Product Review: Korean Skincare belif - 4 Best Items

Here, I'll be reviewing belif skincare products which I received during the belif bloggers workshop 2 months ago. ^_^ Read more on the introduction of belif and its 4 best skincare products, click HERE.

These are the products I'm going to review:
- The True Anti-Aging Essence(75ml)
- Hungarian Water Essence (75ml)
- The True Cream - Aqua Bomb (50ml)
- The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb (50ml)

Before I begin... pls excuse me for my scar face shown in the following pics! The spot scars don't affect the using of belif skincare products and my review as they are already healed.

belif The True Anti-Aging Essence & Ingredients
This essence is also known as the two-layered 'Shaking essence' : Calendula moisturizing whipping cream layer and Acai Berry essence layer.
It is made with the 3 Napiers formulas - Anti-aging, Moisture, Original formula. Doesn't contain mineral oil, alcohol, synthetic (fragrance, color) and animal derived ingredients.
Based on clinically tested results, a moisture layer is created on skin, increasing the moisture level by 12% immediately.

Ingredients Part 2
Continued from above pic...

- dispense the essence by tilting the bottle over >90%, it drips one drop at a time which makes it easy for me to get the right amount of essence
- nice natural floral + herb fragrance (not sweet kind)
- watery and essence is transparent
- at first swatch, it felt slightly greasy
- after blending it out and lightly pat it to the skin, the greasiness starts to disappear

Face Swatch & Review
- before pouring the essence out, I warm up my palms by rubbing them against each other for few seconds
- I use about 3-4 drops of essence for the whole face each time, twice daily (day & night)
- I spread the essence on both palms and while its still warm, lightly press them on my face, this is for better absorption
- it is easy to get the essence absorbed quickly by lightly patting my palm all over the whole face
- though initially it felt slightly greasy on the skin but it goes away after constantly patting of the essence onto skin
- skin surface look slightly glossy and shiny
- if the skin still looks very glossy (look like its greasy), keep on patting till the skin fully absorbs the essence
- feels that the skin absorbs the essence really well with the help of the warmth from the palms
- dry areas felt instantly quenched with moisture, skin surface appear slightly shiny, dewy
- areas like my forehead wrinkles and laugh lines feel like they are being pumped up with moisture after using the essence for about 2 weeks plus
- overall skin at cheeks area feels firm and smooth
- lightweight, can be used together with other belif essences
- non-sticky
- doesn't feel oily
- when I have inflammation caused by pimples/ oil spots, I still use the essence as it doesn't irritate them
- helps in better absorption for the next essence/serum that I use (I use Hungarian water essence after Anti-aging essence)

belif Hungarian Water Essence & Ingredients
Formulated with only the purest Hungarian water, this essence provides long lasting moisture instantly without stickiness, leaving skin soft and supple.
It is made with the 2 Napiers formulas - Aqua & Original formula. Doesn't contain mineral oil, synthetic (fragrance, color, preservatives) and animal derived ingredients.
Based on clinically tested results, the skin's moisture level is increased by 20% as soon as the water essence is applied on bare skin.

Cap on to prevent from accidentally pumping out the essence.

- Pump type bottle, hence it is easy to dispense the content out
- no shaking required
- light fresh floral fragrance
- looks like clear gel, but has water-like consistency texture
- instantly absorbs into skin when I spread it out

Face Swatch & Review
- I use 3 pumps for the whole face each time, twice daily (day & night)
- lightweight, easy to spread out on whole face + neck
- not sticky at all
- non-greasy
- feels cooling and soothing
- it absorbs very fast into skin without even patting
- skin feels soft and supple at an instant
- doesn't irritate skin
- very lightweight water-like essence which can be use even over oil spots/ inflammation/ pimples/ acne
- provides instant moist to dry areas like dried out spots/ scabs, making them feel soft and prevent flaking
- doesn't feel heavy at all on my skin hence at times, I would also use this essence under other kind of essences if they doesn't provide enough moisture for my skin.
- doesn't give me oil spots, hence I feel safe using it on my neck as my neck are prone to oil spots (mini inflammation+white head)

belif The True Cream - Aqua Bomb
Lightweight gel cream supplies instant moisture while balancing oil and water level in the skin. Forms a protective layer that wraps skin in comfort. Specially for Oily/Combination skin (oily skin usually appear oily because skin surface lacks moisture, more sebum is being pumped out to replenish the skin moisture)
It is made with the 2 Napiers formulas - Aqua & Original formula. Doesn't contain mineral oil, synthetic (fragrance, color, preservatives) and animal derived ingredients.
Based on clinically tested results, the skin's moisture level is increased by 18% as soon as the gel cream is applied on bare skin.


- a gel cream texture
- fresh medicated herbal scent
- easily spread on skin without feeling oily
- looks like it is greasy but it is not, it is just a gloss film on skin surface

Face Swatch & Review
- I pick it up with a clean spatula from the tub to prevent transmitting of bacteria from my hands to the content causing contamination
- depending on how much your skin needs the moisture, I usually just scoop up about 1/3 size of my pinky finger for whole face and additional if I want to apply on my neck as well
- I use it mostly as a day cream as I want it to be lightweight so my makeup will grab onto my skin better and prevent makeup shifting
- I use Aqua Bomb after my sunscreen because sunscreen doesn't grab on well enough if moisturizer is being applied before it
- feels cooling and soothing on skin
- as it has some silicon oil ingredients in it, it creates a skin barrier or moisture film trapping moisture within the film and prevent moisture loss
- non-greasy (only feel a little greasy during application)
- after spreading it out to the whole face, I start patting my face lightly to get the gel cream absorbed into skin
- initially it will feel a little sticky, continue to lightly pat it and the stickiness will disappear
- a light and thin film will form over the skin surface, while underneath it, the skin feels hydrated and supple
- dry & itchy patches on skin feels moisturized almost instantly
- skin looks glossy and shiny but doesn't feel oily
- it can hydrate fine lines which usually appear at areas that are dry and makes it less visible for as long as the skin stays moisturized by the gel cream
- the moisture film that it gives help maintain moisture level underneath my makeup and prevent makeup from drying my skin surface
- whenever my skin feels a little tight, I will layer on a 2nd layer of Aqua Bomb gel cream to keep skin moisture at the right level (if I am at home)
- it can also be used as a face mask 1-2 times a week if skin feels dry, just by applying about double of the usual amount
- if used as face mask, after 15-20mins, I will wash off and then reapply 1 thin layer to finish it off
- once tub is opened, it need to be finished by 6 months otherwise the gel cream might dry up

belif The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb
The only cream proven to hydrate skin for 26 hours! Comfrey Leaf, a powerful hydrating agent found in this cream supplies skin with long lasting moisture, relieving dryness and tightness.
It is made with the 2 Napiers formulas - Aqua & Original formula. Doesn't contain mineral oil, synthetic (fragrance, color, preservatives) and animal derived ingredients.
Based on clinically tested results, the cream is able to demonstrate strong moisturizing effect that lasts for 26 hours.


- a cream texture
- fresh medicated herbal scent
- easily spread on skin
- feels slightly greasy (thin greasy film, not those which are very oily kind)

Face Swatch & Review
- similar to the Aqua Bomb gel cream, the amount is about the same for a full face application
- I don't use it to apply on my neck as my neck is pretty prone to oil spots
- feels heavier than Aqua Bomb gel cream, basically its a True Cream! (haha~ Get it? TRUE CREAM? ok nvm.. <_<")
- feels like medium thick cream but not very thick, it still have a little bit of gel texture to it
- easy to spread
- feels sticky during application
- after absorbed into skin, the skin feels smooth (slight greasy kind of smooth, not the matte kind)
- skin feels very moisturized
- skin looks shiny and glossy
- the moisturizer feels a heavier then Aqua Bomb, but is very suitable for me to use it as a night cream
- skin could dry up at night as my face rub against pillows, bolsters, blankets and what not (I have very bad sleeping posture. haha..), so it is important for me to first quench my thirsty skin after removing my makeup by using the essences and then splat on the Moisturizing Bomb to maintain skin moisture at its optimum level
- after washing it off the next morning, skin feels smooth, soft and supple, it feels very hydrated
- at times when i feel my body & skin temperature is quite high which tends to dry up my skin, I will switch to using Moisturizing Bomb as my day cream to relieve the dryness
- I will need to be careful of using Moisturizing Bomb more as it might not help when I have any oil spots or pimples
- the cream helps in softening dry to very dry areas and flaky skin, especially dried up pimples, scabs, itchy spots
- once tub is opened, it need to be finished by 6 months otherwise the cream might dry up

Overall Review of belif Skincare Products
- feel my skin retain moisture well during sleepless nights or during extreme weathers
- the moisturizers (Aqua Bomb and Moisturizing Bomb) are able to prevent skin surface from drying for hours and the essences keeps the inner skin hydrated
- the old pimple scars and scabs are softened, making it easier to be removed and heal faster
- my skin surface now feels smoother
- not much oil spots attacked my skin like last time
- I avoid using medium-heavy weight creams under my jaw lines and neck as they form oil spots the easiest, only light weight ones like Hungarian essence and Aqua Bomb could be used at my neck area
- no break-outs on my face
- pores around my cheek and nose area (especially under eyes) seems less visible as the products give my skin a lifting & hydrated effect, enabling skin around the pores to moisturize & expand making the pores look smaller
- T-zone and cheek areas experience a little lower sebum secretion, however it still appear greasier than other parts of my face

Even though I am combi-oily skin, I am still able to use Moisturizing Bomb (what a surprise!), it is said that Koreans use it more often during the cold seasons. Since Singapore is an all day summer island, I would recommend people who have skin like mine (Combi-oily - Oily), to go for Aqua Bomb and those who have dry - very dry skin to go for Moisturizing Bomb. Unless you don't mind getting both and use them like how I do. ^_^

I had mentioned before in my other post (HERE), i am already using their mask and I left with 1/4 now. I'll be more than happy to continue purchasing their products as I always feel safe using them and I believe in what they promises us.

The True Anti-Aging Essence(75ml) SGD$57
Hungarian Water Essence (75ml) SGD$57
The True Cream - Aqua Bomb (50ml) SGD$54
The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb (50ml) SGD$54

Where to buy?

Plaza Singapura (new wing) 68 Orchard Road #01-61 Singapore 238839
Wisma Atria Shopping Center 435 Orchard Road #B1-64 Singapore 238877

Overseas Buyers
You can purchase from the Napiers Online Shop:

belif Website (Korean) (English)
belif Singapore website
belif Singapore FB

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were sponsored by belif to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All review photos are true.


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