OOTD & LOTD: 2013 Lunar New Year Day 1 (feat. Majolica Majorca The Little Humming Book 1)

Happy Lunar SSSSSSSsssssssnake New Year to EVERYONEEeeeeeee~~~ ^^
It's been really really long that I feature my OOTD here as I mostly just post it on my Instagram on the go. Save time to upload pics/PS-ing etc..
However I wish to post up my CNY OOTD/LOTD here because I had been practising this... since 2 years ago? ^,^ And will continue doing it, probably cos I feel that by doing so, it will HUAT my blog. hahhaax~

O'Right, here's my newly dyed orange-y hair and me in an earthly nude-pinkish outfit. You might find some clothings very familiar if you followed me on my OOTD/fashion posts, because some are actually my old clothings. ^_^" They are 'old' but they are relatively New too! If I don't say, nobody will know they are 'not new'! Muahahahx~

Earthly pink OOTD:
Hearts chiffon blouse - ASOS
Pastel pink skirt - LALU
Bunny tattoo stockings - Chinatown New Market 2nd floor
Brown laced cotton socks - Overseas
Mustard Heels - Overseas

I had not been updating haul posts on my blog too so here is one of the newest tattoo stocking haul that I had featured in my instagram~ ^_^ Follow my instagram HERE to get live previews, updates and stuffs!
I bought these 2 cute stockings (more like nude pantyhose with tattoo that is.) @ 2 for SGD$30! At least its price is unlike Tokyo's which is  $30+ per pair. (<0<") 杀人放火!!!

My accessories and leg stuffs:

Featuring Majolica Majorca The Little Humming Book 1 from Secret Blink Chapter 36
Here's a re-post of the images and swatches from the event blogpost.

Ahhhhh.. My sleepy face~~~ (^_,^) Heh heh heh.

Majolica Majorca The Little Humming Book 1 Review
I used the Moonless Night (dark plum shade) as Eyecream base by applying it with my ring finger on my eyelids. I dabbed it over my eyelids and stopping at the area around the creases.
I applied Flower Dust (white) eyeshadow over the whole eyelids, then applied Green Shower (mint) eyeshadow near the upper lashline and bottom lashline. At the inner bottom lashline area, I used a pearl eyeliner pencil to line it to make me eyes look brighter.
The pictures below shows my eye makeup AFTER wearing it for more than 6 hours.

During the application of the eye cream base, I felt that it was rather greasy and the base keep shifting around on my eyelids. At first I used a synthetic brush to apply but failed terribly so I switch to using fingers to dab on instead.
I am unable to even out the base, some areas look darker than the rest and there are some obvious outlines.
When I used the eyeshadows to layer on top of it, the eye cream base outlines seem to disappear as I slowly blend in the colours.
Though the final eye makeup appear quite decent, I still feel that the eye cream base makes my eyelids look oilier than usual. However to my surprise, there wasn't obvious creases at my double eyelid folds. Only a few short creases found at the inner corner of my eyes which are actually unnoticeable.
Both the eyeshadow shades are really pretty as they changes colour at different angles and lightings.
I will try using the eye shadows seperately the next time I use this palette again. And will try applying a eye primer before the eye cream base to test out if it works better that way.

For my lips, I used the Tulip Bed Lip Gloss from the palette. The gloss is slightly pigmented, it helps to conceal a little bit of my pigmented lips. Thereafter I apply a lipstick over it, it glides on smoothly on top of the lip gloss.
Sometimes I use lip gloss BEFORE a lipstick because I either 1) forgot to bring my lip balm..lolx~, 2) prefer not to have glossy & plump looking lips, or 3) lipstick doesn't glide on easily as it needs a little friction or a sticky base to work it.
I like how Tulip Bed colour appear on my lips, its a sweet pink, a little on the warm side.

The Little Humming Book 1 (Limited Edition) SGD$25.90

Where to buy?

Available exclusively at Watsons from 28 Feb 2013:

Majolica Majorca Singapore
Majolica Majorca Singapore FB

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in cyan are sponsored by Majolica Majorca SG & Shiseido SG  to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos & swatches are true.


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