Launch: Neogence Pore Solution Series

Last year (wow, it sound so long ago.. lolx~ ^^") around Oct I attended a Neogence event featuring a new skincare series - Pore Solution.

The launch event was held at Food for Thought (8 Queen Street)

On the shelves displayed several Neogence skincare series including the New Pore Solution.

About Neogence

Neogence R&D Team

New Pore Solutions,
The New Innovation!
2012 Neogence Oily Gloss Control Revolution

In the hot Asian summer, 『Pores and Heads』 are the No. 1 area of attention!
Living in a tropical zone, the weather becomes hot and humid during summer, so the skin gets an oily gloss easily and results in pore blockage. The pores then become bigger as cornification takes place, resulting in facial problems like heads or acnes. According to statistics, during the hot summer, acnes and pimples are the biggest skincare problem, even more worrying than skin whitening concerns of Asian women.

Improve Oily Sheen Problem, Deliver Zero-Pore Skin!

Neogence (the renowned lab-dermatological brand) is composed of a R&D team of dermatologists, bio-medical doctors and professional pharmacists who have been deeply researching and analyzing the skin’s common problems. Neogence has now launched a brand new 『Pore Solution Series』, with four skincare steps: 『recuperating sebum, controlling germs, dissolving heads, and rebuilding pores 』. By controlling sebum excretion, solving the cornification problem, and at the same time improving pore conditions. The Pore Solution Series is dedicated to improving the skin and removing the oily sheen problem!
Neogence’s 『Pore Solution Series』provides all skincare solutions, making skin non-oily and deliver zero pore skin!

【New Pore Solutions, The New Innovation!】

Neogence Laboratory found out that oil block produces larger pore
When the skin secretes too much sebum, it blocks the areas around the hair follicles. Mixing with old horniness and dirt, it results in further pore blocks and the body to excrete sebum unsuccessfully, and thus, producing white head and black head acnes. The blocked sebum will enlarge the pores, and cause them to become less elastic, and finally creating pock marks, and even pus pocks, which results in troublesome skin problems. 
Neogence Pore Solution Series has four main functions "Effectively recuperating sebum, controlling germs, dissolving acne, and rebuilding pores", relieving problems such as, acnes, pimples, enlarged pores, and oily skin. These four functions control sebum excretion, completely solving horniness problems, and also improve skin conditions. They also serve to moisten and smoothe skin with its oil-free formula

1.    Recuperating sebum: effective oil-controlled formula, deeply constrain 5α-reductase's validity, reducing the activity of the sebaceous gland, in order to keep oil levels controlled over time.

2.    Dissolving heads: an oil-soluble and water-soluble complex acid which can soften horniness rapidly, accelerate excretion of old horniness; can also effectively dissolve blocked heads.

3.    Controlling Germs: a regulating extract to control germs in order to continuously narrow pores; a regulating antibiotic to prevent acnes and pimples. 
Active Ingredient : O-CYMEN-5OL

4.    Rebuilding pores: helping enlarged pores to recover their elasticity; strengthening and tightening enlarged pores.

After clinical laboratory testing, tested over a four-week period, it is proven that the worrying skin conditions have improved significantly.

Product Introduction


Mild cleansing of dirt, improving oily skin
- Alkaline-Free and Oil-Free Formula, mild cleansing
- Deeply cleans pores, and removes dirt
- Easy wash gel, skin becomes soft and fresh


Three functions: Oil-control+ Rebuilding + Reducing, Pores and Smoothing Skin
- Strongly control oil , avoid pore enlargement
- Witch Hazel Extract + B3 - Calm and Reduce Pores
- LARCYL® :Tightens and Narrows Pores, Improving Enlarged Pore Problems


Long-term Oil-Control, Let the Skin Be Fresh All Day
- Strengthen oil-controlled formula to Control Sebum Secretion, Improve Glossy Problems
- Oil Free and Moisturizing, Leaving you Super Fresh All Day
- Witch Hazel Extract Calm and Sooth Pores

Unique pore purifying formula, cleans and removes acnes
- Complex Acid can dissolve acnes
- Double efficiency in oil-controlled formula, maintain sebum excretion
- Witch Hazel Extract, astringent pores

The speaker for the Neogence Pore Solutions launch was Dr Hsien, Chien-Yang from Taiwan, Ph-D in Biomedical Engineering, specialises in bio-medical material manufacture and produce of biological high molecules, cells and tissue development.

During the Neogence Pore Solution introduction, Dr Hsien demonstrates how to apply Neogence skincare. Several important rules that we need to follow are:
- For toner/face lotion, always use patting motion to allow the lotion to be fully absorbed by skin. Remember to always pat lightly.
- Use index finger to lightly apply Extremely Off-heads Serum on nose and areas that have black/ white heads, as it has slightly more weight + force than ring finger.
- Apply Extremely Off-heads Serum using circle motion.
- Always apply eye products around the eyes (along the eye socket contour) using ring fingers.

The products that Dr Hsien used on the model's face:

Neogence Door Gifts
At the end of the event, I am given a set of:
- Neogence Mineral Micro Scrub Exfoliating Cream (100ml)
- Neogence Extremely Off-Heads Serum (15ml)
- Neogence Extreme Pore Reducing Serum (30ml)

I'll be reviewing the Neogence Extremely Off-Heads Serum & Extreme Pore Reducing Serum in my next post! ^_^

Neogence Extreme Pore-Reducing Serum SGD$53
Neogence Extremely Off-Heads Serum SGD$29

Where to buy?
Available at any Sasa (Singapore) outlets
For overseas, you can purchase from

Neogence Taiwan - Neogence category
Sasa (Singapore) FB

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in cyan are sponsored by Sasa Singapore & Neogence to me for trial & review. I am not affiliated to the company. Images from Press Release are provided by Sasa Singapore. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos & swatches are true.


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