Halloween 2012 Photoshoot: The Making & Bloopers ~ feat Midori Ribbon

When I began cosplaying, I had always wanted to do a few characters... before I thought of retiring from the cosplay scene.
One is character from Sailormoon, which I did the Sailor Pluto along with the whole Sailor team as its my first fav manga (will be posting pics of this photoshoot too... soon. lolx~)
Another is Jrock cosplay for various Shinya looks from Dir En Grey (I am still not done with it.. only had about 6 of his costumes)
Lastly, is to be a Witch. Be it a real character from manga/anime or a made-up one. (That's how my nick comes about...)

And there you have it! My inspiration for Halloween photoshoot came from this manga call ▼ Sugar Sugar Rune ▼

Though Sugar sugar rune is not about witches, the characters are... demon, devil, wizards but not witches.. However they fly around on brooms so I kinda think of them as witches.
Anyhoo, parts of my costume design is inspired by the fashion from Sugar sugar rune artwork. Their fashion has a mix of magical, fantasy, japanese plus english historical feel in it.
Hence, I make use of this feel to design my own costume~ Though I think my design's not really towards the Jap side but more of the magical+english? But I make use of a coloured wig to make it look slightly japish.

Costume Design
Below is my handdrawn Witch costume & broom design draft...

And below is Yuanie's Elf costume design draft done in photoshop. (I'm too lazy to convert mine into photoshop.. lolx~)

Here's how the characters actually look like in their normal day outfits.. a more Japanese feel compare to the first pic I shown.

Sourcing Materials
Sourcing materials for a self made-up character is more difficult than sourcing for an already made-up character whereby I just follow strictly to the picture and buy what is similiar to the artwork. Designing an outfit from scracth - this feeling is just like being a fashion designer yah?
Actually I already had a few ideas how the fabrics are like, but somehow few of them were bought just because they look beautiful to my eyes. Lolx~ Lucky me, all these fabrics matches each other well ^_^
As for Halloween props, most of them we just get from the pocket friendly and everything ready - Daiso!

Hey, Mimi!! Stop slacking on your job!!

We went to few places in search of parts and pieces for our costumes~
Our Halloween colour theme would be: Dark, Aristocrat yet Funky. (<_< WHAT IS THAT MAN?! HAhahax~)

Iron-on Rhinestone laces! I use this for the Neckline of my dress... but apparently got covered by my wig most of the time or its not really that visible cos its all black. DUH. =_=

Stepped into a costume & props shop~ Oh i like that Medusa head! My fav retro Villian! Maybe I should do it some day. kekekkex~

While having my costume being tailored, the only thing I need to sew myself is the hat. I hate hand sewing! =_=

Midori Ribbon
In my previous post, I did mention the use of Midori Ribbon in our costumes. So here's a clearer picture of the ribbons!

Mimi is curious too of what is inside the parcel~

I like Midori Ribbon's logo~ ^_^

I received 4 types of Ribbons from them! Of all, I used 3 of them in our Halloween costumes. I intend to use the blue on to do up something else, so it would be in a separate post. ^^

Midori Ribbon Promenade Ribbon in Henna

Midori Ribbon Dupioni Silk in Black

Midori Ribbon Dupioni Silk in Mica (I think its Mica.. definitely not Gold tho it look like vintage gold to me)

Here's how my costume turn out to be... some of the parts were different to the drawings but overall its pretty similar.

Rhinestone lace is ironed on along the neckline. The plastic belt thingy (not sure what its called, its not a belt either, but its beautiful~) is sewn on. Midori Ribbon Dupioni Silk Mica (vintage gold) is sewn around the waist to add a 3D effect to the dress and Midori Ribbon Dupioni Silk Black is sewn along the base of the dress ontop of the triangular flaps.

The hat is made base on this pic~ I end up sewing AND stapling the hat, cos I'm lazy. =P~

The bolero (cape-like outer) makes the whole costume look complete.

And not forgetting the most important prop, Witch's broom! Even without the witch pointy hat, but with a magical flying broom, it will automatically make the character look LIKE she's a witch. Playing with psychology~Hahhahax~

I love how the Dupioni ribbons twirls by itself casting nice shadows and relfects beautifully.

The Elf costume is made out of a long asymmetric turtle neck top (like a coat, but worn as a top) and a pants accompanied with a hat that Yuanie did by herself using craft foam, buttons & ribbons. The ribbons she used to accessorise over her top is also Dupioni silk ribbon + thin gold satin ribbon (I bought it). Gold chains are a last min add-on with help from Di, I'm amazed how that chain can hook onto the zipper so nicely! Its actually my gold chain belt you know... o_O"

The photoshoot is done at my house....... and i think this probably is the first time showing my messy working area... which is also part of the living room... >__<"

▲ Try spotting Mimi! ▲

Brian at my Dining area (the dining table moved to the left side) putting up the background (sewn together by Yuanie) & cobwebs. We didn't place the fake spiders onto the cobwebs because Mimi- thought they were preys and he jumped onto the cobwebs trying to catch them. (<_<")

Pumpkins making out...
and below, is the acrylic crystal charm I wore for my character. I like the shape of the crystal!

Photoshoot time
Into my costume and done with makeup~ I didn't have any idea how I wanted my eye makeup to be (too busy with costume), I just leave it to my brain to think of it when I hold up my brush. Well, then it came out to be funky colours with edgy feel to it.. lolx~

Props up as well!~

Brian doing some test shot while I take some pics with mobile phone... The sky is dark so the pics from my mobile came out dull and noisy.

Behind the scene pics taken by Di~

We stop at our pose and looked up to the left side because there is a LCD TV there. Brian is making use of the TV to show us the pics, so we know if we want to retake again. Woots~ Kudos to technology~

I look like I have a pumpkin lantern floating above my hand..

Now you know how I FLY on my broom??

I am never short enough for anyone. Lolx~ Opps! =X

Even Mimi is also in the scary Halloween mood. He kept going under the dress and peaking out from the fabrics, then paws people's leg when we walk past.
Mimi says: YOU CANNOT SEE ME!!! (Like DUH?)

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Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in turquoise are sponsored Midori Ribbon to me for my usage & review. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos are true.


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