Product Review: DASODA MG Mega Long Mascara

Recently, you might have seen a new makeup brand name DASODA on Sasa's shelves.
In this post, I'm going to review on one of DASODA products - the DASODA Mega Long Mascara. ^_^
▲ image taken at one of the Sasa Outlet using phone

DASODA Press Release
Here are the Press Release for DASODA makeup line.

DASODA Model: Juliana

DASODA MG Mega Long Mascara Packaging
Sometime ago, I received DASODA MG Mega Long Mascara not long after I saw it on the shelves at Sasa. It's sent to me for my review purpose.. so here goes! ^_^
The packaging has a picture of Juliana sticked on it~ At the back shows the product details in Japanese and on top of it has a short instructions and ingredients in English.

Ingredients & How to use
'Fraid not if you do not know Japanese, the illustrations are pretty clear and understandable. ^_^

The original packaging comes with a full Japanese instructions card.

DASODA MG Mega Long Mascara Product
The chrome purple coat on its cap is pretty nice and it stands out from my other mascara caps. I can immediately recognize it when I put all of my mascaras in a cup.
The mascara wand is slim and slightly tapered at the end and the bristles are short & rigid type.
Long fibers can be seen clearly in the pic. The mascara product seems to have a pretty sticky & flexible formula as you can see, it extends out into a long V shape at the end of the brush.

DASODA MG Mega Long Mascara Swatch
I only apply the mascara on my top lashes as I almost have no bottom lashes. ^_^"
I tried doing both swiping out & zig-zag with the mascara on my lashes, I feel that the zig-zag works better.

DASODA MG Mega Long Mascara Review
- first swatch of the mascara feels pretty liquidy and wet
- the product doesn't gets on to my lashes on first application as it was pretty wet, I need to wait for sometime for the mascara on my lashes to dry before applying 2nd coat to volume it up
- the mascara works better when it is slightly dried after waving the wand in the air for few seconds
- the short brush bristles is good for me as mascaras with long bristles tend to poke into my eyes easily due to my not so long lashes and my slightly prominent eyeballs (lolx~)
- slim and long wand & brush head is easy to get around without accidentally getting the product onto areas around my eyes
- after using it for several times, the mascara is now in its stickiest state (not so wet now)
- first layer already shown quite abit of product on my lashes and it gets even stickier when I apply it on a few more times
- swiping motion extends my lashes with its fibers
- zig-zag motion volumes up a little at the base of my lashes, but not so much as compare to some of my volume mascaras
- the lashes separates quite evenly and opens up my lashes like a fan shape
- after several coats it will start to clump so I will need to be quick when applying it
- the lashes doesn't droop after wearing it out for a day
- doesn't smudge
- easily removed using by oil cleanser and warm water
Overall, I like this mascara for its 2-in-1 lengthening and volumizing abilities. The fibers do make my lashes look longer and it also makes my lashes visibly voluminous even from a certain distance away. For an even more voluminous lashes look, I would use a mascara base first before applying DASODA Mega Long Mascara.

▼ Note: I didn't wear any eyeliner, but it seems like I did. ^_^

DASODA MG Mega Long Mascara SGD$25.90
DASODA MG Mega Volume Mascara SGD$25.90
DASODA MG Mega Liquid Liner SGD$19.90

Where to buy?
Exclusively at Sasa (Singapore)

DASODA Singapore
DASODA Singapore FB
Sasa Singapore FB

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in cyan are sponsored by Plus1Asia  to me for trial & review. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos & swatches are true.


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