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Ohh!~ Christmas came early? ◕ ‿ ◕

It was indeed a surprise that Booxify chose to sent me a BOOX full of goodies!~ This must be my X'mas gift from Santa! hehhehex~
After a long preparation, has officially launched in November 2012 and this boox that they sent to me is their Launch Boox with the Eco/Natural theme.

About Booxify
Booxify was founded by a group of young enthusiastic friends who were very keen on discovering new brands and products the world had to offer. Discovering new brands and products can be quite difficult to some, mainly due to time constraints and lack of awareness. We felt there had to be a way where brands could meet consumers in a convenient manner. After much deliberation, subscription box services seemed like a great way to do so. From what was a simple ‘spark of the moment’ suggestion during casual coffee chat, it turned out into a proper service that we are now gladly providing.

How does Booxify work?
Experience the different things the world has to offer, in a boox today! The concept is simple! Every month, we release themed booxes for subscription. What we do is hand pick 5 items from all over the world relating to that particular month’s theme. We bring it in, pack it in our boox and deliver it right to your doorstep without any additional charges! All these for just $16 a month!

Items in the Boox
Ok let's now UN-BOOX it!!~ (lolx~ Such fun to use the 'Boox' word!) The products in the boox are packed neatly and wrapped nicely~

First thing I see is their pretty BIG card with a pretty BIG QR code. Scan it with your mobile to link direct to their website!

Woo lahlah~~ Various food, skincare stuffs in a box!

Oh! Beside the 5 items there's also an additional voucher too! ^_^

Booxify's food stuffs
San Franola Granola raisins are really not sweet, and the Honest Kids Grape juice too! I kinda like the grape juice it doesn't taste all overly sweet like the juices we often had out there.
And as for Barney Butter, I had yet to try them because I like to spread butter on toasts or plain bread but I have none at home now. So I guess its time for me to buy a bread!!

San Franola Granolas are packed with all the good ingredients such as flax, almond, cinnamon and molasses that are hand roasted by the good people at San Franola in California.

Honest Tea creates and promotes delicious, healthy organic beverages. Honest Tea has a range of products from Caffeine-Free Tea to Ade.

Barney Butter is an almond butter which may somehow seem more like the traditional peanut butters. They're creamy and smooth, and they don't need to be stirred or refrigerated. Almond butter has less saturated fat-plus more calcium, iron, vitamin E, fiber and magnesium-than peanut butter. And is peanut free and gluten free!

Incase some of you wish to know the nutrition facts, I took pics of them! They are pretty low on calories~ They are all healthy food and snacks!

Booxify's Skincare products
ECO Skin Care - Peppermint Sugar Scrub (Made in Australia)
This scrub is pretty watery so I need to be careful when opening the lid, but thankfully the lid secures pretty well! The scrub has a very sweet scent with a hint of fresh peppermint.

EL Saboon - Handmade Soap Boutique
No whitening agent, No Colouring, No Preservative & Alcohol, No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
EL Saboon’s handmade soaps are made with the finest quality of vegetable oil, and the purest of natural essential oils, giving you its luxurious fragrance.
'SABOON' means SOAP in dialect. The moment I saw the word 'Saboon' I lolx~ (‐^▽^‐) When I open the packaging, I can smell rose fragrance~ And somehow this soap kinda reminds me of my favourite yummy 九层糕 - rainbow kueh lapis (directly translate into- 9 layer cake lolx~)

Last but not least, a Facial Voucher from Beauty by Nature! ^_^

Booxify not only collaborates with the above brands but also with other companies like Francfranc Singapore and!

December Boox
Christmas is coming!!~~ Why not get a Boox and send it to your lover, your best friend, or your family members secretly... & Surprise them! With 6 handpick items this time!
image from Booxify FB

Monthly Plan - SGD$16
3 Month Plan - SGD$44 every 3 months (Save S$4!)
6 Month Plan - SGD$84 every 6 months (Save S$12!)
* Registration is free
**FREE shipping is only available to subscribers living in Singapore!

Where to buy?
Hurry! Order by 15/12/12 to get our December Boox!!

Booxify Facebook

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product name written and coloured in turquoise is sent to me by for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All review photos are true.


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