Haraju-Cute Product Review: Envy my big alluring eye? (Part II) ~ AB Automatic Beauty

Hi all, this is the Part II of the Haraju-Cute "Envy my big alluring eye?" product review blogpost.

In this post, it's all about AB (Automatic Beauty) product review.
- AB (Automatic Beauty) Mezical Fiber Version 1.00 in 30 pieces
- AB (Automatic Beauty) Double Eye Rubber

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About AB (Automatic Beauty)
JAPAN'S No. 1 Double Eyelid Tape!
Founded in Japan, these simple-to-use beauty products meet the beauty needs of all ladies who want eye make-up wonders!
From Japan to Taiwan & now, finally in Singapore! Get your hands on Japan's leading double eyelid products!
Get bigger, brighter & more defined eyes!
- Strong Adhesion
- Tear-proof
- Natural Looking
- Perfect Double Eyelids
AB Mezical Fiber is also awarded No. 1 @cosme!

AB Mezical Fiber
Mezical Fiber comes in 3 different quantities. 30s, 60s and 120s - Green, Pink and Blue packaging respectively.

Every pack comes with a Shaping stick, a tool for you to create your desired crease (by drawing it across eyelids) before applying the fiber.

The little box is cute and handy! You can bring this everywhere you go! And can be recycled to put false eyelashes/pills/ etc after you have finished using the fibers. ^^

How to use AB Mezical Fiber (miwitch's preference)
Note: As everyone's eyelids are different from each other, my way of applying the Mezical Fiber might not work for others. So just take this as a reference, try applying the fiber the way you prefer or suit your eyes. ^_^

There are 2 ways to use the fibers:
- 1 is to apply 1 fiber on each eyelid
- 2nd is to apply 2 fibers together on each eyelid

I have imbalanced, droopy and slightly loose eyelids (omy, that spells 'AGING' =_="). So when I tried applying 1 fiber, it doesn't work for me. So I got to use 2 fibers together or maybe even 3 if 2 doesn't work at certain times.
So here is how you use 2 Mezical fibers:

How to use the AB Shaping Stick to create the desired crease line
Here is my imbalanced eyelids!! Pretty obvious isn't it? I WISH to make them balance!!!
So here goes the pictorial of my Mezical Fiber attempt which I did only on 1 eye (Left eye).

Pictorial of How to apply AB Mezical Fiber
1st, you need to cleanse your eyelids to remove the oil, dirt and makeup. Mezical fibers MUST be applied directly to CLEAN NATURAL SKIN.
* Sweat, moisture, oil and makeup residue on eyelids will prevent Mezical fibers from adhering properly.
* Apply foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and any makeup directly over the Mezical Fibers.

2nd, a tool you require is a round headed mini scissors
! I only have a normal one so I need to be EXTRA careful when cutting the fiber ends.

In the below pictorial, I used AB Double Eye Rubber (I only have this on hand), though I understand that to fix the 2 ends of the fiber, we need AB Double Eye Liquid.
If you are using the fiber and wish to fix the ends, get the Double Eye Liquid, not the Double Eye rubber. ^^

AB Mezical Fiber Review
- the fibers are easy to use, it stretch easily with little force applied
- the shaping stick is very useful in creating the desired crease
- the fibers are very slim
- I feel it is difficult to apply the fiber precisely the area I want it to be
- the fibers look almost invisible after its been fixed
- sticky but slowly turns not so sticky as my skin starts to produce sebum after sometime (face sebum could make my eyelids feel greasy too)
- 1 fiber doesn't work on my slightly loose, hooded eyelids
- 2 fibers at times will work, at times not
- the fiber ends doesn't stick unless I cut it even shorter to make the ends hide under my folds
- the fiber stays on for as long as the ends are fixed
- the fiber will peel off on its own (without using the glue to fix the ends) if I wear it overnight
- feels slightly tugging on the lids as certain force is required to have the fiber stick to the crease line
- the new crease created doesn't appear as natural as my right eye's crease

I feel that the fiber is more suitable for single eyelids and plumper eyelids. My eyelids are hooded, even though I created the new crease with the fiber, the excess skin above it will fold naturally forming another crease line. And I will end up with 2 creases. lolx~
However I can still use this to create a crease ABOVE my natural crease line to create a higher double eyelid look. That would work as my skin above the fold is plumper.

AB Double Eye Rubber
There are 2 methods in applying the AB Double Eye Rubber.
Look at the diagram at the right side: Step 3 - Step 5 shows Method A (left column) for wide dramatic double eyelids and Method B (right column) for puffy single eyelids that need a deep crease line.

Each pack comes with a Shaping stick and Double Eye Rubber.

AB Double Eye Rubber Swatch on hand
It takes about 1-2min to have it turn fully transparent which is at its stickiest stage. Unless you have a fan blowing towards your face, it will dry up faster. ^^

How to use AB Double Eye Rubber (miwitch's preference)
As I already have double eyelids, I just want to correct my left eye to make both eyes looking balanced, I will use Method A to apply the Double Eye Rubber.
1st, you need to cleanse your eyelids to remove the oil, dirt and makeup. Double Eye Rubber MUST be applied directly to CLEAN NATURAL SKIN.
* Sweat, moisture, oil and makeup residue on eyelids will prevent rubber from adhering properly.
* Apply foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and any makeup directly over the Double Eye Rubber.

Note: Instead of using the shaping stick to draw along the crease line (refers to 4th row of the above pictorial), I use the poking method as it will not tug my skin.

AB Double Eye Rubber Review- the rubber has a pretty strong fragrance to it
- it doesn't irritate my eyes and eyelids when used
- the rubber glides on smoothly over skin
- very easy to apply, convenient
- 1 swipe of rubber layer is enough for my eyelid
- it is very easy to apply the rubber
- the waiting time for the rubber to turn translucent is pretty long, require to use a fan to blow on it to shorten waiting time
- very sticky after it turns translucent
- the shaping stick tends to stick to the rubber, therefore I prefer doing quick pokes into crease line instead of the original method of drawing along the crease line with the shaping stick
- the rubber stays on for very long
- easy to remove by using eye makeup remover or by warm water to solidify the rubber and peel it off gently from the eyes
- the new created crease line stays intact and it doesn't goes back to my original crease line

My eyelids are hooded, and AB Double Eye Rubber works very well for hooded/droopy, less plump eyelids!
My original crease line didn't fold over the new crease line like it did when I use the Mezical Fiber. (^_^)v *YEAH!*

I guess that is the reason why many ladies commented that some of the AB products doesn't work on them. It's mainly because our eyelids type varies from one another. So for ladies who are thinking to buy AB products, PLEASE read more reviews on it or get the Mezical Fiber in 30s pack first just in case you worry it wouldn't be the right choice for you.
BUT!!! Luckily for us, the price of AB products in singapore are priced pretty low! (Less than SGD$20!) (>‿◠)✌

Youtube Tutorial on How to use AB Automatic Beauty products

Youtube link from AB Beauty website

AB (Automatic Beauty) Mezical Fiber Version 1.00 in 30 pieces S$19.90
AB (Automatic Beauty) Mezical Fiber Version 1.00 in 60 pieces S$27.90
AB (Automatic Beauty) Mezical Fiber Version 1.00 in 120 pieces S$45.90
AB (Automatic Beauty) Double Eye Liquid S$17.90
AB (Automatic Beauty) Double Eye Rubber S$17.90

Where to buy?
At any of the HARAJU-CUTE (Guardian) shelves! They are at:
1) 313 @ Somerset
2) Anchorpoint
3) Ang Mo Kio Central
4) Causeway Point
5) Centrepoint Basement
6) City Square Mall
7) Clementi Mall
8) Great World City
9) Hougang Mall
10) IMM
11) ION Orchard
12) Kallang Leisure Park
13) Marina Bay Sands
14) Ngee Ann City
15) Northpoint
16) Paragon
17) Parkway
18) Plaza Singapura
19) Raffles City
20) Raffles Place MRT
21) Sembawang Shopping Centre
22) Serangoon NEX
23) Suntec City Mall
24) Tampines Century Square
25) Toa Payoh Blk 190
26) United Square
27) Vivo City

Guardian Health & Beauty Singapore - Facebook - Website
Haraju-Cute Facebook
AB Automatic Beauty Website

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product name written and coloured in turquoise is sponsored by Haraju-Cute & StarAsia Singapore to me for trial & review.


  1. Wow! So detail! I tried the AB Mazical fiber last week but fail, gonna try the twisted versiion.

    1. Thanks! I hope the 2in1 twisted version helps! I had even tried 3 in 1 too. hahaha~ Originally, this mezical fiber requires the Double Eye Liquid to complete the look. Without it, the ends will come off very quickly.


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