Les Merveilleuses LADUREE Spring Collection 2013

Once again, Spring has come... pretty pastel shades are in again!
Here I feature Les Merveilleuses LADUREE Spring Collection 2013 just because they look really really lovely that I must share. hahax~
Their spring collection designs are all in pretty soft shades that I love very much~~

LM LADUREE Spring Collection will be launch in Japan on 30 January 2013
Screen captured from LM Laduree website.

Spring collection 2013 Products Lineup
Since my last LM Laduree post, they had slowly widened the range and included more shades into every product. In this spring collection, they launch a few new products which may become their permanent items.

*Limited* Mini Face Color Trio  6,300円 ~SGD$97
Cream Cheek Base in 2 new limited shades 4,410円 ~SGD$68
*Limited* Face Color Rose Laduree Mini Case 1,575円 ~SGD$24

Pencil Eyeliner in 2 new limited colour (Silver & Gold) 2,625円 ~SGD$40
*New* Creamy Eye Color 4,200円 ~SGD$65
*New* Lip Lacquer 3,360円 ~SGD$52

For those we are going to Japan, I strongly recommend you to visit their store to take a look! From their directory, it shows that there is only 1 store in Tokyo itself and that is at Ginza.
For other LM stores in Japan, click HERE.
△ Image from LM Laduree Twitter

I do hope Les Merveilleuses LADUREE will opens a store in Singapore or somewhere near us say Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan? At least in countries that we often travel to. lolx~
Even though for now I am not able to get my hands on their makeup, I am already so happy drooling over them on my FB feed. lolx~


Pictures are screen captured from Les Merveilleuses LADUREE website for sharing purpose only.


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