
- doesn't spread at the edges
- has slight gloss finish
- easy to achieve sharp & pointy edges like so (see image below)
- brush tip still feels too soft, requires time & skills to handle it
- brush doesn't fray at all
- capping the lid back requires patience, so as not to damage the brush
- water-proof
- not so tear-proof as my warm tears washed it out (my tears os capable of washing almost everything out. hahax~ ^_^")
- very easy to remove, by using oil cleansers or eye makeup remover
- can be removed by facial foam too if only eyeliner is used (not including concealer/foundation/eye base/eyeshadows)
- doesn't stain the skin
▼ image taken in normal day light. Only the upper lash line drawn with DASODA SJ Liquid Liner, outer bottom lashline is drawn with a black pencil eyeliner

A basic black ink water-proof, smudge-proof liquid liner that can achieve sharp, pointy, slim tails. 
It is best used on eyes that have eye primer/base or eyeshadows to prevent the eyeliner from spreading at the edges.
It is better for users who are already skilled in using liquid liners or those who like using soft brush tips. I had a bit of difficulty in drawing the eye with this liquid liner within 1 stroke, although I know its best to complete it in a few short strokes. hahax~ ^_^" But when I am in a rush, I will prefer to have a eyeliner that I can apply on within a stroke or 2. The tip is soft and bends easily hence I have some problem controlling it.
Nonetheless, after some practice I am getting used to the soft tip and had found it pretty easy to apply.

A simple LOTD with the DASODA SJ Liquid Liner (Deep Black)
*ignores my imbalance double eyelids* (–_,=")

DASODA SJ Liquid Liner SGD$19.90 

Where to buy?
Exclusively at Sasa (Singapore)

DASODA Singapore
DASODA Japan (English)
DASODA Singapore FB 
Sasa Singapore FB

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in cyan are sponsored by SasaSG & Plus1Asia to me for trial & review. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos & swatches are true.


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