Launch & Giveaway: BioNike Defence B-Lucent

BioNike recently launched a new gentle and effective anti-dark spot treatment skincare line - DEFENCE B-LUCENT on 30th January at The Spa-Lon (Chijmes).

Defence B-Lucent skincare line consists of the following products:
Daily Programme
1. Defence B-Lucent Day Peel (40ml)
2. Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Concentrate (30ml)
3. Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Face Cream SPF15 (40ml)
Localised Treatment
1. Defence B-Lucent Roll-On Focus (15ml)
2. Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Hand Cream SPF 20 (50ml)

Beauty bloggers were invited to attend the launch at The Spa-Lon.
At the event, we were introduced to the dermo-cosmetic brand BioNike.
BioNike is preservative-free from parabens, thiazolinones and formaldehyde releasers (these could trigger skin reactions).

BioNike has developed its own cosmetic preservation system, which is not based on chemical preservatives. Such a system is the result of many years of research and development, which today allows to offer preservative-free cosmetics that provide the same preserving times traditional cosmetics have, thus safety for the user is guaranteed according to European Cosmetics Directive regulations.

Giving up chemical preservatives in cosmetics is a tough undertaking, which involves developing formulations with the aim to reach a stable equilibrium of the preserving means used. How is this achieved?
Preservative-free cosmetic formulations are achieved by developing a number of alternative preservation strategies, which will give a stable preservation system as a whole. Such strategies include:

- Not using any raw material classified as a preservative in the European Cosmetic Directive (76/768/EEC), but rather alternative, safe ingredients of other nature which the literature indicates as having a certain degree of anti-microbial activity.
- Blocking the free water in the cosmetic system: water is a perfect substrate for microbial growth and proliferation. BioNike makes use of cutting-edge techniques to “hide” water away, while still keeping it in the cosmetic system. This is achieved by including special ingredients which retain water.
- Creating a hostile environment for microbial growth, for instance by working on osmotic gradients.
- Including antioxidant and chelating agents which exert a preservative action.

Developing a preservative-free, well-balanced system is costly and time-consuming - this is why few manufacturers pursue this strategy. It is much easier to stay with chemical preservation, for the sake of costs and time-to-market.
Those manufacturers who decide to set cost-saving strategies aside a little and care more for sensitive skin by actually investing in the development of alternative preservation systems are currently being rewarded by the market, because consumers are increasingly aware of skin sensitizing agents that cosmetics can bring to their skin. (reference from HERE)

About ICIM Bionike
The Italian company at the service of skin for seventy years.
ICIM was founded as a pharmaceutical company in the 1930s and made a name for itself in chemists' with safe and effective dermatological and dermo-cosmetic products.
The Company is specialized in developing products for subjects with sensitive, allergic and reactive skins.

All the products are identified by the BioNike brand and are formulated hypoallergenically, tested on reconstructed skin in vitro and subject to stringent dermatological tests which guarantee their high tolerability by the skin.

Two of BioNike lines, Defence and Triderm, are:
- Nickel tested: each production lot is tested to guarantee a content in nickel traces lower than 0.00001%; the makeup is also tested against chrome and cobalt
- Fragrance free: totally without fragrances or, in a few cases, only fragrances are selected that do not contain allergens
- Preservative free: totally without preservatives
- Gluten source free: without gluten

Nickel, preservatives and fragrance are indicated by many dermatological studies as substances that are principally responsible for contact allergies.

The constant success of BioNike products is also due to the solid relationship of trust that ICIM has built up over time with specialists - dermatologists, paediatricians, allergists - and with chemists. The Company sees in them privileged partners in dialogue, able to understand all the potential in the applications of its products and boosting their commercial success. Doctors and chemists, in turn, recognise ICIM as an authoritative reference in the care and treatment of sensitive, allergic and reactive skins.
(references from HERE & HERE)

BioNike Defence B-Lucent
(From Press Release)

Skin Pigmentation

The Problem: Dark Spots

BioNike's Solution

Daily Programme: Defence B-Lucent Day Peel
For Skin Preparation

Daily Programme: Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Concentrate
For Intensive Treatment

Daily Programme: Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Face Cream SPF15
For Hydation and Protection

Localised Treatment: Defence B-Lucent Roll-On Focus

Localised Treatment: Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Hand Cream SPF20

BioNike's Guarentees

Complimentary from BioNike
After the event, I received a box of the following items:
- Defence B-Lucent Day Peel (40ml)
- Defence B-Lucent Roll-On Focus (15ml)
- Green bristle scrub
- Pink rubber glove

Should I do this pose with the scrub and glove? Lolx~

Product Packaging
On the Day Peel box indicated Nickel tested, Preservative free, Fragrance free, Gluten source free (in another language) on the top left.
Where on the Roll-On Focus box, the Fragrance free is not stated.

Its also indicated on the products itself on the top left.

BioNike Defence B-Lucent Day Peel
Ingredients, descriptions and how to use instructions are all indicated on the box. Product is Made in Italy.
Ingredients includes Lactobionic acid and Gluconolactone which are (PHAs), a form of chemical exfoliation.

The expiry date is debossed on the bottom of the box. For my Day Peel, it expires on September 2017, which means it's shelf life is about 4 years if it is not opened. And once opened, its life span is 12 months as indicated on the back of the box (see above image).

Besides the product, there is also a manual and a sachet of Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Face Cream and Skin-Evening Concentrate included inside the box. Its probably my first time to find sachets packed inside a product packaging. A good marketing method of introducing the users to try the other products of the same skincare line.

The material of the tube is matte and rubbery which makes it non-slippery when held in wet hands.

Sealed on the inside.

BioNike Defence B-Lucent Day Peel Swatch
The Day Peel is a cream cleanser with transparent beads that reminds me of sago. (you know the melon with sago dessert? Mmmm~ I love sago. lolx~)
The cream cleanser is very creamy and does not foam up. The exfoliating beads feels rubbery and they don't break down or melt off at all.
The cleanser does not have fragrance, however it has a slight rubber scent.

BioNike Defence B-Lucent Roll-On Focus
Ingredients includes glycolic acid and lactic acid, both of which are alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), and also includes PHAs as well.
Product life-span is 12 months after opening. Product made in Italy.

Shelf life up to July 2016 if unopened.

The ball is made of translucent plastic material.

BioNike Defence B-Lucent Roll-On Focus Swatch
The product is clear liquid, has a tiny bit odour to it (smells kind of like the Day Peel).
It is non-sticky, non-greasy. Feels like gel-water kind of liquid. Absorbs very fast if applied little at a time.

Above is not my review yet, I will be putting up a full in-depth review of both Day Peel and Roll-On Focus on a separate post once I finished using these products. ^_^

Bionike Giveaway Samples Campaign
From 18 Feb 2013 to 28 Feb 2013 only!
(Samples are on whilst stock last basis)

1.  LIKE Bionike Facebook Page
2. Send with your particulars: Name, I/C no, Address and Email.
Remember to Quote "miwitch" in the email!

BioNike Defence B-Lucent Day Peel (40ml) SGD$89
BioNike Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Concentrate (30ml) SGD$149
BioNike Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Face Cream SPF15 (40ml) SGD$109

BioNike Defence B-Lucent Roll-On Focus (15ml) SGD$73
BioNike Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Hand Cream SPF 20 (50ml) SGD$79

Where to buy?
Available at all The Spa-Lon:
Tiong Bahru Plaza - 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #05-08, Singapore 168732 Tel: 6276 6313
Choa Chu Kang - 304 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #01-661, Singapore 680304 Tel: 6891 0030 / 6891 0060
East Point Mall - 3 Simei St 6, #05-10, Singapore 528833 Tel: 6783 3773 / 6783 2594
CHIJMES - 30 Victoria Street, #02-02/04/05 Caldwell House, Singapore 187996 Tel: 6837 0131
CITY SQUARE MALL - 180 Kitchener Road, #03-01 City Square Mall, Singapore 208539

Available exclusively at the Guardian outlets

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The Spa Lon FB
Guardian Singapore FB

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in cyan are sponsored by The Spa-Lon & Xiaoyuan Marketing  to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos & swatches are true


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