Halloween 2012: Witch & The Elf ~ feat. Midori Ribbon

[image intensive: for every pic is of high resolution]
I know this post came super late... But I guess posting this before year 2012 ends is better than posting this in year 2013.. lolx~ If you wonder why we did this 'original' cosplay and where we got the inspiration from, wait to read my next 'the making & blooper' post. ^_~
Before some of these pics were released through FB via the photographer, he was asking me "What theme name for this Halloween shoot?" I thought simply - Witch & the Elf. Why the 'Witch' comes first before 'Elf'?~~ Trying finding the answer from the pics~

Witch: by myself
Elf: by Yuanie (visit her cosplay site HERE)
Photographer: Brian Lim (visit his cosplay photography FB page HERE)
Helper: Di
*Photos are all taken by Brian Lim. Photos without his watermark are post-processed by me with Photoshop*

And there will be a Caption for every pic~ (almost all! =p~)
Enjoy! ^_^

Witch & The Elf

In Slumber


Witch & The Elf Portrait

Witch: You are mine and mine only

You can't run away from me... and my spell...

Witch & The Elf Portrait

Magical Witch & the Elf


Elf: I got the human skull you asked for.
Witch: Now give it to me...

Be mine, always.


My Queen

I'll bring you anywhere you want to go... Just be mine forever...

The Elf Solo

Elf Portrait

Binded by the Witch's spell


Elf Close-up Portrait

Witch Solo
Witch and Magical Broom

Witch Portrait



On the Magical Broom...

Leaving to the Elf World...

OMAKE おまけ (Extra)
And this is the part where things get out of hand!!~~~
After the Witch made the Elf her lover, Elf starts to behave like the breadwinner of the witch house....

Elf: Why is it so DIRTY?!!
Witch: *POUTS*

Elf: COME ON Sweep it!!

Witch: You dare tell me sweep the floor?!!!
Elf: Noooo!!!~

Guitar Hero.. Elf?

Elf: AHH!! MY BUTT!!

Witch: ARGHHHhhh..


Special Thanks
To MIDORI RIBBON for sponsoring the ribbons for our costume ^_^ (More detailed pics of the ribbons and how we make use of them in the my next post)

To Brian Lim for his lovely photos! And for spending the night setting up background and props! ♥♥♥

And to Di for helping us out on costumes, background and props too!

Lastly, what is a Witch without her Cat. Mimi & I!~ ♥♥♥

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in turquoise are sponsored Midori Ribbon to me for my usage & review. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos are true.


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