My Fashion Favourites at ZALORA Singapore ~ 15% Discount Coupon

It's been quite awhile since I had gone online shopping. I guess with the festive seasons just around the corner, everyone are already busy clicking away, shopping for gifts for their friends, families and loved ones online.

When you think about online shopping, ZALORA is probably one of the few online shopping sites that will come across your mind. If you haven't shop at ZALORA... well, you are at a loss!! Lolx~ Even for me, I had already done that (I'm not Zalora-virgin anymore! kekekex~ CLICKY HERE to see my haul @ ZALORA!)
If you have not shop at ZALORA before, then let me tell you what are the wonderful things you can find in ZALORA. ^_^

This is ZALORA website, its pretty tempting yah? We can see the word SALE and XX% off everywhere! I get tempt pretty easily by all these beautiful 'words'. lolx~

ZALORA Shopping
Well, some of you might have known... I'm pretty much a leggings person. So here I'm showing you how to shop for legs stuffs..
Step 1: Click More Clothing under the WOMEN section.

Step 2: Click Pants & Leggings under the Clothing section.

Step 3: You can start picking the design you want, or you can select the sub-category of Leggings, Straight Cut, Skinny Fit... etc under the Pants & Leggings category.

Step 4: After picking the item, a page like below will appear. Hover over the image and it will show up a very large picture beside it for you to view the clothing details (I love this function as I hate to squint my eyes to look at small images. Yeah! ^o^/~)

My fashion favourites
Besides legs stuffs, I also like clothing in strong vibrant colours or in pastel shades, and I love ankle boots or anything that is name 'Boot' lolx~
I can take any type of fashion from sporty to girly to chic to gothic to manly to .....*pant*
Anyhoo, picture shows a thousand words... so here I present you some of the stuffs I like!


What is an outfit without accessories?
ZALORA carry TONS of jewelries, accessories, bags etc!~
Here I have a collection of GOLD THEME accessories & makeup. I ♥ GOLD! (more than Diamond. hahax!)
To search for these items is easy, just type "GOLD" into the Search Keyword box. And a list of GOOOOOLD stuffs will appear!

So much GOLD stuffs... I might as well get this: GOLD DIGGIN'! (from NIKE @ ZALORA) lolx~ This is SO ME!

In this world..... There Are No Ugly Women, Only Lazy Ones. I believe everyone knows this quote very well. ^_^
In order for us to stay beautiful (and hardworking) we need Beauty products and these can be found in ZALORA too.
A loooong list of beauty categories range from makeup to skincare to fragrance... and they carry all kinda of brands from all over the world.
All these just at the tip of your finger! (I kinda love and hate internet... <_<" *$$$ fly*)

What's even better?
The best thing is... ZALORA DELIVERS FOR FREE (ISLAND-WIDE)! Regardless how much you buy (even if it weighs a ton.. hehe..), you still pay $0 for the delivery!
I am pretty awed that they also do Cash on Delivery! Wah.. not many online shops can do that. (◕o◕!)
If this little post had helped you understand more of ZALORA, then start to visiting ZALORA now!

To benefit all you readers, hereby presenting the ZALORA Discount Coupon Code!! Yippe! ☜(*▽*)☞

zaloraluvin - 15% off purchases
*Coupon valid til 31 Dec 2012 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.
Key in the above Coupon Code @ your Cart page and click "USE"

Have you seen their Commercial yet? It's pretty hilarious! hahahax~ ☜(˚▽˚)☞

Where to shop?
- Free Delivery Island-wide
- Cash on Delivery
- 30 Days Free Return
- Phone Orders
* For more details on Delivery, click HERE
* For FAQ, click HERE

ZALORA 12 Days of X'mas SALES

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
I am not in anyway affiliated to ZALORA. Discount coupon is provided by ZALORA to me for my readers.


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