Event: Beautiful Japan Denim at JRunway

On 18 Jan, I was invited to attend the Beautiful Japan Denim event, a Japan Denim Project in collaboration with LASALLE College of the Arts, showcasing the exquisite products from Kurashiki region in Japan of 10 well-established denim brands for the first time in Singapore. It was held at the JRunway flagship store. I'm always happy to attend JRunway events as I like to patron their store and had been doing so for the past few months since their opening. ^_^

Here's a pic I instagram when I was there:

About Beautiful Japan Denim
Having successfully launched its flagship store in November 2012, JRunway has been working as a showcase agent to established brands from Japan and pursue more cultural exchanges between Japanese fashion and Singapore’s fashion.
As one of such projects, JRunway’s management company AWCG Pte. Ltd. has collaborated with Kurashiki Fashion Centre (and their 10 denim companies) to showcase and to operate test marketing at JRunway. This project aims to do branding, test sales and seek business matching opportunity within the domestic market with their quality denim products from Japan. To kick-off the project, a fashion runway show has been collaborated with Singapore’s well-known fashion school, LASALLE College of the Arts from its concept-making to the entire operation. All brands involved will also be exhibiting their merchandising samples for viewing.

“Kurashiki” is a name of local city in Okayama prefecture, well-known for manufacturing denim products. “Kurashiki Fashion Centre” is a company formed by several denim manufacturers and the local government of Kurashiki-city to pursue industrial development.
It is one of the world’s finest jeans production areas with its long history as the capital of textile since Edo-period (1603-1869). The craftsmanship which has been established over centuries is always combining with new, young, evolving ideas. Thus they maintain creating high quality jeans with sensitivity to the smallest details that is always attracting denim lovers all over the world.

Participating Brands
In 1960s and 1970s where a huge number of Japanese brands appeared like bamboo shoots and started manufacturing jeans, Big John was born with pride as a manufacturer of domestic jeans among them. Pouring its ‘know-how’ accumulated from sewing work wear and uniforms originally in Kojima into denims, Big John has become a Japan-made jeans brand representing Kojima.

Designer Maruyama Eisuke from StudioM in Okayama released his new range of jeans designed for the international market in 2007. Featuring some insanely nice Japanese quality fabric and inventive but stylish design, these jeans are sure to be common place amongst those in the know with fashion.

There are inherited traditions, techniques and materials from around Kojima area in Okayama, Japan. Products made in this area have the power and warmth of the people. DANIA aims to create products by combining the tradition, the power of the people and the evolving technique.
DANIA’s brand theme is something like “Ripples”. For example, it is not the wind from an electric fan, but nice, natural breeze. DANIA produces items with these kinds of images.

DELAY’s products are produced through the reliable sewing + processing technique in Japan, combined with their sensitivity, skills and soul. Every process is based on the faith between people who are involved. DELAY wish that their “creative spirits” hits your heart and echoes forever, as DELAYed sound.

DENIM CLOSET’s 3D pattern method provides you a perfect fit, which you have never experienced before. The carefully chosen Japanese denim is so soft that it'd make you feel comfortable with every move; you'd even forget that you're wearing jeans. Designed and produced for every woman, especially from the late 20s to 40s.

FOB FACTORY’s theme by making clothes is “developing new ideas by learning from the past” as ‘it is important for us to talk to the artisans and learn from their experienced technique.’ FOB FACTORY’s products may not look showy, but are made one by one with care, wishing that its sensitive texture may be cherished by the owner, and that they will make the owner’s life a little bit happier. 

Momotaro Jeans uses only the best natural raw materials and dyes the cotton yarn with natural indigo blue to weave the Original denim using its vintage looms by hand. At Momotaro Jeans, the artisans have a saying: “Made by hand without compromise”. All you have to do is try on a pair of Momotaro Jeans and you will see for yourself from the exquisite details and rich indigo blue that Momotaro jeans are of superior quality.

OMNIGOD recognizes their clothes as goods which expresses lifestyle.
Always remembering the fact, which is “worn by people”. OMNIGOD produces goods with great wear comfort and textures by making the most use of materials and process methods. Real clothes needed by people, OMNIGOD hopes to make such goods. 
Tenryo Denim prides itself on creating quality products. They use unsanforized selvage denim constructed on vintage looms. Bold, brightly coloured logos highlight their focus on fashion, but the use of kanji in their logo points to the historical aspect of their brand.

SEAMS proudly produces their high-quality Jeans made in Okayama, Japan, in collaboration with an Italian designer Piero Turk. Every manufacturing process is performed in Okayama by experienced craftsmen. It is a collaboration of Italy and Japan.

Fashion Runway Show
At JRunway awaiting for the fashion show to start~

During the fashion show, besides getting my eyes glued to the hunks (uhhh-hum.) I also took a closer look at the details on all the designs, mostly the jeans and jackets. The buttons, pockets, up to the zips & seams were very nicely designed and sewn. I totally dig those jeans that the guys wore, they look so cool in them.

Here's the models dressed in denim apparels made by the 10 brands. I think my picture collage can serve as a 'How to dress in denims' reference book. Lolx~
*Note: I didn't post up all the pics I took as few of them were blur. Sorry for the semi-blur images. ▽ Click to enlarge images ▽
▲ I like that female dip dye blouse!

Finale catwalk

Beautiful Japan Denim Pop-up Showroom
After the event, we were also invited to view their pop-up showroom that was set up just a short distance away from the Plaza Singapura extension wing entrance

I totally love the pop-up showroom idea. It is fully air-conditioned (for spoilt singaporeans who hate hot weather, like me! Lolx~) and the afternoon sunlight shone through the glass windows making the interior look bright, yet cozy. Every product showcased inside this showroom appeared sharp and clear to my eyes and my camera lens.

Denim is a woven fabric that uses yarn like these.

They covered half of the floor with their denim fabric that look almost like my denim canvas shoes! haha~

commonplace half jeans sewn onto a denim fabric with their logo printed over in gold, such a beautiful artwork.

More jeans from SEAMS, on the racks & on the floor. Spot rainbow macarons in this pic. lolx~

Tie dye + distressed denim? So cool~

What I took from the pop-up showroom, lots of catalogues!

Among all, SEAMS catalogue stands out the most. They used their denim fabric to make a 'pocket', embroidered on one side and printed their logo on the other.

Ending this post with a OOTD: Denim Outfit ^_^
King Cat Grey Cropped Top
Semi-translucent Chiffon Black Sleeveless
Inner Cheap Monday Light Denim Jeans
Black Denim Canvas Shoes
All over were bought overseas... including my bag. hahahx~ ^_^"

Price range for the 10 brands
T-shirt, Shirt, Tops SGD$70 ~ S$580
Jacket, Outer SGD$250 ~ S$580
Jeans, Pants, Bottoms SGD$175 ~ S$600

Where to buy?
JRunway store

JRunway FB

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

I am not affiliated to the JRunway & AWCG company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos & swatches are true.


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