Product Review: Bio-essence Bio Spring Water (Miracle Bio Water)

Awhile ago, I received Bio-essence BIO SPRING WATER and had tried it out from time to time for the last 1 week. In this post, I'm going to review this Miracle Bio Water so.... read on! ^_^

About Bio-essence Bio Spring Water
Miracle Bio Water
20 EXCELLENT EFFICACIESIdeal for sensitive skin
20 Marvelous Results for Hair, Face & Body

Uniquely low in mineral content yet rich in trace minerals to ensure 2X cooling, soothing, softening, moisturizing and anti-irritating effects.
SINGAPORE, September, 2012 - Ideal for all skin types, Bio-essence Bio-Spring Water is the coolest spring water that yields the best soothing, anti-irritation and calming effects on skin. Adapting unique Bio-technology to combine Spring Water and Bio-Energy Fluid, Bio-Spring Water contains trace mineral to create energy to stimulate blood and oxygen circulation.

High Trace Minerals for Healthy Skin
Skin cells suffer from fatigue and skin dullness from environmental aggressions and mineral  deficiencies. Trace minerals are essential minerals required by human health. It accelerates skin healing process and gives the skin sufficient hydration to improve on skin roughness.
Bio-essence Bio-spring Water contains high trace minerals which are the perfect, natural treatment to obtain optimum skin care health.
While minerals are vital in modern skin care, higher mineral content releases more energy and heat which will be drying to the skin.

Unique Points with multi-efficacies for face, body and hair
Having unique composition, Bio-Spring water is specially low in mineral content and sodium chloride content yet rich in trace minerals, ensuring 2X effect for cooling and soothing sensitive and irritated skin.

Low in mineral content creates lesser energy and heat which is ideal for cooling and soothing sensitive and irritable skin. Low in Sodium Chloride of 2.432mg/l absorbs least skin moisture, ensures the best moisturizing effects. High Sodium Chloride content dehydrates skin as it absorbs moisture from the skin. Optimal pH value of 6.45 is closest to skin's natural pH value, is mild and non-irritating.

Bio-essence Bio-Spring Water fits both genders and works for all age groups, not just for the face but also for the body and hair.

Directions of use:
Hold the bottle at a distance not less than 20 cm from targeted area and spray onto face/ skin/ hair and pat it dry gently. (Do not need to pat dry after makeup)

Bio-essence Bio Spring Water Brochure & 20 Efficacies
The brochure is available in both Chinese and English. It is included with the Bio Water when purchased. 
The brochure indicates the 20 Efficacies. (Click the below pics to enlarge)

Bio-essence Bio Spring Water
The ingredient for Bio-essence Bio Spring Water is just Aqua (Bio Spring Water) and Nitrogen. The Aqua is a secret ingredient? ^,^
This Bio Spring Water that I am holding is a 100ml, its height is about the length of my hand. (I have long fingers. lolx~)

The cap secures well.

The below picture shows the biggest size which is the 300ml.

Bio-essence Bio Spring Water Swatch & Review
The below animated image shows the spray angle of the Bio Spring Water mist. The mist that comes out is pretty forceful & concentrated as it has about less than 45 degrees spray angle. Other spray mists which are not so concentrated will have a bigger spray angle so it can reach wider areas within a pump.

I took a picture of the mist however it came out blur so I PS it and make it into a gif file. Only this way I can clearly see the mist coming out from the nozzle.
No mist pic (normal image) → Mist pic (black image) *warning: don't look at this image for too long...*
 I kind get dizzy after looking at this animated pic for more than 10 times... (("@∆@"))

When I spray it at 1 area without moving around, the mist become huge water droplets. The spray pressure is pretty strong, I can feel the cool air blowing against my skin along with the Aqua mist.

Note: I sprayed only on right half of the back of my hand
With Bio Spring Water (left) → After patting it onto skin (center) → Absorbed into skin (right)
My hand feels instantly soft, soothing and quenched. Just like how we feel when we satisfy our thirst.
The after pic shows the skin surface is matte.

I also used Bio Spring Water on my hair ends recently as they are very dry from all the bleaching and dyeing. When I just woke up or dried after shower, my hair is usually wavy, curly at some parts, dry, crispy & rough. And I often need to use hair serum, hair mist, hair lotion and what not to combat these problems and also hair styling products to make it not wavy/curly so I won't look like I have a bad hair day.
Now with Bio Spring Water I feel that I have alternative hair taming product to use!
Here you can spot the rather big differences of the hair texture around the middle to the bottom part.
Even after hours, my hair still feels soft, smooth and silky. I don't feel the roughness & frizziness which I usually feel when I run through my hair.
I kinda stop using hair serums or lotions which actually should help in moisturising the hair however these make my hair feel greasy all over after hours of wearing it. Reason because my scalp is oily type, hence the hair from roots to ears area already have a good moisturiser - the sebum from my scalp. 
Serums & lotions tend to over-moisturise my hair (even though I only apply very little on the hair ends) and somehow (I duno how..) it can crawl its way up to the roots area which makes my scalp even more oilier and then scalp starts to itch. 
But now, the hair with Bio Spring Water stay tamed, moisturised and luxurious without feeling any greasiness or itchiness.
But of cos some people might ask, what's the difference between using Bio Spring Water and tap water?
Well, i know there are people who like to wash hands and at same time touches hair with damp hands to style it (I do that too at times), but the consequences of using normal water on dry hair is DRIER HAIR.
Because water evaporates. And when water evaporates from the skin surface or hair, it will strip moisture out of them, the water bringing moisture along with it and disappear into thin air . That is why we need to splat on moisturiser right after we bathe to stop them from feeling dry. Make sense?
And what Aqua did is to moisture (though it do look like normal water, but its has moisturising & hydrating components in the ingredient) and even when the excess Aqua evaporates, the moisturising component that touches the surface have started hydrating it.

Bio-essence Bio Spring Water on my face & body:
- the concentrated spray makes it easy to target small areas
- feels cooling & soothing
- skin surface temperature immediately decline (by feeling it with my hands)
- very suitable to be used during hot weathers to keep skin temperature cool at all times (I could use alot of Aqua mist when I feel very warm)
- skin feels instantly firm and a little bit tight
- instead of having a glossy after-effect, skin looks slightly matte (controls oil)
- hydrates dry skin instantly
- doesn't irritate my skin
- freshens up my skin after makeup
- great to use to moisturise and relieves dryness of skin right after bath
- relieves itchiness when I used it on mosquito bites
- can be use as toner to prep the face before applying serum
- effects wear off after a period, however it is fine to spray on again at any time
- convenient (25ml & 100ml is perfect size to bring around with)

Bio-essence Bio Spring Water on my hair:
(aside from what I had mentioned earlier, I also feel...)
- scalp and roots area don't feel greasy
- hair feels cool and kind of damp upon touch (even after it's dried)
- hair ends looks silky and tamed
- hair looks limp at the area I sprayed
- advisable to spray just a little onto hair to avoid having the 'wet look' as I still love my fluffy hair look.. (lolx~)

Bio-essence Bio Spring Water (25ml) - S$5.90
Bio-essence Bio Spring Water (100ml) - S$12.90
Bio-essence Bio Spring Water (300ml) - S$28.90

Bio-essence Website
Bio-essence FB

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in cyan are sponsored by Bio-essence to me for trial only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos & swatches are true.


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