Vivi Magazine December 2012 scans ~ ZALORA haul

Last year December, I bought Vivi magazine from a neighbourhood mama shop and guess what... Its in ENGLISH!!!
Well, i didn't know Vivi has it in English until my friend Sel told me about it and said that the price is so much lower than the Jap Vivi mag so I went to get the December copy as it was the latest copy for the English version.
Usually I prefer the Jap version over the Taiwan one because the jap version is thicker (in pages) and has so many nice pictures & ads of their latest fashion, cosmetics stuffs. This time I just tot maybe I should give the English one a try! ^_^

Sexy Koda Kumi on Vivi cover~ More of her super SEXY and naked body IN this mag... huh huh~ (≧✯◡✯≦)

Vivi mag Back cover: Malaysia also launched Korean cosmetics - Peripera! (Singapore just had it not long ago in Watsons! ^_^)

How the content page looks like in English..
Apparently Vivi mag (eng) is from Malaysia, it was translated and published in Malaysia KL and some of the products mentioned in it are in Ringgit. Those that are not sold in Malaysia, they will still mention the price in Japanese Yen.

This, i believe is the Malaysia Vivi Star search. Not bad! Personally i still feel that, to be japish enough, they need to work more on their hair and clothes... Sometimes I just feel.. why must all models wear simple tops when they have their portrait taken, can't they be abit more creative? Cos its VIVI you are talking about, not any other local mags.. (Think harajuku) Perhaps I just dislike things that are too plain to my eyes... lolx~

Ok.. i duno why i post this.. Anyhoo this Halloween pics are taken at KL Butter factory! How i wish we have Vivi and Inglot in Singapore!!! &$^@(_@#)^($&#

Vivi mag doesn't have many pages on cosmetics and makeup, but more on fashion.. so here I just show 1 page for the purpose of showing k.. hehex~ I buy Vivi is for the fashion. I think vivi usually show fashion 80% and cosmetic 20%. ^_^

Look at the super fine prints.. most of them still state in Yen.

For December 2012, their main topic is about Leg Beautifying Techniques!!!
MY FAVOURITEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~ ♥♥♥
They have tips and tricks on how to wear leg stuffs and how to match shoes with them!
Click the image to enlarge them, I had tried to ensure all fine prints are legible, but I can't help much for the reflected flash part. (>_<")

When I was in KL, a friend was looking for a leg slimming stockings (she preferred the panty hose type one) and mentioned that it works for her. I didn't use it before (cos u know why huh.. <_< my legs are.... skinny) so I just put this up as this was advertised in the Vivi mag under the leg beautifying techniques. I know Watsons and Sasa sell Leg slimming stockings too but I don't know if its the same brand as this?

Below, i'm showing my loots from ZALORA~~

Does this skirt look familiar to you? This skirt was actually shown on my previous ZALORA fashion fav blog post ←Clicky link.
This skirt is actually exactly the same as the one featured in Vivi Mag (eng) too!! Under the NEON FLOWER theme.
I really love it when I first saw it on ZALORA and what's even best... it is on SALES!!! If you want them, be quick! They only left 1-2 pcs for each size only!
Its said that this skirt is designed to fade to give a vintage inspired look. But they also give an option of minimizing the fading by washing it in cold water and not to tumble dry it.
MINKPINK Mutli Acid Trip Mini Skirts - only S$28 @ ZALORA (Japan sells it @ ¥6090 ~S$94 OMG WT..??!!!!)

I also got a Black-white stripe skirt which is pretty unique, its front is shorter than the back (this pic I shown the wrong side-back side ^_^" hahax~). Its actually not the same piece as the one in Vivi mag, i just show the mag as a reference. ^^
Black-white stripes are never out of fashion! So I think this piece can last me as long as I can still wear it lolx~
Evie Ivy Striped Skirt - only S$16.70 @ ZALORA (discounted price)

And that's all for a short intro on the Vivi magazine! ^_^ Sorry for such little scans! I am so bias... showing all the leg stuffs and none others lolx~ Its cheap nonetheless so I guess if anyone wants to read it, can buy it from... any mama shop. hahhax~
I think after reading this mag, I still prefer to get the Jap version! Because I feel I can get to know ALOT more on what's new in their fashion category and cosmetic launch in Japan. I like reading Jap ads actually! That's why I don't mind having to pay more to see more Jap ads on Vivi mag. Whahax~ (silly girl!)

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

I am not affiliated to Vivi & ZALORA company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos are true.


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