Product Review: BRTC STEM CELL MASKS ~ Morning Glory, Edelweiss, Rice Stem

Since years ago, even before BRTC was available in Singapore, I wanted to get my hands on their Perfect Pore Clean Set as it seem pretty interesting back then. However I didn't get it as my friend who went Korea said that BRTC wasn't at the stores, they were only available online.
Few years later... BRTC had came to Singapore! It was available at Watsons at first but now, its only exclusive at Sasa Stores with wider range and more products!
Thanks to Sasa, I received BRTC Vital10 range and also BRTC Stem Cell Masks. In this post, I will be reviewing 3 of the BRTC Stem Cell Masks. ^_^

Made of lyocell fibers with 100% natural, biodegradable, and skin-affinitive cellulose.

BRTC Morning Glory Stem Cell Mask
Purifying mask infused with revitalizing energy from morning glory callus extract!
Morning glory callus extract and botanical extracts boost the skin’s metabolism and revitalize stressed, congested skin for a brighter, healthier complexion.

BRTC Morning Glory Stem Cell Mask Pack
The mask packaging has english words printed on the front and mainly korean on the back, except for Ingredients.
However as this mask comes in a box of 5s, there might be more info printed in English on the box. ^_^

I screen cap some of the pics from BRTC Korea website. There are SOME english words plus illustrations so I hope this will help us to know more of its properties and benefits. (^_^")

BRTC Morning Glory Stem Cell Mask Detail Report
Detail Report shows the main ingredients pictures and the steps to using the mask with the BRTC Vital10 skincare products

BRTC Morning Glory Stem Cell Mask Ingredients Report
Lastly, the Ingredients Report that illustrate the main ingredients.

BRTC Edelweiss Stem Cell Mask
Concentrated serum mask infused with abundant moisture from edelweiss callus extract!
Edelweiss callus extract and other botanical moisturizing extracts replenish lost moisture of dry, rough skin while imparting their vital energy for a softer and more vibrant complexion.

BRTC Edelweiss Stem Cell Mask Pack

BRTC Edelweiss Stem Cell Mask Detail Report

BRTC Edelweiss Stem Cell Mask Ingredients Report

BRTC Rice Stem Cell Mask
Concentrated serum mask infused with skin-brightening rice callus extract!
Rice callus extract and other skin-brightening botanical ingredients eliminate skin dullness and even out skin tone for a more translucent and flawless complexion.

BRTC Rice Stem Cell Mask Pack

BRTC Rice Stem Cell Mask Detail Report

BRTC Rice Stem Cell Mask Ingredients Report

BRTC Stem Cell Masks Review
- The mask fiber has a special weave pattern on it, making it easy to unfold as the edges don't stick tightly together
- All BRTC Stem Cell Masks uses the same lyocell fiber for its masks so I only took 1 pic of it for all the 3 masks I'm reviewing
- mask is soaked in adequate amount of serum
- there isn't much excess serum inside the pack, so I don't need to scoop the serum out to apply it on neck

- the mask however is wet at the right level whereby it doesn't dry out quickly after it is placed onto skin like some other masks
- the mask can be put on for as long as 20~30 minutes (Wow! Amazing isn't it?! ^o^ Usually its 15~20 mins, but BRTC Stem Cell Masks are different!)
- the mask fits nicely on my face except for the nose part (it seems to be too short for my nose, and its more suitable for people with higher nose bridge)
- if I pull down the mask, it might not fit my forehead and chin area
- however I find it not an big issue even though it doesn't fit the nose as all other parts fits pretty well

- there are 3 extra flaps that you can choose to place it over the eyes and lips or just leave it like below

- the mask ends right at the bottom of the chin area
- the extra flap for the lips is pretty small for my thick lips, it cover about ¾ height of my lips (it will be suitable for people who has thinner lips)

For Morning Glory Stem Cell Mask - Complexion Enhancing Mask for Stressed
*Note: I used this mask on the day when my skin felt tired due to lack of sleep
- the mask feel slightly cooling (I did not refrigerate it) and refreshing when I put it on
- skin feels soft & supple
- it instantly smooth out fine lines around my eyes, appearing less visible
- skin looks alittle less dull and refreshed
- skin feels smoother upon touch
- skin feels nourished
- skin appears less 'stress', means it looks less tired, skin surface looks less rough and alittle more radiant
Still, to have REALLY radiant skin, enough SLEEP is the only way. ^_^

For Edelweiss Stem Cell Mask - High-Moisturizing Mask for Refreshing Moisture
*Note: I don't sleep in Air-con room at all, but when I was using this mask, I was staying in a hotel so my skin was pretty dry due to the Air-con blowing directly towards my face when I was sleeping.
My skin lack of moisture and the bounce effect and I was preparing for a cosplay the next day so I chose to use this mask to give my skin a moisture pump!
- skin feels really pumped with moisture
- even though I stayed in air-con for more than 8 hours after I used the mask, skin still feels pretty hydrated even with makeup
- skin feels hydrated from within
- skin feels luxurious & glossy when moisturizer is applied after the masking (follow the steps in the Stem Cell Mask Detail Report)
- I mask my lips as well and my lips surprisingly appears less wrinkly and without scrubbing off dead skin on the lips, it still looks pretty good when I wore lipstick over it
- the fine lines under my eyes appear less visible instantly
- however skin doesn't appear lighter or less dull, but it appears slightly smoother
It is definitely the best mask to use before an important day and when sleeping inside an Air-con room

For Rice Stem Cell Mask - Skin-Brightening Mask for Brighter
*Note: I don't sleep in Air-con room at all, but when I was using this mask, I was staying in a hotel so my skin was pretty dry due to the Air-con blowing directly towards my face when I was sleeping. I used the mask on night before my cosplay, as I need to moisture & at the same time make my skin look fairer (for more cosplay) ^_^
- skin tone instantly appear fairer, appear slightly lighter than my neck
- though skin looks fairer but it kind of look pale
- feels moisturized and hydrated (but less moisturizing than Edelweiss mask)
- feels soft & supple
- the effect last until next day
- it prevent my skin from oxidizing the makeup, hence the foundation I wore stay the same and still look pretty fresh until night time
- skin appears smooth even after makeup

$25 per box with 5pc

Where to buy?
EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE in selected SaSa Stores.

Sasa Singapore Facebook
Sasa Stores
BRTC Korea
For Overseas Buyers - BRTCStore

My BRTC Product Review

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in turquoise are sponsored by Sasa Singapore & BRTC to me for trial & review. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos are true.


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